7 Mistakes CAT Toppers Never Make

As the CAT Exam date approaches, the pressure on candidates is real and it will be difficult for them to concentrate properly. When preparing for the CAT, aspirants often make mistakes that should be avoided under the immense pressure of the exam. CAT is a computer-based test. CAT is a national level entrance exam which is conducted by IIMs on a rotational basis. It is possible to lose a lot of marks just by making a small and silly error. We will thus share with you a few general or common mistakes CAT aspirants, but toppers, make in order to help you fix them. We hope this article will be helpful for CAT aspirants.

7 Mistakes CAT Toppers never make:

Lack of Conceptual Clarity:

The building that has a strong base stands strong, Same goes for the conceptual clarity in CAT Exam. In order to master something, one has to go through all the basics or fundamentals. Without conceptual knowledge, one should not start practicing questions, because you won’t be able to understand the solution. So it is better to first clear your basics and then proceed to a higher level. With a clear understanding of the basics, you will be able to grasp the topics more easily.

Last-Minute Learning New Concepts

In many cases, candidates learn new topics at the last minute of the exam or in the last few hours before the exam. Many candidates make this mistake of trying to grasp untouched content of their syllabus during the last hours before the exam. The candidates should avoid this because any new or contradictory information will cause them confusion.

When you are confused at the last minute, this can negatively affect your decision making and so they may end up taking too long to answer questions or marking incorrect options. Therefore, the best way to learn new concepts is to review your preparation notes. By revising properly, aspirants would be able to recall required information correctly. The golden key is, ‘revision’, not learning new concepts at the very last minute.

Getting stuck on tricky questions

You may consider yourself strong in one area and weak in another. However, you need to score well in each of the three sections within the 60 minute time limit for each section. In your attempt to solve more questions without realizing that each question has the same weight, you should realize that you must reach the last question. It is therefore better to skip the questions that you find difficult and focus on the ones that you can answer. By doing so, you will avoid wasting time.

Each section has a limited time limit, and you cannot switch between them. Moreover, the CAT has negative marking, so if there are any tricky questions that you are not confident about, that question should be skipped. If you still have some minutes left after attempting all the questions for a section, you can attempt such questions.

Improper Time Management

CAT is not a difficult paper inherently with respect to the topics covered, it is a challenge due to the short time limit and the necessity of accuracy in completing it. Many students try to solve lengthy questions in the beginning itself, which consume too much of their time. In many cases, the last questions are much easier to solve, but the candidates could not even get to the last questions due to bad time management in the exam.

No Focus on revision

You can fail any exam without revision. Human minds can not remember everything for a long period of time, so in order to memorise better, you have to revise more often. Revise the concepts, formulas, tricks etc regularly. Do not leave out any covered topics without revision and continue to keep practicing and revising.

Absence of Consistency in Focus and Motivation:

Adding a rhythm to everything makes it better. One of the most common mistakes in preparing for the CAT exam is not maintaining a schedule. Developing a regular study schedule will not only set discipline, but will also keep learning on track. Keep a record of your progress by following a practical schedule. Keep a realistic goal to keep yourself motivated and to keep working towards it.

During the mock test, when you see your friends solving questions faster than you can, you jump to conclusions that you can not clear the main exam. Stay motivated. Surround yourself with people who support you and make you feel positive and motivated. Stay away from negative people. Do not feel embarrassed to ask questions. Focus on your strong areas and work on your weak areas. Even if you can’t, it’s okay.

Avoiding mock test analysis:

Analyzing mock performance is very important when it comes to exams like the CAT. You can prepare for the actual exam by taking mock tests. Many candidates attempt mock tests, but do not analyze the results of the mock tests. This is something one should avoid doing. Mock test analysis helps you to focus on your weak areas. To succeed in the CAT exam, mock tests and practice papers are important as they help candidates to understand their skill level in each section. By using this strategy, you can keep track of the accuracy level and avoid unnecessary mistakes during the actual exam.

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We hope this article – mistakes CAT toppers never make will help you in your upcoming CAT exam. We wish you all the best.


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