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General knowledge/awareness is a limitless topic, to say the least. Hence, it is only natural for aspirants to feel intimated and confused by the vastness of the subject. Also, the (common) topics from which questions are generally asked, varies from exam to exam. Also, GK is constantly evolving. Hundreds of things are added on an everyday basis. In this article, we would be giving you an overview of the syllabus for the GK section. We would also give you some preparation tips.

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The GK or general awareness section has the potential to  help you clear those overall cutoffs and seal the deal, as it:

  • Provides 100% accuracy (unless you indulge in blind guesswork)
  • Is highly time-efficient and,
  • Extremely scoring

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General knowledge / awareness in divided into 2 main parts: STATIC GK &  CURRENT AFFAIRS.

Important topics for Static GK Preparation

  • International Organizations (IMF, World Bank, IMO etc):  Major world organizations including economic organizations like WTO, IMF, and WB are important. Various political global groupings like UN and regional groups like ASEAN, SAARC, etc. are also important.One can expect regarding headquarters, chairpersons, functions of the organization or any other major reform/ event that took place (pertaining to the organization).
  • Geography: You can expect general questions from geographical features from India and across the world. Questions on theoretical aspects of geography, like the mechanism of earthquakes, volcanoes etc. are rarely asked.
  • Everyday Science: Focus is more on questions from the application of science rather than theoretical aspects of Physics and Chemistry. Further, expect questions on technologies involved in communication, IT, space, biotechnology etc. Questions are generally of the School level.
  • Awards and Honors
  • History: It can be further divided into Indian and World History. Indian History, especially after the 1857 revolt is more important.
  • Economy: This is an important section for all entrance tests. You can expect questions from theoretical as well as practical aspects of Indian and World Economy, with a special focus on India’s macroeconomic indicators, like inflationary trends, GDP etc.
  • Constitution & Polity: In this, you may be asked questions on the working of the Indian Political System e.g. political parties, pressure groups etc. Also, as far as the constitution is concerned, expect questions on major Articles, Schedules and Constitutional Amendments. Further, features of major social schemes launched by the central government in the past are very important. Use “Comparative Reading“. For instance, read in the following manner –  First read about the President, then the governor, then read about PM, then CM, Parliament and then State Legislature, Supreme Court and then High court and so on.

Though the syllabus may seem vast, a good way to prepare is to refer to reliable resources. Consider custom-made e-books for each exam. One can also peruse NCERT ( up to class 10) books for preparing static GK. Some of Oliveboard’s e-books for general awareness preparation are mentioned below:-

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2. Static GK Notes


How to Prepare Current Affairs?

In Bank PO and Bank Clerk exams, general knowledge about banking is becoming more and more important. One can easily expect 10-15 questions on banking in the GK segment. However, general knowledge for bank exams does not go beyond the relevance of banking general knowledge to a common man e.g. savings accounts, current accounts, operational banking procedures, RBI rules etc. Thus to prepare for general knowledge related to banking, one needs to be regular with newspaper reading.

As far as most banking, government & MBA exams, one must be thorough with the current affairs of the 3 – 5 months prior to the exam.

GK Section Preparation Resources: Free Oliveboard Tests

The GK section has the potential to  help you clear those overall cutoffs and seal the deal as it:

  • Provides 100% accuracy (unless you indulge in blind guesswork)
  • Is highly time-efficient and,
  • Extremely scoring

Thus, to aid your preparation you can attempt Oliveboard’s GK tests which cover the following topics:

  • Current Affairs
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Computer Knowledge
  • Polity & Governance
  • Culture, Books & Awards
  • Countries and Capitals
  • Geography
  • Dates and Committees
  • Economy
  • Science and Technology
  • History
  • Sports

The tests are extremely comprehensive and cover all important questions and aspects. FREE GK Tests are available for all of these categories.

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Hope this helps. Let us know your queries in the comments section below.

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