Rajasthan Police SI Syllabus – List of Topics

The Rajasthan Police SI Exam gives an amazing opportunity to aspirants who dream of having a prestigious and stable career. To don the khaki uniform and serve the nation and its people is a dream for many. Being an SI provides a stable salary and adds to the status of the individual. It is an amazing chance for civilians to serve and honour the country. To clear the Rajasthan Police SI Exam, it is essential to master the Rajasthan Police SI syllabus


The aspirants need to go thoroughly through the study material to clear the exams and achieve the cut-off marks. The syllabus may appear daunting to many students, but it can be easily covered with adequate planning and practice. In this blog, we give you all the details about the Rajasthan Police SI Syllabus, how to cover it, the exam pattern and interview schedule, as well as a few tips and tricks, to clear the exam. Read on to know more.

Rajasthan Police SI Syllabus 

The syllabus is the key, and a candidate must be aware of the Rajasthan Police SI Syllabus in detail to secure the prestigious posts. 

World GeographyThe syllabus contains world geography, which includes the international waterways, wildlife and biodiversity, broad physical features, and major industrial regions. 
Indian GeographyIndian geography is also an important part of the syllabus. It constitutes the study of minerals, coal, oil and gas, environmental problems and ecological issues, agro-based activities, broad physical features and major psychographic divisions, major industries, and industrial development in India.
Geography of RajasthanThis part of the syllabus has the mine and minerals, the population, and pollution of Rajasthan. It also includes information on major industries and industrial development, the climate, common natural vegetation, forest, wildlife and biodiversity, and the natural resources of Rajasthan.
Indian Constitution, Political System GovernanceThis part of the syllabus includes information on the Indian constitution and political system like the nature of the Indian constitution, its preamble, fundamental rights, directive principles of the States and federal structure, the president, parliament, Supreme Court, election Commission comptroller, and Auditor General, Planning Commission and national development, council central vigilance Commission [CVC], central information Commission and Lokpal national Human Rights Commission [NHRC]. The Indian political system has many parts in it, which the aspirant has to learn by heart. It has union and state executive, union and state legislative, judiciary nature of Indian state, democracy in India reorganization of states, coalition government, and government political parties.
Economic Concept and  Indian EconomyEconomic concepts and Indian economy- the basic knowledge of budgeting, 5-year plan, public finance, banking, e-commerce, physical monetary policies, the objective strategies and achievements, social justice and empowerment provision for weaker sections, the poverty and unemployment concepts causes types and remedies and current flagship schemes, major economic problems and government initiatives, economic reforms and liberalization, major sectors of economy, agriculture service, industry and trade current status issues and initiative, the human resource and economic development, human development index, the Stock Exchange and the share market subsidies, public distribution, the basic concept of economics accounting concept tools and use of administration
History and Culture, Art Literature, Tradition and Heritage of RajasthanThis part of the syllabus have everything related to the tradition and heritage of Rajasthan, art paintings and handicrafts, the major landmarks in the history of Rajasthan, their major dynasties, and their administrative and revenue system, the social culture issues, the salient features of architecture, the forts, the monuments, the history of the monuments, the freedom movement and the political awakening and integration, the leading personalities of Rajasthan, the religious movements, important tourist places and Lok devatas of Rajasthan, Rajasthani culture and tradition, the important works of Rajasthani literature, local fairs, festivals, folk music, and folk dances.
Reasoning and Mental AbilitySome topics covered here include analytical reasoning, statement and argument, statement and conclusions, and statement and assumptions. 
Basic NumeracyThis part of the syllabus deals with mathematical and statistical analysis like the order of magnitude, ratio and proportion, simple and compound interest, and data analysis.
Science & Technology– This part of the syllabus includes the basics of everyday science, electronics, computers, information, communication technology, defence technology, nanotech, horticulture, forestry, genetic engineering, and the development of science and technology in Rajasthan. 
Current affairsCandidates need to be aware of the latest news and current events. This part of the syllabus contains information about persons or places of interest, sports, and major events-related news, as well as national and international news. The candidates must also be aware of the latest news and issues concerning Rajasthan.

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Tips To Master The Rajasthan Police SI Syllabus And The Clear The Exam 

It can indeed be tough to clear the Rajasthan Police SI exam on the first attempt, but a strong preparation strategy can make you pass it with flying colours. All you need is a calm mind and a positive approach, and you are good to go for the exams. You should follow some easy and smart steps to prepare for the exam.

  • Prepare a routine and stick to it. Make time slots for different subjects.
  • It is better to write and learn everything. Understanding the concepts and revising them three or more times can help you remember the information easily.
  • Clarify all and any doubts you may have right in the beginning.
  • Fitness plays an important role in these exams. So, the candidates must build on their physical and mental endurance by exercising regularly. 
  • Confidence is the key to everything. Practice previous year’s question papers and time yourself during mock tests to build your confidence. Ask family members or friends to conduct mock interviews and help you prepare for the final interview.

Exam pattern For Rajasthan Police SI Syllabus 

Written testThe selection for this post is made based on the written competitive examination, physical efficiency test, aptitude test, and interview. The questions are divided into two parts. The general Hindi part will contain 200 marks, and general knowledge & science is for 200 marks. The duration of each exam is 2 hours each. The type of questions is multiple-choice questions. Negative marking will be there, and one-third mark will be deducted for a wrong answer. The eligible candidates can give the exam either in Hindi or English. 
Physical Endurance TestThe physical efficiency test will differ for both males and females. The male will have 100-meter races, chinning up and long jump. The females will be tested on 100-meter races, shot put, and long jump. 
Aptitude testThe aptitude test is 50 marks and is taken to test whether the candidate is eligible for the required post. The aspirant will be judged based on logical thinking, reasoning, basic grammar, and other factors. 
InterviewThe interview is the final step the candidate has to clear before he is selected for the post. In the interview, as an aspirant’s behaviour, traits, leadership skills, presentation skills, and most importantly, personality traits are examined to see if he is the right fit for the job. A diploma or Degree in criminology or NCC “C” certificate works in the candidate’s favour.
Medical examination Once the candidate clears all levels of the written test, physical endurance test, and interview, he has to appear for medical tests. The qualified candidates should not be found with any mental or physical disorder. Conditions like colour blindness, night blindness, stammering, knock-knee, or flat foot can disqualify an aspirant for joining the police services. They also should have perfect 6 by 6 vision. 

Rajasthan Police SI Cut-off marks

Candidates need to obtain 36% of marks in each paper or 40% in aggregate to clear the qualifying examination conducted by the Rajasthan government. Only then can they proceed further with other levels of selection. There will be 100 marks on the physical efficiency test, and scoring a minimum of 50% marks is required for the selection. 


Even though the Rajasthan Police SI syllabus looks vast, following the preparation strategy can help you clear the exam easily. Working for the police is a great opportunity to serve the country and society. Candidates aspiring to clear the Rajasthan Police SI Exam should thoroughly examine the Rajasthan Police SI syllabus and attempt the previous year’s question papers to understand the exam pattern.

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Can I attempt the Rajasthan Police SI exam in Hindi?

Yes, this exam can be attempted in both English and Hindi (Devanagari script)

Is it mandatory to know about the Rajasthani culture to apply for these posts?

Yes, the Rajasthan Police SI Syllabus includes information on the state’s culture and history.

How long are the SI exams?

The written test is for 2 hours.

Do I have to write descriptive answers?

No, the written exam has multiple-choice questions.

Is it mandatory to appear for the physical endurance test?

Yes. To join the police force, it is mandatory to qualify in the physical examination round because of the nature of the job.

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