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History plays a significant role in competitive exams of TNPSC. Therefore, it is important to know about Indian History especially Tamil Nadu History so that aspirants can score good marks in the general awareness section. In this e-book, we will be learning about the Pandya Dynasty, which is one of the oldest and longest-ruling dynasties of Tamil Nadu and India.

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Pandya Dynasty | Sneak Peek

Pandyas were one of the muvendars that ruled the southern part of India, though intermittently, until the pre-modern times. River Vellar running across the Pudukkottai region had been demarcated as the northern border of the Pandya country, while the Indian Ocean was its southern border. The Western Ghats remained the border of the west while the Bay of Bengal formed the eastern border.

The history of the Pandyas of the Sangam period, circa third century BCE to third century CE, has been reconstructed from various sources such as megalithic burials, inscriptions in Tamil Brahmi, and the Tamil poems of the Sangam literature. The Pandyas established their supremacy in South Tamil Nadu by the end of the sixth century CE. A few copper plates form the source of our definite knowledge of the Pandyas from the seventh to the ninth century. The Velvikkudi grant of Nedunjadayan is the most important among them.

Accounts of travelers such as Marco Polo, Wassaff, and Ibn-Batuta are useful to know about the political and socio-cultural developments of this period. Madurai Tala Varalaru, Pandik Kovai and Madurai Tiruppanimalai provide information about the Pandyas of Madurai of later period.

Pandya Dynasty- Prominent Rulers

The reign of the Chola dynasty has been divided into four stages for easier understanding of history, namely –

  1. Early historic Pandyas
  2. Medieval Pandyas
  3. Imperial Pandyas
  4. Tenski Pandyas

The revival of the Pandyas seems to have taken place after the disappearance of the Kalabhras. The revival of the Pandyas seems to have taken place after the disappearance of the Kalabhras. Once hill tribes, the Kalabhras had soon taken to a settled life, extending their patronage to Buddhists and Jains. Kadunkon recovered Pandya territory from the Kalabhras.

Here is a list of the documented rulers of the Pandya Dynasty

Early Historic Pandyas
Names of the Rulers of the Pandya Dynasty
Koon Pandya
Nedunjeliyan I
Nedunjeliyan II
Nan Maran
Nedunj Cheliyan III
Maran Valudi 
Kadalan Valuthi 
Musiri Mutriya Cheliyan
Ukkirap Peruvaludi

Early Medieval Pandyas  (6th–10th century CE)

Names of the Rulers of the Pandya DynastyPeriod of Reign
Kadungonc. 590–620 CE
Maravarman Avanisulamanic. 620–645 CE
Cheliyan Sendan (Chendan)c. 654–670 CE
Arikesari Maravarman (Parankusan)c. 670–700 CE
Ko Chadaiyan Ranadhirac. 700–730 CE
Maravarman Rajasimha Ic. 730–765 CE
Jatila Parantaka Nedunjadaiyan (Varaguna-varman I)c. 765–815 CE
Maravarman Srimara Srivallabhac. 815–862 CE
Varaguna-varman IIc. 862–880 CE
Parantaka Viranarayanac. 880–900/905 CE
Maravarman Rajasimha IIIc. 900–920 CE

Medieval Pandyas

Name of the Ruler
Sundara Pandya I
Vira Pandya I 
Vira Pandya II  
Amarabhujanga Tivrakopa 
Jatavarman Sundara Chola Pandya 
Maravarman Vikrama Chola Pandya 
Maravarman Parakrama Chola Pandya 
Jatavarman Chola Pandya 
Srivallabha Manakulachalac. 1101–1124 CE
Maravarman Srivallabhac. 1132–1161 CE
Parakrama I c. 1161–1162 CE
Kulasekara III 
Vira Pandya III 
Jatavarman Srivallabhac. 1175–1180 CE
Jatavarman Kulasekara I c. 1190–1216 CE

Imperial Pandyas (13th–14th centuries CE)

Names of the Rulers of Pandya DynastyReign
Maravarman Sundara Ic. 1216–1238 CE
Sundaravarman Kulasekara IIc. 1238–1240 CE
Maravarman Sundara IIc. 1238–1251 CE
Jatavarman Sundara Ic. 1251–1268 CE
Maravarman Kulasekara Ic. 1268–1310 CE
Sundara Pandya IVc. 1309–1327 CE
Vira Pandya IVc. 1309–1345 CE

Tenski Pandyas (14th–16th centuries)

Names of the Rulers of Pandya DynastyReign
Sadaavarman Parakrama Pandyac. 1422–1463 AD
Kulasekara Pandiyan IIIc. 1429–1473 AD
Aksharan Perumal Parakrama Pandyac. 1473–1506 AD
Kulasekara Pandyac. 1479–1499 AD
Sadaverman Sewallapa Pandyac. 1534–1543 AD
Parakrama Kulasekaranc. 1543–1552 AD
Nelveli Maranc. 1552–1564 AD
Sadaavarman Adeevirama Pandyac. 1564–1604 AD
Varathuranga Pandyac. 1588–1612 AD
Varagunarama Pandyac. 1613–1618 AD

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