Success Story of Anuj Shakya | Cleared SBI JA, RRB OA, SBI PO

Read the success story of Anuj Shakya who cleared many exams like SBI PO, RRB OA, and SBI JA and is awaiting a few more exam results. He always believed in his preparation strategy. He says there’s nothing better than giving more and more mocks. Here is his story:

The inspiring success story of Anuj Shakya

I am 25 years old and I belong to Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. I have done from Electronics and communications engineering branch. I am a guy who believes that hard work involves no shortcuts

Brief Background

I started this banking sector journey by giving the first exam of SBI PO on 5th Jan 2021. This exam was given by me with Zero preparation as I just wanted to know the real exam felt. Obviously, I failed at it miserably. It was then I started my full-fledged preparation from March 2021 onwards. It’s been since that month, I have continuously been giving mocks daily and trying to constantly improve my level each and every day.

Preparation Strategy

i. English – I did not do much study, just the mocks were enough to brush up my English basics as I have studied from ICSE board so that part was sorted.

ii. Math –  I watched youtube videos of several teachers, not just any particular, but anyone whose video made me understand the concepts well. Thereon I went to look for working on several calculation tricks that would reduce my time in calculations and learned the squares up to 25 and cubes of some numbers also.

iii. Reasoning –  The valuable tips and tricks to solve reasoning questions helped me a lot.

Role of Oliveboard

Oliveboard is the sole reason I have been selected for banking sector exams which include SBI PO. I have a lot to say about Oliveboard but I will try to make it short. 

Starting off with the UI. Out of several mock series available in the market, it is only Oliveboard that provides you the real exam-style User interface. So this basically kills the fear of any different UI which you might face in the exam. You get used to it which is very important in this era of examination

Secondly, I would say the kind of questions and the level of difficulty are what makes it stand apart. It has an exact or even more difficult level than the real exam. More difficult mocks make you confident enough to face any challenging questions in exams and kill the panic mode. 

Thirdly, the accuracy. I have earlier used many mocks but the kind of wrong questions or solutions is what made me quit giving those mocks. It is Oliveboard mocks that give you almost 99.99% correct questions and solutions.

Basically, I just want to say to every aspirant out there, don’t look at the price just take it and experience it and I can vouch for it that if you consistently score above 90 percentile in their mocks then it means that the chances of your selection are almost 99%. Believe me, I am not exaggerating it. I have experienced it and just Cracked the exam which seemed impossible to crack within a span of 6 months.

Tips or advice for aspirants

I want to tell every aspirant out there to give as many mocks as you can and then analyze them as properly as you can. Take one topic at a time and then watch youtube videos for its short trick or conceptual explanation. It is a whole process. Start breaking down things into smaller things and then work on it. Make a weekly schedule and focus on it. Find your weak areas. Then one by one work on it. And to find your weak areas, you need to give mocks as many as possible. To any aspirant out there I will definitely recommend Oliveboard mock series. 

This is all we have in our Success Story of Anuj Shakya. Read more such inspiring stories on our Oliveboad App!


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