Success Story of Akshay S Kumar | Cleared IBPS PO 2020

Read the success story of Akshay, who entered into the banking sector as he was looking for a stable job. From his experience, he says, it is not necessary to study 10-12 hours a day, a well-planned 6-7 hours is enough. Also, at least do one mock test a day and analyze, keep an eye on the accuracy and keep it above 85+.

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Inspiring Success Story of Akshay S Kumar

Hi to all aspirants. My name is Akshay S Kumar. I am writing this to motivate each and every one of you and assure you that you can crack any bank exams because if I am able to do this so can you. I was working in an IT firm for 3 years till 2019 November. So my decision to quit the job was hard but had to do this because I needed a stable job. I started my preparation in December half and went to a nearby coaching institute for 1 month. From there I got a basic picture of bank exams. Then I decided to study by myself.  Finally, I cracked IBPS PO, was selected in SBI JA WL 1, and went till the SBI PO interview.

Subject-Wise Preparation Strategy of Akshay S Kumar

Quant:- Make a proper list of the topics for prelims and mains. I would suggest preparing for both together. When you start preparing for quant these are the things you should study first: 

a) Multiplication table till 20
b) squares till 50
c) Cubes till 20 (at least)
d) Vedic maths
e) Percentage/ratio values till 11/12 

After this, start your arithmetic in a planned manner and try to learn the basics thoroughly because basics will help you more in mains than short tricks. Keep practicing a lot, sort out your weaker areas and give it more time. I have followed Chandan Sir and Vivek Sir of Oliveboard and a few other faculties for my quant preparation. 

Reasoning:– Do as much as puzzles and seating arrangements you can get your hands on. Start with simple questions and gradually increase the level. Also, have a good grasp on miscellaneous topics because those will come in handy in the mains exam. When I felt I was not getting better in reasoning, I started doing mock tests for RRB PO (I wasn’t preparing for RRB exams) just for the reasoning questions and within no time I could see improvement. For that reason, I strictly followed Nikita mam’s Oliveboard videos.

English:- For improving your English, read a lot. Online articles, newspapers, anything will do. For vocab, I study at least 5 words a day (10 would be better) and for grammar, I followed some other source. In English too, regular practice is required. 

GA:- We don’t need too much detail for GA, so weekly pdf should suffice I guess.



How Oliveboard Helped Akshay S Kumar In His Preparation?

While studying online, I saw a lot of materials on Oliveboard and later I understood that it was the best material I could get for my preparation. For mock tests, I have heavily relied on Oliveboard (their lockdown tests helped a lot) and 2 other sources. Oliveboard telegram group helped me a lot to improve my concepts and helped me to meet with new types of questions.

Akshay S Kumar Tips To Aspirants

Do quizzes and re-do them during your free time. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to study 10-12 hours a day. A well-planned 6-7 hours is enough and the only secret to crack the exam is to practice as much as possible. There is no substitute for practice. Even if you are good at the topics, without regular practice it is not possible to clear the exams. So, at least do one mock test a day and analyze. Always keep an eye on the accuracy and keep it above 85+. Don’t always stick to hard mock tests, also try to do easy/medium level mock tests too. It will improve confidence.

I hope this helps at least a few aspirants. Always believe in yourself and never lose hope. You are destined for this. Also, be thankful to everyone around you.

All the best Guys!!!

I would like to thank my family and my mentors who always stood by me and motivated me to reach my goal. Thank you.


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