Guide to Excel in SBI PO Group Discussion [2017]


With the SBI PO Mains concluded, it is now time to prepare for the Phase III of SBI PO selection process: The Group Discussion & Personal Interview 2017. Marks obtained in the GD & PI will be added to the marks obtained in SBI PO Main exam for the final merit list. The total marks allotted to the GD & PI are 50 marks, out of which GD carries 20 marks and it is going to be conducted July 10th onward.


Group Discussions are conducted to ascertain whether a candidate has certain personality traits that an organization wishes to see in its members. The following article is a guide to excel in the SBI PO Group Discussion. Use is as a comprehensive guide to excel in your SBI PO Group Discussion round:


What happens at the Group Discussion?

A Group Discussion group consists of 3 to 4 panelists (jury members) to monitor the discussion and 10 to 12 candidates. The panelists will present the candidates with a topic, mostly based on current affairs or other events, to the group of candidates to discuss.

Each individual is given a maximum of 2 minutes to express his/her views on the topic in English or Hindi (English preferred). The panelists can question the participants during the discussion. The candidates will be handed a pen & paper to make notes during the discussion.


How are the candidates evaluated?

The candidates are evaluated on the following:

  • Knowledge about the topic
  • Leadership skills: How well they manage the group discussion, how well they interact with the other candidates.
  • Ability to handle pressure
  • Command over their language
  • Knowledge in current affairs, banking & financial awareness
  • How well they express their opinion and listen to the others
  • How well they conclude the topic


Group Discussion categories

Topic-based GD topics can be further categorized into three categories:

1. Factual Topics

Require familiarity with day to day issues, trends over the years, facts & figures, etc. These test a candidate’s ability to analyze & gather information. A thorough understanding of the current affairs combined with good interpersonal skills is what is required.

2. Political/ Controversial Topics

Based on Politics. Try to convince others and at the same time know that others have opinions too. Gradually build your point and do not lose your temper. It’s a discussion, not a debate. So, one should speak cogently, whenever they do.

3. Abstract Topics

Abstract topics can be random. They test the candidate’s ability of lateral thinking, creativity and spontaneity. The scope in abstract topics are immense. Pay attention to what others are saying and try to build up on it.


Tips to excel at the Group Discussion

Look presentable: Be presentable at the Group Discussion. Dress neatly in a formal attire, have a good body language and give the panelists a good first impression.

Exhibit your leadership abilities: One of the factors you will be evaluated on is your leadership skills. It’s a good idea to start a discussion, but it is not the most important thing. The most important thing is to participate in the discussion, listen to the others and manage the discussion well. Start the discussion if you have a fair knowledge about the topic, if not wait for others start it.

Start with a strong argument: When it’s your turn to express your views, start with a strong argument or quote of an expert from the industry to make an impact. It’s better if you include some data/statistics.

Be patient: Be calm and wait for your turn to speak and do not cut anyone while they’re speaking. Let others express their opinion. If someone presents the point you were planning to make, present the same point with a different perspective and wider viewpoint. Do not get into arguments. Etiquettes are important in Group Discussions.

Stick to the topic: Avoid getting carried away while presenting your facts. Stick to the topic & talk in context and stay relevant. Don’t beat around the bush too much, make your point and be concise. Avoid asking questions to other candidates. This might give them a chance to contradict you.

Be factual: Panelists are more impressed when you present your point with facts & statistics. Read newspapers every day and memorize facts & numbers and speak flawlessly.

Control your voice: Do not shout or raise your voice. Have the right pitch and be polite. Actions such as unfriendly gestures or raised voices are considered impolite.

Listen & interact with others: The panel pays special attention to how you listen and interact with your fellow candidates. Make sure you listen to others, and interact with them. It’s a good idea to make notes of other candidates’ points and incorporate them when you express your views. It shows the panelists you were attentively listening.

Conclude the discussion: Be the person to conclude the discussion. The ability to conclude a discussion gives you an edge over the other candidates.

Follow the instructions: Be punctual & follow all the rules and guidelines laid down by the panelists.


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SBI PO 2016 Group Discussion Topics
  • Topic on Women Empowerment
  • Present Education system churning more engineers but not skill
  • Role of Media in India today – Good or bad
  • Should PSUs be privatized
  • Is technology killing human imagination
  • Medals won by India in Olympics are by chance or scientific training
  • Population Growth – Boon or bane
  • Is it desirable?
  • Topic on Global Warming
  • Social networking is resulting in decline in art of conversation
  • Private Hospitals are going corporate at the cost of health
  • Are water wars going to happen?
  • Love of money is root to all evils
  • In era of Internet – is literacy rate coming down
  • Is India ready for smart cities?
  • Villages – Our strengths & weaknesses
  • Smoking and drinking should be banned
  • Private players to be encouraged in infrastructure
  • Is linking of rivers good or bad from socio and ecological balance perspective
  • Net Neutrality in India


Topics for SBI PO 2017 Group Discussion
  • Pros & Cons of the SBI Merger
  • Fax Tax
  • NCG: Need of the hour
  • Rail & Union budget merger
  • The Surgical Strike issues
  • Make in India
  • Is Food Bill needed in India?
  • Empowerment of women
  • Inflation: Is it always harmful?
  • Decrease of repo rate
  • Pros of Gold Investment
  • What should be preferred: Hard work or Smart work
  • Ujjwala Yojana
  • Are beauty pageants regressive for womanhood?
  • Monetary Committee
  • Pros & cons of having one child policy in India
  • Indian Smart Cities
  • Effects of the Beti Bacho Beti Padhao scheme
  • Use of Payments Banks
  • Capital Punishments: Pros and Cons
  • Benami Transaction Bill
  • Does US Presidential Elections affect India? How?
  • Startup India
  • Benefits of PSBs for Rural Indian Economy
  • Importance of the Swaach Bharat Abhiyan
  • Insolvency & Bankruptcy Bill
  • Measures to avoid NPA
  • Your opinion about reservations in education and jobs
  • Solar energy vs Wind power
  • The One Rank One Pension scheme
  • Impact of GST on the Indian Economy


We hope the above helps you excel your Group Discussion round.

Wish you all the very best!


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