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Top 100 RRB NTPC Physics Questions – Part 2

RRB NTPC Physics Questions 2

This is the RRB NTPC Physics Questions 2 (second Part) blog in the Top 100 Physics Questions series. These Top 100 practice questions series will be very helpful for RRB NTPC 2019 Exam practiceThe RRB NTPC practice questions 2 has 20 questions. Solving these practice questions would help you ace your general science section of the RRB NTPC 2019 ExamSo, here you go -:

RRB NTPC Physics Questions 2

These will be short one line questions for your practice. You are advised to memorize these questions and answers. It would help you increase your RRB NTPC Score in the 2019 Stage 1 CBT.

Q21) If the temperature inside a room is increased, the relative humidity will ________.
Ans -: Decrease

Q22) In summer, the mirages are seen due to the phenomenon of ______.
Ans -: Total Internal Reflection

Q23) In the visible spectrum which colour has the longest wavelength?
Ans -: Red

Q24) In which medium sound travels faster?
Ans -: Solid

Q25) Insects can move on the surface of water without sinking due to ______.
Ans -: Surface tension of water

Q26) The Laws of Electrolysis were proposed by –
Ans -: M Faraday

Q27) Light travels in a ______.
Ans -: Straight line

Q28) What is used as a cooling agent in most of the world’s commercial nuclear power plants?
Ans -: Water

Q29) Nature of sound wave is ________?
Ans -: Longitudinal

Q30) 1 fermi unit is equal to –
Ans -: 10⁻¹⁵m

Q31) How many basic S.I. units are there?
Ans -: Seven

Q32) What is the principle on which a transformer works?
Ans -: Mutual Induction

Q33) The distance between Earth and Sun is termed as –
Ans -: 1 Astronomical unit

Q34) Potential energy of your body is minimum when you ______.
Ans -: Lie down on ground

Q35) What is the freezing point (temperature) of Pure water?
Ans -: 32 F

Q36) What is the unit of measurement of an Angle?
Ans -: Radian

Q37) Radio waves of constant amplitude can be generated with an ______.
Ans -: Oscillator

Q38) Hooke’s law is related to
Ans -: Elasticity

Q39) Sudden fall in barometer is indication of ______.
Ans -: Storm

Q40) Water moving up a straw is an example of ________.
Ans -: Capillary Action

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That is all from us in this RRB NTPC Physics Questions 2 blog. Keep checking this space for the remaining 3 parts in this series of Top 100 RRB NTPC Physics Questions. You will get all exam updates for RRB NTPC 2019 hereGet free study notes. To prepare with thousands of fellow aspirants visit Oliveboard’s discuss forumAll the Best for your RRB NTPC Exam, preparation, Keep Learning with Oliveboard.

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