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Uttarakhand GK has the highest weightage as per the exam pattern, which is a total 0f 40 marks out of 100 and this can be easily scored if you have a thorough knowledge of Uttarakhand GK. So to help you with the GK section we here at Oliveboard have come up with an ebook on Uttarakhand Geography – Climate, Soil & Environment. Download the free ebook from the direct download link given below:

Uttarakhand Geography | Free Ebook

Uttarakhand has a highly varied topography, with snow-covered peaks, glaciers, deep canyons, roaring streams, beautiful lakes, and a few patches of dusty plains in the south. Some of the highest mountains in the world are found in Uttarakhand. Most notably, these include Nanda Devi (25,646 feet [7,817 metres]), which is the second-highest peak in India, Kamet (25,446 feet [7,756 metres]), and Badrinath (23,420 feet [7,138 metres]). But this not all you need to know about the Geography of Uttarakhand. Use the link given below to download the Uttarakhand Geography PDF and know all important aspects of this topic.

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Uttarakhand Zones – Uttarakhand can be divided into several physiographic zones, all running parallel to each other from northwest to southeast. The northern zone, popularly known as the Himadri, contains segments of the Zaskar and the Great Himalaya ranges, with elevations ranging roughly from 10,000 to 25,000 feet (3,000 to 7,600 metres).


The state is drained by various rivers of the Ganges (Ganga) system. The westernmost watershed is formed by the Yamuna River and its major tributary, the Tons.


Uttarakhand has various types of soil, all of which are susceptible to soil erosion. In the north, the soil ranges from gravel (debris from glaciers) to stiff clay. Brown forest soil—often shallow, gravelly, and rich in organic content—is found farther to the south. Read more in the ebook.


The climate of Uttarakhand is temperate, marked by seasonal variations in temperature but also affected by tropical monsoons. January is the coldest month, with daily high temperatures averaging below freezing in the north and near 70 °F (21 °C) in the southeast.

Uttarakhand Geography

Plant and animal life

Four major forest types are found in the Uttarakhand, including alpine meadows in the extreme north, temperate forests in the Great Himalayas, tropical deciduous forests in the Lesser Himalayas, and thorn forests in the Siwalik Range and in parts of the Tarai.

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