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Clear SSC CGL Without Coaching

Clear SSC CGL Without Coaching – The competition in SSC CGL is really high. Lakhs of candidates apply for a few thousand posts. That does not mean you need to spend lakhs of money on coaching classes to clear the exam. With a proper study plan and a good strategy, it is possible to clear SSC CGL without coaching. But scared to start studying on your own. Get answers to all your questions as to how to clear SSC CGL without coaching in this blog.

Clear SSC CGL Without Coaching – Toppers Strategy

SWOT Analysis

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats and is a research methodology. Using these four components, candidates must begin studying for the SSC CGL Syllabus topics for both the Tier-I and Tier-II exams. –

  • Strength – Analysis of subjects, themes, or regions where they have a solid grasp is a strength.
  • Weakness – Examining subjects, topics, or areas that require development are weaknesses.
  • Opportunities – Assessing potential for strengthening weak areas and developing strengths using study materials.
  • Threats – Examining the variables and knowledge gaps that may have an impact on your ultimate SSC CGL score.

SQ4R Plan

SQ4R, which stands for Survey, Question, Read, Reflect, Recite, and Review, is a five-step process. The steps listed below can be used to put this strategy into practise as you study at home for the SSC CGL.

  • Step 1: Review or examine the requirements according to the official SSC CGL syllabus & test pattern, including the grading scheme, question format, and exam strategy.
  • Step 2: Ask yourself why you should study, how to build a sound plan, or what you should do to get ready for the test.
  • Step 3: For suitable knowledge, read SSC CGL study materials such as practise exams, past exams, notes, textbooks, and exam analyses.
  • Step 4: Consider the planning and strategies you used in the first three steps. This stage aims to improve your critical thinking abilities when it comes to self-evaluation.
  • Step 5: Recite is to review and review again what you have learned from the first day utilising practise exams, questions from prior years, and more.
  • Step 6: Examine your final performance and degree of preparation at the conclusion of your SSC CGL study plan to determine the best way to be ready for the SSC CGL at home.

Pomodoro Method

Your work doesn’t finish when you learn how to study at home for the SSC CGL. On the other hand, many candidates opt for SSC CGL coaching since a mentor will keep tabs on your progress and assist you in avoiding distractions. However, brief breaks are frequent when studying at home. To get around this, use the Pomodoro method of studying, which involves concentrating on one activity for a continuous 25 minutes, followed by a 5-minute break to establish a Pomodoro cycle. After completing 4 cycles, take a 10-15 minute break to help you build your study speed.

Elimination Principle

When preparing for the SSC CGL exam, it’s crucial to understand the Rule of Elimination. It suggests that you will have four identical types of options to pick from for each question on an objective exam like the SSC CGL. The ideal way to prepare for the SSC CGL at home is to follow these procedures and use the rule of elimination to arrive at the correct answer.

  • Read the question twice first.
  • Look over the four choices and try to add up each one.
  • Remove the answers that don’t fit the question in the order of your selection.
  • Make no irrational assumptions since there will be consequences.

The “None of above” option is provided to test candidates’ analytical and decision-making abilities. Check it out.

Clear SSC CGL Without Coaching – General Tips

Know important tips to help you clear SSC CGL without coaching below :

Know the exam pattern in detail

You cant study well, if you don’t know what exactly to study. SSC has recently changed the SSC CGL exam pattern. Know the New SSC CGL Exam Pattern in ENGLISH and HINDI. Go through the exam pattern in detail so you know which topics to focus on. Check the SSC CGL topic-wise weightage to know the time you should allot for each of the topics.

Analyze Previous Year Questions

To know the difficulty level of the questions asked in the exam, analyse SSC CGL Previous Year questions. You can understand the exam pattern in detail and get a perspective on how to study.

Make a proper Study Plan

Prepare a study schedule. Make a study plan that will cover your syllabus and follow it sincerely. Estimate the time you can spend on studying everyday and prepare a plan accordingly. A study plan will help you not get stressed since the syllabus is vast and its easy to feel overwhelmed. Laying out the syllabus in a proper schedule will make you confident. Ensure you provide time for mock tests as well.

Manage your time well

These few weeks before the exam are precious. Divide your time between the topics effectively. Check the topic-wise weightage and don’t waste a lot of time on topics that carry less marks. Also, if you are strong in certain topics, don’t spend a lot of time on such topics but don’t ignore them as well. Practice your weak points more and more till you feel confident.

Know your strong and weak points well

It is easy to lose confidence when you attempt topics you are not so great at but remember every aspirant has their own strong and weak points. Work on improving your scores in topics that you find difficult but don’t neglect the topics that you are good at as well. Don’t get overconfident.

Check some important tips to study for each of the sections in the exam. Each of the sections – General Awareness, Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and English have a slightly different approach.

Questions in General Awareness, English and Reasoning will be of difficulty level similar to graduation and Quantitative ability is of Class 10 level.

Read from credible sources

Reading from credible sources is highly important. Ensure you practice each topic of the syllabus either from these books or online sources. Don’t skip any chapter as each and every mark is important in clearing cut off.

Revision is key

The sheer number of topics to study can overwhelm and scare you. A topic that you find difficult might get easier as you go through it again and again. Hence revision is highly important. It will help you improve your scores by a large margin. Toppers swear by revision as key factor in their success.

Attempt as many mock tests as possible

Practicing in an exam-like environment will help you manage stress and time in the exam. It will help you understand where you lack – knowledge or speed and you can take corrective steps. Once you attempt mock tests, analyse them properly. Check if you are able to increase your score as and when you attempt more and more mock tests. Attempt SSC CGL Tier-1 Mock Tests and SSC CGL Tier-2 Mock Tests.

Keep your spirits up

It takes time to answer questions and score well under pressure, so don’t lose heart. Low scores during the initial few mock tests is natural. Don’t give up or get frustrated. Preparation will get easier and your scores improve as you practice more and more. Check some important tips as to how to stay motivated during your preparation journey.

Be consistent

It is generally seen that aspirants start their preparation with full enthusiasm but lose their interest as the days go by. Ensure you follow your study plan consistently. Ensure you have the same enthusiasm in your preparation and revision.

This is all the information in this blog. Keep checking Oliveboard for regular updates on SSC CGL!


Clear SSC CGL Without Coaching – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I clear SSC CGL without coaching?

Ans. Know the exam pattern in detail
Analyse Previous Year Questions
Make a proper Study Plan
Manage your time well
Know your strong and weak points well
Read from credible sources
Revision is key
Attempt as many mock tests as possible
Keep your spirits up


Q2. When is the SSC CGL Tier-1 2023 exam?

Ans. The SSC CGL Tier-1 exam was conducted from 14th to 27th July 2023

Q3. Which is the best test series for SSC CGL?

Ans. Oliveboard offers 40 Tier-1 and 50 Tier-2 Mock Tests as well as Sectional and Topic tests

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