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SBI PO Cracker Course – Clear SBI PO 2019 with Oliveboard

SBI PO 2019 Cracker

If you are someone who is aiming for a stable and prestigious government job, then it cannot get better than the SBI PO position. Preparing for this exam is a task in itself and we, at Oliveboard have always been there to guide you throughout your preparation journey. The SBI PO  Exam is the biggest and toughest stage of the SBI Recruitment Process but to make it  a lot more easier for you, we’re launching SBI PO 2019 Cracker course for SBI PO 2019 Exam. The SBI PO 2019 Cracker is one of the most comprehensive online bank coaching for the SBI PO Exam preparation currently available out there. The course would be beneficial to all especially to those who do not have access to the coaching classes. We are sure if you join, it would be the best decision taken and you will be one step closer towards your goal that is getting into the merit list of SBI PO. In this blog, we are going to tell you everything about this course.

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SBI PO 2019 Cracker Course: Live Online Classes – Salient Features

Helping anyone and everyone who wants to learn is the vision for us at Oliveboard, and we are following this through Online Mock Tests and now our Online Learning Courses like SBI PO Cracker Online Course as well. Following are the details of the cracker course:-

  • 100+ Live Classes By The Best Faculty: In these live classes, India’s Top Faculties are going to help you understand advanced concepts, tips, tricks, new pattern question, shortcuts to solve tricky questions etc.
  • Faculty-led Practice Sessions:Structured live practice sessions with the faculty to be conducted twice a week with Live Scores and Ranks.
  • One-on-one Video Doubt Clearing Sessions With Faculty:Yes, in this course you will get individual attention. As a part of the course, you will be able to directly reach out to the faculty for addressing your queries in allotted one-on-one doubt clearing sessions.
  • Weekly Topic Quizzes and Special Classes: Get Topic quizzes and special classes every week to master all the important topics covered in SBI PO Syllabus.
  • Sectional tests, Topic Tests and GK Tests: Access to all the sectional tests, topic tests and GK tests to ensure your all-round preparation.
  • Mock Discussion and Analysis: Get Live Test Analysis from the Expert faculty. This would help you analyse not only how you attempted the question but also how you should have attempted it by maintaining both speed and accuracy.
  • SBI PO 2019 Mock Tests with Expert Analysis: No preparation is complete without taking mock tests and analyzing them. Hence, the package also includes 30 high-quality mock tests for SBI PO; 20 Mock Tests for SBI PO Prelims and 10 Mock Tests for SBI PO Mains.
  • Day-Wise Study Plan- Get a FREE customized Study Plan as per your convenience to ensure you cover all topics along with revision before the exam.
  • Free Video Lessons and GK ebooks

So hurry up and Enroll now to not miss out on this excellent opportunity of getting the best online course for the SBI PO  Exam.

Enroll Here for SBI PO Cracker Course

The Quality of our Faculties and Learning techniques have been proven by the immense success of our Canara Bank PO Live Online Course, Target IBPS PO Course, IBPS Clerk Cracker Course for the Prelims Exam and IBPS Clerk Cracker Plus for Mains. You can read about the feedback for that course here. To understand why you should be taking an online course for your SBI PO  Exam, read our blog on Benefits of Online Learning.

That all from us in this blog. We hope you like reading it and found the information provided above useful. So Hurry up. Register for the SBI PO Cracker Course for SBI PO 2019 Exam. We will be waiting for you in the Class!

All the best for your Exam preparation.

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