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SkillVertex Courses by Oliveboard: Oliveboard has long since been a great platform for exam preparation. Now, Oliveboard brings to you courses from SkillVertex. Not only will you gain skills to help with your exam prep, but you can also use these courses to kick-start your career! This blog will tell you all about the SkillVertex courses that Oliveboard offers and the benefits you get.


SkillVertex Courses by Oliveboard: An Overview

Skills are something everyone develops as they study and grow. Deciding on a career path as we reach college and graduation is not easy for most. In such a case, it is always a good idea to work on skills that will help you add to your chosen career path or help you find one.

Oliveboard understands the requirement to improve one’s skill set and to find ways to boost your chances of employability. Hence, we present these amazing courses to give you the launch pad you need for your career.

These courses are targeted not just at those who wish to enhance their skill set but also at exam aspirants! From typing to descriptive writing, you can improve your performance in a number of government and banking exams as well.

What courses do we provide?

skillvertex courses by oliveboard

SkillVertex offers the following courses:

  • Spoken English
  • Language Translation (English to Hindi and vice-versa)
  • Typing (English and Hindi)
  • Content Writing
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Interview Preparation

1. Spoken English

It is an undeniable fact that knowing the English Language is a must. Even this blog is in English. However, reading and writing a language is different from speaking it. People who are confident about reading and writing in English may not be as confident about speaking it.

That’s where we come in! Oliveboard’s SkillVertex Spoken English course is your savior. You will be taught the basics of speaking, pronunciation, grammar, etc. You will be fluent in English in just a few weeks. Let’s take a look at the various ways in which the SkillVertex Spoken English course will benefit you.

SkillVertex Courses by Oliveboard: Spoken English Course Overview

  • 40 Hours of Complete Coverage
  • Focus on Pronunciation
  • Session wise Assignments
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Delivered in English

Course Syllabus:

  1. How To Learn English?
  2. Correct Listening & Pronunciation
  3. Present Indefinite Tense (Affirmative Sentences) 
  4. Present Continuous & Perfect Tense
  5. Present Indefinite Mix ( Affirmative + Negative + Interrogative)
  6. Present Indefinite + Vocabulary
  7. Present Continuous + Present Perfect
  8. Present Indefinite (Affirmative + Negative)
  9. Practise Session
  10. WH Family (Indefinite + Continous + Perfect )
  11. Practise Session: Past Indefinite Tense
  12. Present Indefinite + Past Indefinite Mix
  13. Full Past Indefinite Tense
  14. WH Family (With All Structure)
  15. Use Of Can + Vocabulary + Practice
  16. Use Of Should + Vocabulary + Practice
  17. Future Indefinite
  18. Practise Session
  19. Usage of How & Who
  20. Past Indefinite Vs Present Perfect
  21. Practice Session: Past Indefinite & Present Perfect
  22. Introduction to Language
  23. Daily Use English
  24. Use of Should Have & Do
  25. Have To / Has To
  26. Use Of USED TO (Model)
  27. Daily Use Sentences 
  28. Is / Am / Are + Past Participle Was / Were
  29. What All + Who All + Where All
  30. Use Of Be + Voice Modulation + Daily Use Structure
  31. Use Of Expressions
  32. Get It Done
  33. MAKE Causative Verb

2. Language Translation

Translation refers to the process of converting content in one language into another. This requires an in-depth understanding and knowledge of both languages since the meaning of the content has to be preserved. In India, translators are mostly used to translate from English to the local language and vice-versa. Considering the language popularly used in Government, English-to-Hindi translation and Hindi-to-English translation are very useful skills.

The knowledge of translation isn’t useful just as a skill, however. Exams like SSC JHT require candidates to have proper knowledge and certification of translation. This means that translating can also help aspirants of such exams. Which is the purpose of Oliveboard’s SkillVertex Translation Course.

SkillVertex Courses by Oliveboard: Basics of Language Translation Course Overview

  • 5+ Hours of Video Classes
  • English-Hindi Translation for Government Exams
  • Assignments & Skill Assessment Tests
  • Course Completion Certificate

Course Syllabus:

  1. What is Translation?
  2. Types of Translation
  3. Difference between Translation and Interpretation 
  4. Translation: Theory and Tradition 
  5.  Lingual & Socio-cultural References 
  6. Translation Process 
  7. Translation Methodology
  8. Tools & Techniques
  9. Assignment -1 (Descriptive PDF)
  10. Assignment -2 (Descriptive PDF)
  11. Assignment -3 (Descriptive PDF)
  12. Test 1 (20 MCQs)
  13. Test 2 (20 MCQs)
  14. Test 3 (20 MCQs)

3. Typing (English and Hindi)

Typing is a skill that has grown in demand as computers and laptops have taken over workspaces. Good speed in typing is a must-have skill for anyone who works in data, content, and such content-driven industries. Especially in government agencies, posts like Translators, transcribers, etc require a higher than the average word-per-minute speed of typing. Any job nowadays, for that matter, from data to coding to content, requires familiarity with typing.

A number of jobs and positions also require bilingual typing. Hindi has a different format and procedure for this. Knowledge of the Hindi typing software and a good command of it will help boost your chances in a number of government and private sector jobs. For this reason, Oliveboard provides the SkillVertex Typing Course for English and Hindi. Start from the basics and gain mastery over the art of typing in either language. Let’s take a look at what is on offer in Oliveboard’s SkillVertex Typing Course.

I. Engish Typing Course – Course Overview

  • 15+ Hours of Video Class
  • Typing Skills for Government Exams
  • Assignments for Practise
  • Course Completion Certificate

Course Syllabus

Here is the complete course syllabus for English Typing Course by Skillvertex.

  • Course Introduction
  • Typing Test in Government Exams
  • WPM & Keystrokes
  • Keyboard Hand & Finger Position
  • Middle Row Session
  • Upper Row Session
  • Bottom Row Session
  • Combination of All Rows
  • A to Z Typing
  • Sentence Typing
  • Usage of Backspace & Shift
  • Usage of Special Symbols & Codes
  • Usage of Numbers
  • 0-25 WPM Practice
  • 30-35 WPM Practice
  • Speed – Problem Solving Session
  • Accuracy- Problem Solving Session
  • Avoiding Double Pressing of Keys
  • Shift, Backspace & Speed
  • 40-45 WPM Practice
  • Practice Session
  • Speed Typing- Mistakes to Avoid
  • Increasing Speed
  • How to Stay Concentrated while Typing?
  • Preparation for Exam with Timing
  • Typing Test- 45 WPM
  • Practice Sets
  • Online Typing Test
  • Typing with Accuracy
  • Course Conclusion

II. Hindi Typing Course – Couse Overview

  • 15+ Hours of Video Class
  • Typing Skills for Government Exams
  • Assignments for practice
  • Course Completion Certificate

Course Syllabus

  • Course Introduction
  • About Hindi Keyboard
  • Typing Test in Government Exams
  • Rules in Typing
  • WPM & Keystrokes
  • Basic Row Information & Finger Position
  • Basic Row Lesson
  • Upper Row Lesson
  • Basic & Upper Row Lesson
  • Bottom Row Lesson
  • Usage of Shift Key
  • Usage of Shift Key across 3 Rows
  • Paragraph Typing
  • Matra
  • Matraya & a ki matra
  • Important Codes in Typing
  • Combination of All Mantras
  • Halant & au ki matra
  • Lesson 21 with Shift New Words 
  • Attaining 20WPM Speed
  • Paragraph Practice (mixed)
  • Lesson on Typing Half Words
  • Lesson on Typing Different Half Words
  • Lesson on Typing Half & Full Words
  • Usage of Symbol Keys
  • Typing with Accuracy
  • Combination of ‘Halant’, ‘Matra’ & Rest
  • Usage of Shift in Bottom Row
  • Speed, Accuracy & Timing in Typing 
  • Typing with Codes & Combination of Rows
  • Conclusion of Typing Theory 
  • Usage of Shift & Symbols in Exams
  • Important Codes: Most Commonly Used Words 
  • Practice – Speed 25 to 35 WPM
  • Practice – Speed 40 to 45 WPM
  • Practice – Speed 50+ WPM(pro level)
  • Perfect Paragraph Typing at Exam Hall
  • How to handle problems at Exam Hall
  • Typing without Fear
  • Accuracy in Typing Difficult & Lengthy Words
  • Points to Remember During Hindi Typing

4. Descriptive Writing

Writing is a skill that is essential for any person to interact, not just for work and career, but in society as a whole. A number of notices, correspondences, articles, etc are written. Writing helps in increasing a person’s focus, especially on how they think and present their thoughts. This is particularly necessary for a number of career paths.

So it is no surprise that many exams have descriptive writing as a part of their exam. It helps gauge the candidate’s thought processes, their coherency, and whether they have the ability to convince the reader of their point of view. Not just in exams, but from jobs like content writing and marketing, to even the upper levels of management, any efficient professional should be good with words.

With this need in mind, Oliveboard provides the SkillVertex Descriptive Writing course. It focuses on the basics of writing, the ways in which you can use the language to put across a point in an article, and how to not just write, but also read effectively. Of course, it will also cover the various types of descriptive writing that you are required to know. So let’s take a look at the features of this course:

Descriptive and Letter Writing – Course Overview

  • 5+ Hours of Video Class
  • Fundamentals of Writing
  • Format of Letters and Essays
  • Content Building
  • Structured Approach
  • Certificate of Completion

Course Syllabus:

  1. Introduction – Writing Skills
  2. Basic Grammar Rules
  3. Spelling and Punctuation
  4. Reading Effectively
  5. Basic Writing Practice
  6. Essay Writing
  7. Letter Writing
  8. Assignment: Grammar Rules
  9. Assignment: Reading
  10. Assignment: Basic Writing
  11. Assignment: Essay
  12. Assignment: Letter

5. Content Writing

Content is the order of the day. Particularly in marketing. Everywhere you look is content being packaged and repackaged to draw customers, leads, and sales. This is why the line of content writing is fast gaining traction. Writing content is not just about blogs and articles. It can be any content from scripts for ads and videos, product taglines, and social media posts – the list is endless.

A major part of content writing is creativity. You need to be able to present the same old content in a way that holds the attention of the reader. In the age of fast-scrolling social media, that is a difficult job. So the second major part of the field is being aware of what trends are gaining and what should be left behind. Internet research, the knowledge of how to bring your content to the top, how to analyze the way your content reaches your audience – all of this is a part of it.

Hence, Oliveboard’s SkillVertex Content Writing Course. You will learn about blogging, internet research, SEO, analytics, marketing, etc. So whether you want to have freelance work as you prepare for an exam, or you want to delve into the world of content writing completely, this course is the best for you. Let’s take a closer look at the curriculum you will follow:

SkillVertex Courses by Oliveboard: Freelance Content Writing Course Overview:

  • 10 Hours of Video Classes
  • Fundamentals of Content Writing
  • Blogging Skills
  • Creative and Copy Writing
  • Writing for Digital Media
  • Topic-wise Assessment
  • Course Completion Certificate

Course Syllabus:

  1. Fundamentals of writing content
  2. Language Skills
  3. Internet Research
  4. Assignment: Research Exercise on a given topic
  5. Data and Reporting
  6. Editing Skills
  7. Assignment: Editing a given passage
  8. Generalist vs Specialist
  9. Assignment: Writing exercise on general topic vs specific topic
  10. Content Writing for Various Channels
  11. Assignment: Channels and purpose
  12. Part 1 Marketing Writing
  13. Assignment: Content Writing- Social Media Captions
  14. Part 2 Marketing Writing
  15. Assignment: Content Writing – Ad Copies
  16. Blogging 101
  17. Assignment: Blog writing for Various niches
  18. SEO Content writing
  19. Assignment: Writing SEO Blogs and Description
  20. Platforms to write
  21. Assignment: Writing exercise on Blogger
  22. Academic Writing
  23. Content Mapping and Structuring
  24. Assignment: Creating a content mapping for a specific topic
  25. Copywriting
  26. Creative writing
  27. Assignment: Writing exercise on creative writing
  28. Freelancing Basics
  29. Finding International and domestic clients

6. Interview Preparation

What job doesn’t have interviews? Most jobs actually have 2-3 rounds of interviews. An interview is a perfect way to know a lot about a candidate in a short time. From their command over expressing their thoughts to their dedication, an interview gives an insight into almost all aspects of a potential employee. However, interviews never have a set syllabus or a previous year’s question bank. You cannot predict how an interview goes.

That also does not mean that you can’t be well-prepared!

Oliveboard knows the importance of the interview round in bank and government exams. But not just those. The interview round for any job can be intimidating. And that’s where the SkillVertex Interview Prep Course comes in. From points and lessons on how to present yourself and how to behave, to ideas on how to answer general and personal questions, the SkillVertex Interview Prep course is a perfect tool to ace your next interview. Let’s see how:

SkillVertex Courses by Oliveboard: Interview Preparation Course Overview

  • 15+ Hours of Video Class
  • Typing Skills for Government Exams
  • Assignments for Practice
  • Course Completion Certificate

Course Syllabus

  • How to make a Good First Impression?
  • Giving an Effective Introduction
  • Key Soft skills & Mannerisms
  • How to do Self SWOT Analysis?
  • How to Communicate your Hobbies?
  • How to Justify Gap years in an Interview?
  • Common HR Questions & How to Answer?
  • Common Situation-based Questions & How to Answer?
  • Last 3 years – Commonly asked Bank Interview Questions
  • How to tackle unknown areas?
  • General Awareness for Interviews

SkillVertex Courses by Oliveboard: Salient Features

skillvertex courses by oliveboard
  • Access to all courses in Skill Vertex
  • Includes 10+ Skilling Courses
  • Includes Assessments for each course
  • Includes Certification for each course
  • Two options for validity – 6 months and 12 months
  • More courses are being added

SkillVertex Courses by Oliveboard: Conclusion

Finding your career path and being dedicated to it is a difficult journey. But adding skills to your resume is not just for jobs, but also enhances your way of living. From speaking to writing to typing, these skills are a great way to grow confident, efficient, and dependable.

These SkillVertex Courses by Oliveboard are a great way of adding value to yourself. Make sure to not miss out on this golden chance of learning to land your dream job!

SkillVertex Courses by Oliveboard: FAQs

What is SkillVertex?

SkillVertex is Oliveboard’s one-stop upskilling platform to help you become the best version of yourself. Through SkillVertex – we aim to equip you with all the MUST-HAVE career skills like Spoken English, Interview Etiquette, Computer skills, Excel, Resume writing, and much more.

Will I be getting a Certificate at the end of each course?

Yes. On successful completion, certificates will be issued for the corresponding course. You should have completed at least 80% of the course (Video Classes), including the assignments, to be regarded for successful completion.

Can I watch the same course multiple times?

Yes, you can watch your courses any number of times within your validity period.

Will more courses be added to the offerings?

Yes, we will be adding more courses on an ongoing basis. Please check the upcoming courses section for more information.

Can I attempt an assessment test twice?

No, you can attempt an assessment test only once.


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