An Inspirational Journey of Becoming SBI PO – Success Story of Aman Verma

Read the success story of Aman, who has struggled a lot to get to this position. Despite having financial difficulties, he kept on continuing. He didn’t care what others are saying and gave 100% to accomplish his childhood dream.

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1. Success Story of Aman Verma – An Inspirational Journey

Hello everyone! I am Aman Verma, coming from the small district “Chatra” of Jharkhand. I am 23 years old. My parents are small farmers. I have completed my education from Ranchi and I am a gold medalist in Bachelor of Commerce. Becoming a banker was my childhood dream.

 I have cleared the SBI clerk in 2018 and SBI probationary officer in 2019. I am currently working in State Bank of India, the largest public sector bank, as a Probationary Officer.

 Let me tell you about my journey. I will try to keep it short but at the same time, I want you to know each and every aspect of my journey so that you can think that person like me can clear the exam so anyone can crack the exam. As I have already told you my parents’ financial was not good so my schooling was completed from Government School (Hindi medium) and the most hilarious part of my schooling was that teachers were more concerned in so-called Midday-meal scheme rather than teaching.

You will be surprised that I learned English Alphabets after class 8th. So, with ups and downs, I completed my matriculation with around 70%.

Now I was preparing for the Polytechnic examination and one night my father told me that why don’t you go to Ranchi for your further study so that you will be in a better position to crack the Government Job. Also, he had another thought in his mind that will he be able to support my study? But anyways he sent me. There is a myth when you pass in matriculation with first-class division then you are born for science so I had no option except to choose the Science stream.

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So from there, I promised myself that I will only focus on my studies. And when the result came out I topped the college. So after this, there was again some confusion about what to do next. Then I decided I will try to reach my dream and become a banker. I selected commerce for my graduation and I became the Gold medalist. 

Now, it was time to gear up as I started preparation for the banking examination. I remembered my first exam was IBPS clerk 2017 and I was able to clear the prelims but unfortunately missed mains by 2 marks. After that, I appeared for SBI Clerk and SBI PO 2018 and was able to clear both but missed SBI PO 2018 final selection by 7 marks so I had no option, except to join the SBI clerk.

That time I was a little bit upset but I never lost my hope, still, I thought about cracking the SBI PO examination. After coming from office I used to study and by God’s grace, I cleared SBI PO 2019 and got the Chandigarh circle.

 So you can see that I was not that much of a talented aspirant but a hard-working aspirant with a positive set of attitude. I always trust myself.

So the same I expect from you that there is nothing which can stop you except your thoughts, fear of not being successful, fear of society, and what people will say. They are born to say something so don’t care about them. Give your hundred percent and you will get what you want and what you deserve. I would like to share one quote “ Mehnaat Kar Fal ki chinta na kar, agar mehnat tune shiddat se ki hai to fal Tujhe khud mil jayga!” Also, one more thing you can do, connect with something inspirational that inspires you every time to get a good job. Let me tell you my inspiration, if I get a good job, my living standard will be changed. So accordingly, you can make yours.

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2. Aman’s Section-wise Preparation Strategy

2.1 Quant Section Preparation Strategy

In starting days, you should try to play with numbers and practice 30 questions of simplification daily. Remember the table up to 40, try to remember squares and cubes up to 30-40. This will help you to save your time during the exam.

Solve every chapter in repeat mode, don’t try to be over-smart by thinking that you have mastered it, so keep practicing. There should be a special focus on the D.I. section as this is the main part of the banking examination and it will be easy to solve D.I. Section when you have command on the rest of the chapter. For me, the Quantitative section is always a great option to score.

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2.2 English Section Preparation Strategy

As I belong to a Hindi background so English was my weakest part but now it has become the strongest part for me. The trick behind this is to practice grammar rules on a daily basis. Read editorial and practice English sets daily. By doing this your performance will gradually improve.

2.3 Reasoning Section Preparation Strategy

Try to find out which chapters are easy to score, and are coming in every exam like syllogism, inequality, orders & ranking, etc. as these are scoring sections without much effort. Practice puzzles on a daily basis. You can purchase it from Oliveboard because the material is really authentic and proper.

2.4 General Awareness Preparation Strategy

Mostly try to cover 6 months of current affairs. Make notes from yourself. Read the current affairs of Oliveboard and learn it daily. The best trick is to make a group of two people and discuss it with them. I will also suggest you, not to wait for the prelims results. Make a habit to do it on a daily basis.

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3. How To Tackle Group Discussions & Interview?

For Group discussion and group exercise, you don’t need to be very much knowledgeable and need not know about every topic. You should just maintain dignity, calmness, and flow of discussion. Never ever argue with group members on your points and their points. Just be diplomatic, you will get good marks.

For Interview – Try to explore yourself by knowing what you like, where you are from, your native place is famous for, what is your hobby. There are many questions of these types. Make notes of these questions and make the best answer for yourself.

Learn all the basics of banking terms.

A quick glance at your academic and your last job.

You will definitely hear that the interview is not about your knowledge, it is all about your approach and attitude. And this is true. Always try to maintain your calmness during the interview.

4. Few Tips & Mantras For Aspirants

Firstly, any banking aspirant should go with basics in every subject and understand the trick behind these basics. After that go step by step towards the advanced questions. Do not go directly towards advanced questions as this will demotivate you, especially when you are a beginner.

Secondly, you should understand all the aspects of any question and know how to solve it. Don’t try to solve it by keeping time in your mind. Just try to solve it. And also, try to find the best way.

Lastly, if you think you can deal with any type of questions then it is the high time you should work on speed. It will not be tough for you when you know the basics.

Motivating Mantras For You:

  • Positive attitude.
  • Never give up.
  • Always think about your inspiration.
  • Keep your patience high because sometimes you don’t get what you think because you are not able to match your potential that is needed.
  • Keep yourself focused.
  • Do daily practice and be unique.
  • I wish all of you to get a good job and all the best.

5. How Oliveboard Played A Role in Aman’s Success?

Oliveboard is really a great platform for any aspirant who is preparing for competitive examination because its content is designed in such a manner that matches the pattern of real exams. I have always been a fan of Oliveboard for its content. Its content is authentic and proper. So I recommend you to follow Oliveboard. Also, I would like to thank Oliveboard and its team for providing such a great platform. Keep up the work.

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That brings us to the end of this article. Success Story of Aman Verma is a true example of how your dedication and hard work will take you places you have aspired and worked for. Being from a small town he never gave up hope and continued learning till he achieved his dream.

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