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How to Increase Typing Speed for SSC CHSL 2024?

The Staff Selection Commission has released the SSC CHSL 2024 Notification for the recruitment of Lower Division Clerk (LDC), Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA), and Data Entry Operator (DEO).

Candidates applying for these posts must appear for the SSC CHSL Skill Test/Typing Test on the scheduled date for the SSC CHSL Tier 2 Examination 2024. Aspirants must have a Typing Speed of 8000 to 15000 Key Depressions per hour on the computer to qualify for the SSC CHSL mandatory typing test.

In this blog, we will discuss the instructions for the typing test, measures to avoid typing mistakes, tips, and strategies on How to increase typing speed for the SSC CHSL 2024 Examination.

SSC CHSL 2024 Exam – Overview

Candidates applying online for the SSC CHSL examination must start their preparation after submitting their application form successfully, as the SSC CHSL prelims exam will be held between July 1st and 12th, 2024. Further details have been provided in the table below:

Recruitment OrganizationStaff Selection Commission (SSC)
Exam NameCombined Higher Secondary Level( CHSL)
Post NameVarious Posts including the DEO, LDC
Advt No.SSC CHSL 2024
Application Period8th April to 7th May 2024
Job LocationAll India
Mode of ApplyOnline
CategorySSC CHSL 2024 Notification

SSC CHSL Typing Test Instruction

To increase the typing speed for the SSC CHSL Tier 2 skill test/ typing test examination, it is very important for candidates to first understand the instructions laid out by the SSC for the typing test. Detailed instructions for various posts are provided below:

Tier-II will be held in two parts on the same day.

  1. The first part (Session-I) will cover:
    • Section-I (Maths and Reasoning Test)
    • Section-II (English and General Awareness Test)
    • Module-I of Section-III (computer Knowledge Test)
  2. The second part (Session-II) will include:
    • Module-II of Section-III (Typing Test/ Skill Test)

Skill Test/Typing Test Instruction is as follows:

  • The Skill Test/Typing Test, conducted during Session-II on the same day, is a qualifying assessment.
  • Errors in the Skill Test are calculated up to two decimal places.

SSC CHSL Typing Speed

In the SSC CHSL 2024 examination, typing speed requirements vary according to the post. We have mentioned the typing speed required for each post.

Skill Test For Data Entry Operators: Typing Speed and Key Depression

The Skill Test is a mandatory component for Data Entry Operators (DEO), with no exemptions granted. Candidates had to type this test in English Language Only for the post of DEO.

  1. DEOs in the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution and the Ministry of Culture
    • Candidates must achieve a typing speed of 15,000 key depressions per hour on a computer.
    • The test lasts for 15 minutes, during which candidates transcribe a passage containing approximately 3700-4000 key depressions.
  2. DEOs in Other Departments/Ministries Except the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, and the Ministry of Culture:
    • A typing speed of 8,000 key depressions per hour on a computer is required.
    • The Test duration is of 15 minutes, with candidates transcribing a passage containing about 2000-2200 key depressions.
  3. Candidates eligible for a scribe will receive an additional 5 minutes of compensatory time, extending the duration of the Skill Test to 20 minutes.

Typing Test For Lower Division Clerk (LDC) or Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA): Typing Speed and Key Depression

For candidates applying for Lower Division Clerk (LDC) or Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA) positions, a Typing Test is mandatory.

  • The Typing Test can be conducted in either Hindi or English, and candidates must select their preferred language during the online Application Form submission.
  • The choice made regarding the Typing Test language in the online form is final, and no changes will be permitted afterward.
  • Candidates opting for English must achieve a typing speed of 35 words per minute (w.p.m.), while those choosing Hindi should attain a speed of 30 w.p.m. These speeds correspond to about 10,500 and 9,000 key depressions per hour, respectively.
  • Typing speed will be evaluated based on the accuracy of typing a given text passage within a duration of 10 minutes.
  • Candidates eligible for a scribe will receive an additional 5 minutes of compensatory time, extending the duration of the Typing Test to 15 minutes.

SSC CHSL Typing Test Paragraph

For candidates in the SSC CHSL examination, the rules regarding typing tests vary depending on the position applied for:

  • Data Entry Operator (DEO) applicants are required to take the typing test exclusively in English.
  • Candidates applying for the positions of Lower Division Clerk (LDC) or Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA) have the option to choose between English or Hindi.
  • In both cases, the typing passage will be provided by the SSC during the examination, either in printed form or displayed on a computer screen.

SSC CHSL Typing Error Allowed

In the SSC CHSL 2024 examination, candidates have a margin of error permitted during the typing test. The allowance for typing errors includes calculating errors in the Skill Test up to two decimal places.

  • Full Mistakes:
    • Omission of a word/figure, substitution of a wrong word/figure (except transposition), addition of a word/figure, spelling errors, repetition of word/figure, or incomplete words are considered full mistakes.
  • Half Mistakes:
    • Spacing errors, wrong capitalization, punctuation errors, transposition errors, and paragraphic errors are considered half mistakes.
  • Spelling Error Tolerance:
    • Spelling errors involving repetition, addition, omission, or substitution of letters are counted as full mistakes.
  • Error Evaluation:
    • Errors are evaluated based on the specific criteria outlined for full and half mistakes.
  • Importance of Accuracy:
    • While errors are allowed up to a certain extent, candidates are encouraged to type accurately to minimize mistakes and maximize their performance.

SSC CHSL 2024 Typing Test Guide

In the SSC CHSL 2024 examination, specific guidelines have been set for the typing process. The details are as follows:

  • Medium Consistency:
    • Candidates must type words/figures and numerical/years exactly as presented in the Question Paper, both in English and Hindi. Mistakes will be counted if typed differently or in another language, regardless of the chosen medium.
  • Medium Opted:
    • Candidates must type the Test Passage in the medium they have chosen. Typing in a different medium than opted will not be credited.
  • Paragraph Indentation:
    • Use the Tab Key to begin any paragraph instead of manually inserting spaces. Paragraphs with spaces not created using the Tab Key will be treated as half-mistakes.
  • Revision and Correction:
    • Candidates are not required to repeat the passage if completed once. However, they can revise and correct mistakes during the prescribed time.
  • Punctuation Spacing:
    • Only one space should follow every punctuation mark (comma, full stop, question mark, etc.). Following the Question Paper’s punctuation scheme is advised.
  • Irrelevant Content:
    • Typing any irrelevant matter/numerical will be counted as a mistake.
  • Incomplete Words:
    • Any incomplete word, regardless of the reason, will be treated as one full mistake.

How to Increase Typing Speed for SSC CHSL: Tips

Typing efficiently is a skill that requires practice and proper technique. Here are some essential tips to boost your typing speed:

  • Finger Positioning:
    • Place your fingers correctly on the keyboard, aligning them with the keys. Use your thumb for the space bar and pinky fingers for shift, alt, and enter keys. Maintain a consistent posture while typing.
How to Increase Typing Speed for SSC CHSL
  • Maintain Good Posture:
    • Sit at a table or desk to ensure proper posture and positioning of fingers. Keep the screen at least 15 inches away and maintain a straight back to avoid physical strain.
  • Avoid Looking at the Keyboard:
    • Train yourself to type without looking at the keyboard. Focus on the screen to spot spelling errors and mistakes, gradually building muscle memory for key placement.
  • Regular Practice:
    • Practice typing daily, starting with easy words and progressing to longer paragraphs. Consistent practice is essential to improving speed and accuracy over time.
  • Utilize Typing Software:
    • Use free typing software available online to analyze your speed and accuracy. These tools provide feedback and insights into your performance, helping you identify areas for improvement.
  • Emphasize Accuracy:
    • Focus not only on speed but also on accuracy. Minimize mistakes by paying attention to common errors and practicing specific words or letters you struggle with.

How to Increase Typing Speed and Accuracy?

Improving typing speed and accuracy requires consistent practice and focus. Here are some helpful tips to achieve faster and more accurate typing:

  • Use Proper Techniques:
    • Employ correct finger placement and maintain good posture to reduce fatigue and errors.
  • Start Easy, Progress Gradually:
    • Begin with simple typing exercises and gradually increase the difficulty to build muscle memory and enhance speed.
  • Utilize Online Typing Tools:
    • Practice with online typing tools like TypingClub or TypeRacer to access a variety of exercises designed to improve skills.
  • Practice Regularly:
    • Dedicate regular practice sessions, even if brief, to establish consistency and reinforce muscle memory.
  • Take Breaks:
    • Take regular breaks to prevent fatigue and maintain concentration during practice sessions.
  • Learn from Mistakes:
    • Pay attention to errors and focus on correcting them to enhance accuracy over time.

Remember, consistent practice and attention to proper techniques are essential for significant improvement in typing speed and accuracy. With dedication and time, you can effectively enhance your typing skills.

How to Increase Typing Speed for SSC CHSL: FAQs

What are some effective ways to improve typing speed for SSC CHSL?

Practice regularly, use proper typing techniques, start with easy exercises and gradually increase difficulty, utilize online typing tools, and focus on accuracy along with speed.

Is it necessary to practice typing every day to increase speed?

Regular practice is crucial for improving typing speed. Even a few minutes of daily practice can make a significant difference over time.

How important is accuracy in addition to speed for the SSC CHSL typing test?

Accuracy is equally important as speed in the SSC CHSL typing test. Candidates must focus on minimizing errors while maintaining a fast typing pace to perform well in the examination.

Can typing speed be improved without formal training?

Yes, typing speed can be improved through self-practice and consistent effort. Utilizing online resources and following effective typing techniques can help enhance typing skills significantly.


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