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The results for the first window (tests taken up to October 22nd) were out this Sunday. The final shortlisting of candidates for Case discussion & Interview will only be done when the final results are announced on January 22nd 2015. The cut-offs will be around the 95%ile levels like in recent years and hence the cut-off score could vary depending on the distribution of scores at the end of the exam cycle on Dec 20th.
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NMAT FAQs- Find answers to a few commonly asked questions below.

1) I scored X. Should I go for a retake?
A. That is entirely a decision up to an individual. If you believe you have a good score, then there is no reason to go for a retake. For some reason, if you believe you did not do well on exam day and believe there great scope for significant improvement, you can consider a retake. 


2) I have not taken the NMAT test yet. But I have heard slots are filling up fast. Can I book a retake before I complete my first attempt?
A. No. You can only book your retake dates 24 hours after you complete you first attempt with the second attempt date being at least 15 days away from the first. 

3) I am not finding any suitable dates for a retake. Will there be new slots that will open up?
A. Yes. Pearson has confirmed that new slots are being added regularly. But those may get filled on a first come, first serve basis. Hence, you are encouraged to regularly check for new slots that might open up. 


4) If I attempt the test 3 times will they consider the average or my best score.
A. The best of the three scores is considered. 

5) Why isn’t my score a multiple of 3?
A. The scores that you received is a scaled/normalized one (not your raw scores) and hence you see scores which are not multiple of 3. 

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