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Jammu and Kashmir History : All Jammu and Kashmir State Government exams contain questions focussed on the JK state. You can commonly find questions on Jammu and Kashmir History. The JKPSC KAS exam is scheduled to be conducted on 31st July 2022. An overview of JK History will help you in quick revision before the exam. Get compete details on different JK exams.

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Being aware of Jammu and Kashmir history will not only help you answer objective and descriptive questions in the exam but also help you in interviews. Being well aware of your state will earn you a few extra marks in the exams.

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Jammu and Kashmir History | Highlights

Kashmir means land desiccated from water: “Ka” (the water) and shimeera (to desiccate). Tradition says that Kashmir was originally a lake that was drained by the great saint of ancient India Kashyap.

  • Kashmir was included in the empire of Ashoka Maurya who is credited with the foundation of the city of Srinagar around the year 250 BC. During this period Buddhism spread in Kashmir and flourished under the Kushans.
  • During the reign of Kanishka, the third Buddhist council took place in Kashmir which has been attested by the 7th century Chinese traveler Hien Tsang. But Hinduism held its sway in the region.
  • The 7th Century AD witnessed the establishment of a dynasty called the Karkota whose foundation stone was laid by Durlabhavarrdhana. The most famous ruler of this dynasty was Lalitaditya Muktapid who built the world-famous sun temple (Martand) in Kashmir.
  • The Karkotas were supplemented by the Utpalas in 855 AD. The most important ruler of this dynasty was Avanti-verman. He recovered Kashmir from utter political and economic disorder into which Kashmir had fallen during the rule of his predecessors.
  • Didda, a Gupta widowed queen, ruled Kashmir until 1003 AD when the Lohara dynasty took over.
  • The last Hindu ruler of Kashmir was Udyan Dev. His Chief Queen Kota Rani was the de-facto ruler of the kingdom. With her death in 1339 the Hindu rule in Kashmir came to an end and thus was established the Muslim rule in Kashmir under Sultan Shamas-ud-din-whose dynasty ruled the valley for 222 years.
  • The greatest ruler of this dynasty was Sultan Zain-ul-Abdin. Under his rule, Kashmir was culturally and politically at its zenith. He was essentially a man of secular out-look and patronized all faiths and religions alike. He made Kashmir the centre of a great culture and worked hard to promote learning and to build up the economy of the people. Budshah took a series of measures for development of Agriculture trade and Commerce. He constructed many irrigation canals. As a result of these works and the reclamation of vast areas, Kashmir became self-sufficient in food. According to Moorcroft, Kashmir produced as much as 5.50 lakh tons of rice per year during the time of Badshah.
  • The Kingdom was annexed into the Mughal Empire in 1586. In 1757 Kashmir came under the control of Ahmed Shah Durrani, the Afghan who invaded India many times.

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