Reasoning Puzzles Complete Course – New Pattern Puzzles Tips & Tricks

Solving tough Reasoning Puzzles in the exam could be nerve-racking for some, while a nightmare for many. All in all, it’s a tough section to handle. But once you’ve got the catch, it could earn you a pat on the back! And tackling it is no way impossible when you have us to take you through it. Based on the new pattern Puzzles, here we are introducing Complete Puzzles Batch by Mukesh Sir – a special course on Oliveboard Edge dedicated only to Reasoning Puzzles Tricks and concept clearing so that not only you are able to solve but ace the puzzles!

Just like Ace the Puzzles, the Edge Platform allows you to attend more such topic-wise courses like Speed Up the Basics, Ace Seating Arrangement, Syllogism & Inequality, etc. to get command on each & every topic. Not just that, you also get to attend separate sectional courses as well as exam-specific courses like SBI, IBPS PO, IBPS RRB, SSC, Railways, Insurance, etc. And the best part is that you get everything under One Plan – EDGE. It gives you the total freedom of choosing what you want to study, when to study and from whom to study. Read More About Edge – Here.

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1. Reasoning Complete Puzzles Course – How Important They Are

Based on analysis of a few exams, here’s a quick sneak peek into the importance of puzzle-solving and the weightage it carries –

Exam 2019 2018
SBI PO Prelims 20 Q 15-20 Q
IBPS RRB PO Prelims 20 Q 20-25 Q
NABARD Grade A & B Prelims 10-12 Q (Out of 20 Q) 10 Q

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2. Reasoning Puzzles Tricks Course

This course will help you master puzzles using special reasoning puzzle tricks, techniques, tips, and strategies. Questions based on the latest pattern like seating arrangement, days, months, floor puzzles, budget, etc. will be covered which will be useful for any Banking exam.

This course is curated in such a way where you will learn the basic concepts and then move to an advanced level. Live Practice Sessions have been infused in the course to give an extra edge to the aspirants by providing additional practice questions, which will help strengthen the concept clarity and will also help students increase the speed and accuracy.


3. Ace the Puzzles – Schedule

Here’s the schedule for the course but don’t worry if you are late. These Reasoning Video Lessons will be there and you can just watch them anytime, anywhere, for ‘n’ number of times!

Class   Title Class Type Date, Day Time
Introduction to Seating Arrangement and Puzzles LC May   7, Thu 8:00 PM
Floor   Based Puzzles LC May   8, Fri 8:00 PM
Floor   and Flat Puzzles LC May   12, Tue 8:00 PM
Flat/Days   Based Puzzles LC May   13, Wed 8:00 PM
Days,   Month Based Puzzles LC May   14, Thu 8:00 PM
Days,   Month Based Advanced Puzzles LC May   15, Fri 8:00 PM
LPS LPS May   19, Tue 8:00 PM
Box   Based Puzzles LC May   20, Wed 8:00 PM
Box   Based Advanced Puzzles LC May   21, Thu 8:00 PM
Year   Based Puzzles LC May   22, Fri 8:00 PM
LPS LPS May   26, Tue 8:00 PM
Year   Based Advanced Puzzles LC May   27, Wed 8:00 PM
Directions   and Distance LC May   28, Thu 8:00 PM
Categorization Type Puzzle LC May   29, Fri 8:00 PM
Relations   Based LC Jun   2, Tue 8:00 PM
LPS LPS Jun   3, Wed 8:00 PM
Order   Comparison LC Jun   4, Thu 8:00 PM
Mixed   Puzzles LC Jun   5, Fri 8:00 PM
Matrix   Based Puzzles LC Jun   9, Tue 8:00 PM
Others LC Jun   10, Wed 8:00 PM
Circular   Seating Arrangement – Single Variable LC Jun   11, Thu 8:00 PM
LPS LPS Jun   12, Fri 8:00 PM
Circular   Seating Arrangement – Multiple Variables LC Jun   16, Tue 8:00 PM
Circular   Seating Arrangement – Certain Number with Distance LC Jun   17, Wed 8:00 PM
Linear   Seating Arrangement – Single line LC Jun   18, Thu 8:00 PM
Linear   Seating Arrangement – Single with Date, Month and Year LC Jun   19, Fri 8:00 PM
LPS LPS Jun   23, Tue 8:00 PM
Linear   Seating Arrangement – Single Line with Distance and Direction LC Jun   24, Wed 8:00 PM
Linear   Seating Arrangement – Simple Parallel Line LC Jun   25, Thu 8:00 PM
Linear   Seating Arrangement – Parallel Line: Multiple Variables LC Jun   26, Fri 8:00 PM
Linear   Seating Arrangement – Parallel Line with Distance LC Jun   30, Tue 8:00 PM
LPS LPS Jul   1, Wed 8:00 PM
Rectangular/Square   Seating Arrangement – 1 LC Jul   2, Thu 8:00 PM
Rectangular/Square   Seating Arrangement – 2 LC Jul   3, Fri 8:00 PM
Straight   Line with Blood Relation LC Jul   7, Tue 8:00 PM
Parallel   Line with Blood Relation LC Jul   8, Wed 8:00 PM
Circle   with Blood Relation LC Jul   9, Thu 8:00 PM
Square/Rectangle   with Blood Relation LC Jul   10, Fri 8:00 PM
Concentric   Figures LC Jul   14, Tue 8:00 PM
LPS LPS Jul   15, Wed 8:00 PM
Triangle LC Jul   16, Thu 8:00 PM
Multiple   Rows (more than 2) LC Jul   17, Fri 8:00 PM
Arrangement   with Shifting LC Jul   21, Tue 8:00 PM
LPS LPS Jul   22, Wed 8:00 PM

* LPS – Live Practice Session

*LC – Live Class

Attend the Live Session or Watch the Recordings, but make sure you attend all the classes & all the tricks are on your finger-tips!

As an Edge Subscriber, you get access to all the Courses – short-term, long-term – available at the platform. Read More About Edge and HERE.

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4. Newly Launched Doubt- Clearing Interface

We have also launched a Doubt-Clearing Interface which will be available with all our online Courses. Where students can directly post their doubts  The Faculty will answer review & clear all these doubts.

Following are the screenshots of this feature on our website and App

On the website: A “I have a Doubt” button at the top of every video.


On Android Mobile App:


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That’s all from us. We hope the Reasoning Puzzles Tricks provided in the Ace the Puzzles course helps you in giving you a deep understanding of the topics mentioned.

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