JK Bank PO Mains 2020 – Study Plan & Tips

J&K Bank has released the JK Bank Result for the PO (Prelims) exam held in the month of November 2020. JK Bank PO Mains is scheduled to be held on 27th December 2020. With hardly 12 days left for the examination, here we bring to you 12 days JK Bank study plan to quickly wrap up your preparation along with revision. This plan will help you prepare for the exam in a systematic and structured way ensuring you don’t miss any important topics and score well in the Mains exam. Let’s glance through the JK Bank PO Mains Exam Pattern first and then move ahead with our study plan:

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JK Bank PO Exam Pattern – Mains

Sr. No. Name of Test No. of Questions Maximum Marks Time Duration
1. General/Financial Awareness 50 50 35 Minutes
2. General English 40 40 35 Minutes
3. Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude 50 60 45 Minutes
4. Quantitative Aptitude 50 50 45 Minutes
Total 190 200 160 Minutes

Note: The only change in Mains will be the addition of General/Financial Awareness and clubbing of Computer Aptitude section with Reasoning and there is absolutely nothing to panic about it. You have already covered Reasoning, English and Quants during your Prelims preparation. For Mains, you just need to polish what you have learnt so far and pay special attention towards General/ Financial Awareness as it is the most scoring section. The questions would direct and factual and won’t even consume time. You just need to be aware of what’s happening around and some basic concepts that you need to be thorough with. To help you all in this regard, we are providing few PDFs for General / Financial Awareness. You can download the Free Ebooks here:

Financial Awareness Ebook
Banking Awareness Ebook
Static Economy Ebook
Monthly Current Affairs Ebook
Weekly Ebooks

 Attempt JK Bank PO Free Mock Test for Mains on Oliveboard

JK Bank PO Mains Study Plan

In the given study plan, we have linked important topics to Oliveboard’s Topic Tests along with the mock tests. These topic tests are available in three different difficulty levels- Level 1,2, and 3. Candidates can start with Level 1 and increase the level as they go on mastering the topic.

Day Slot 1 Slot 2
Day   1 JK Bank 2020 – PO Mains Mock Test 1 + Analysis Mixture and Alligation
RC + Error Detection
Syllogism General/Financial   Awareness
Number Series – Wrong/Missing Blood Relation
Day 2 Simplification & Approximation Profit   & Loss
Brush up Grammar Rules General/Financial   Awareness
Revision Computer Aptitude
General/Financial Awareness Quantity Comparison
Computer Aptitude Direction Sense
Day 3 Order and Ranking General/Financial   Awareness
Computer Aptitude One   Word Substitution
Basic Grammar – Tenses Simple Interest | Compound Interest
General/Financial Awareness General/Financial   Awareness
Day 4 Inequalities Computer   Aptitude
JK Bank 2020 – PO Mains Mock Test 2 + Analysis Seating Arrangement –   Linear, Circular
Basic Grammar – Change of Voice RC + Revision
General/Financial Awareness General/Financial   Awareness
Computer Aptitude Quadratic Equation
Day 5 Vocabulary   Based Questions Seating   Arrangement – Double Row, Circular: – Facing Inside-Outside
Revision General/Financial Awareness
Mensuration 2D|3D
General/Financial Awareness English Sectional Test
Day 6 Alphanumeric Series Work, Time &   Energy
Revision General/Financial   Awareness
RC + Cloze Test Computer   Aptitude
General/Financial Awareness Sentence Improvement
Day 7 Reading   Comprehension + Correct Usage Odd   One Out | Analogy
General/Financial Awareness Computer   Aptitude
Syllogism Revision
JK   Bank 2020 – PO Mains Mock Test 3 Puzzles   – Floor/Box Based Puzzle/ Day/ Month based/ Mixed
Day 8 Permutation Combination | Probability General/Financial   Awareness
Verbal Reasoning Statement and   Conclusion/ Assumption
Revision Time & Distance | Problems on Boat, Stream   | Train
RC + Fillers General/Financial   Awareness
Computer Aptitude Computer Aptitude
Day 9 Machine Input   Output Data Interpretation –   Table, Bar Graph, Pie Chart
Revision Data Sufficiency
1 RC + Vocabulary Building General/Financial   Awareness
General/Financial Awareness Reading Comprehension
Day 10 Idioms and Phrases Problem   on Pipes & Cisterns
JK Bank 2020 – PO Mains Mock Test 4 General/Financial   Awareness
Average | Problems on Age Word/   Phrase Replacement
General/Financial Awareness Data Interpretation – Caselet, Mixed
Computer Aptitude General/Financial   Awareness
Day 11 Percentage |   Partnership Computer   Aptitude
Revision Reading   Comprehension + Correct Usage
Para jumbles Revision
Revision + General/Financial Awareness General/Financial Awareness
Day 12 Coding Decoding Synonyms,   Antonyms, Misspelt words
General/ Financial Awareness JK Bank PO Mock Test 5 + Analysis
Ratio & Proportion Computer   Aptitude
General/Financial Awareness Revision

**Apart from this, daily practice RC & DI is recommended.


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The topics to be covered for General Awareness are as follows:

Important Topics for General/ Financial Awareness

Important Topics for General/ Financial Awareness History of Banking, RBI- Structure & Function, Economics & Finance, Bank Rates, KYC, Bank Abbreviations, Financial Institutions of India, Economic Policies & Schemes of Govt., Budget, Insurance, Banking Awareness, Sports, Polity, Indian Constitution, Science & Technology, Inventions & Discoveries, Awards, Books & Authors , etc.
**Go to Oliveboard Blog Section to Download Free eBooks, Monthly Bolt and exam-related updates.

Current Affairs: National and International news | New Appointments and Joining | Schemes | Awards | Summits | Mergers & Acquisitions, etc.

 Free Daily Current Affairs from Oliveboard Current Affairs & GK App

 Attempt JK Bank PO Free Mock Test for Mains on Oliveboard


  • Video Lessons, Textual Lessons & NotesOliveboard Mobile App
  • Topic Tests covering all topics with detailed solutions
  • Sectional Tests for QA, DI, EL, LR
  • All India Mock Tests for performance analysis and all India percentile
  • General Knowledge (GK) Tests

Free videos, free mock tests and free GK tests to evaluate course content before signing up!

The topics to be covered for Computer Aptitude are as follows:

Important Topics under Computer Aptitude

DBMS, Full form of Technical Terms, Networking and Protocols, Flowchart, Logic gates, Basic terms of Hardware and Software, Computer Programmes, Commands, Basic logical questions on routine operation of computers, computer languages, Basic Conversion, etc.

 Attempt JK Bank PO Free Mock Test for Mains on Oliveboard

JK Bank Preparation Tips – Section-wise

Here are few JK Bank PO Mains Preparation Tips. It will give your preparation a whole new dimension, so, go through them very carefully.

Note: Analyse your prelims scorecard first. Try to see which section(s) need improvement. The section(s) where your score was very close to the cutoff’s are probably the areas you need to concentrate the most. For that, do take the Sectional Test provided in the JK Bank Mock Test Series.

General / Financial Awareness

Most students seem to worry about the General/Financial Awareness section but this is the easiest of all. We have already provided the topics and study material for General Awareness/ Financial Awareness Section. Try to understand them by heart and solve questions from all past year papers. Revise at least 6 Months current affairs from Oliveboard Monthly Current Affairs Bolt.

Reasoning Ability and Computer Aptitude

Reasoning Ability section will be of similar type as you have encountered in prelims exam, just the difficulty level may be a bit high. Only change you’ll see here will be clubbing of Computer Aptitude section. Practice High level questions of whatever you have done during prelims preparation and revise all the important topics that we have mentioned under computer aptitude.

Practice as many tests you can from logical and analytical reasoning, blood relations, syllogisms, circular seating arrangement, linear seating arrangement, coding decoding, inequalities etc. This section can be time-consuming and lengthy, therefore, make sure you choose and attempt wisely.

For Computer Aptitude, based on the questions asked in various other exams like, SBI PO, IBPS PO, etc. we can say that Binary number system (Language which computer understands) and computer programme flow charts are an important part of the syllabus of computer aptitude. So, focus more on practicing questions related to conversion of numbers from Binary to numerical system, Binary to Decimal System, Decimal to Binary, Numerical to binary, etc. The other type is flowcharts, in which a situation is given in the form of a flowchart (like that of a computer program) and candidates would have to solve the questions based on the information provided in the flowchart.

General English

For General English, you don’t need to worry much as you have already gone through all the topics in Prelims. Just keep practicing as many questions as you can and work on building vocabulary. For this we would recommend looking at the archives of the Daily Hindu editorial Vocabulary Booster and going through as many articles as you can. Also practice at least 3 RC passages and New pattern Cloze Test every day.

Quantitative Aptitude

The trick to scoring more marks in the Quantitative Aptitude Section of JK Bank PO Mains is to attempt the questions on Quadratic Equations, Simplification and Approximation first and then going for Number Series. Hence, work on strengthening these topics. The Data Interpretation questions are known to be calculation intensive. Hence, make sure you practice at least 5 sets everyday. Expect calculations to be lengthy in the Mains. So, in the next few days, revise various shortcuts to multiply, divide numbers, find percentage of numbers etc. The faster you can calculate, the more you can score in DI in the exam. Don’t panic if you find the questions long. The questions may look tough but while attempting you’ll realize how easy it was. Keep practicing daily to get command on DI.

JK Bank PO Prelims last minute tips

JK Bank PO Mock Test Series

That’s all from us in this article. We hope you find the JK Bank PO Mains Study Plan and Preparation tips useful. The study plan can be customized as per your availability of time but try to include all the topics mentioned here while you prepare. Because of rescheduling, there’s enough time to prepare now. Make the most of these days!

All the Best!



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