General Awareness for Railway exams: Art and Culture of India

India is a land of diversity symbolized by different Cultures. Different Dynasties of India at different points of time gave rise to the Intangible Heritage which we have today. India is globally recognized for its Art and Culture. Different Countries take keen interest in our Art and Culture and so does our examiners. Railways, a tangible asset to the nation never misses a chance to glorify our Intangible heritage in its exams. You will always find a place for Art and Culture in Railways General Awareness. In this Article let us learn a bit more about our rich heritage.

Indian Art and Culture for Railways General Awareness:

Art and Culture includes but does not limit to Music, Dance forms, Paintings, Handicrafts, Festivals, Theatres, Literature. Let us learn about them one by one so that we are well prepared for the Railways General Awareness section.

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1. Dance forms

Dance forms in India derives their themes from mythology, legends and classical literature having an unbroken tradition of thousands of years. It can be divided into two categories: Classical and Folk. Major Classical dance forms from our exam point of view are as follows:

Classical   Dance Form State of   Origin
Bharata Natyam Tamil Nadu
Kathakali Kerala
Kathak Uttar Pradesh
Manipuri Manipur
Kuchipudi Andhra Pradesh
Odissi Odisha
Sattriya Assam
Mohiniattam Kerala

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2. Paintings


The 28 states and 8 union territories of the nation have their distinct cultural and traditional identities which are displayed through various forms of art. For Railways General Awareness, the following are the vital Paintings

Form of  Painting Prevalent  State/State of Origin
Thanjavur paintings/ Tanjore paintings Tamil Nadu
Madhubani painting/ Mithila Art Bihar
Warli folk paintings Maharashtra
Pattachitra Painting Odisha
Bani Thani painting Rajasthan
Kalamezhuthu/ Kalam Kerala

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3. Literature

The tradition of Indian Literature is the oldest in the world. It was primarily oral and latter it was transmitted into written documents.

The Vedas are rich source of knowledge that originated in Ancient India. They were orally transmitted for many generations before being written down. Veda’ is also called ‘Shruti’ meaning ‘what is heard’. Following are the Vedas in their chronological order: Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda, and Atharvaveda.

Apart from Vedas, other great literary works, which marked the golden era of Indian literature are as follows:

Literature Authored by:
Abhijanam   Shakuntalam Kalidasa
Ratnavali Sri   Harsha
Arthashastra Chanakya
Meghdoot Kalidasa
Svapna   Vasavadattam Bhaasa
Mricchakatika Shudraka
Gitagovinda Jaydev
Ramcharitmanas Tulsi   Das
Chandrakanta Devaki   Nandan Khatri

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4. Festivals of India

India’s Diversity is India’s Strength. Different Kinds of Festivals are celebrated across the country with great zeal. We have hundreds of festivals in our country but only some are important for Railway General Awareness section. Following are the important festivals of our great nation from exam purpose:

Festival State
Brahmotsavam, Ugadi Andhra Pradesh
Solung, Losar, Murung, Reh, Mopin, Myoko Arunachal Pradesh
Ambubachi, Bihu, Dehing Patkai Assam
Mando, Chikalkalo Goa
Urs, Hemis, Tulip, Gurez Jammu and Kashmir
Yaoshang, Chavang Kut Manipur
Nongkrem Dance Festival Meghalaya
Chapchar Kut Mizoram
Hornbill Festival Nagaland
Saga Dawa, Phang Lhabsol Sikkim
Pongal, Jallikattu Tamil Nadu

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That is all folks in this post! We tried to make you familiar with the Intangible Heritage of our great nation keeping in mind your precious time and purpose of reading this article for Railways General Awareness. We served you information from the exam point of view and we are certain that it will help you cracking the Railways General Awareness Section. Oliveboard wishes you all success in the coming exam!

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