Success Story of Gopinath S – Cleared SBI PO 2019

Read to know about Success Story of Gopinath S, who initially faced difficulties in preparing along with his hectic job but his determination to clear the exam was so high that he went against all odds and cleared SBI PO in 2019.

Inspiring Success Story of Gopinath S:

“To all the aspirants out there, I’m writing this not only as my success but to make you people succeed.

I am GOPINATH S and I have graduated from one of the finest and top Engineering colleges in Tamilnadu named Kumaraguru College of Technology with a Degree in EEE in the year 2018.

I got placed in one of the developing startups in a Market Intelligence role. My working hours were nearly 18 hours a day. But deep down I had the vision to become a Banker, so I joined a course.

After joining I did not know how to manage the time and I was stuck because from 8.30 PM to 6.45 AM I was in Office & from 9.45 AM to 5.45 PM I had to attend the classes. Because of this, I applied for resignation and soon started my preparations with the help of Oliveboard. (You can do the same here with a FREE Mock Test now)

My section-wise preparation strategy:

As we all know there are four sections in objective test

General Awareness Preparation Tips:

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to develop a habit of reading daily Current Affairs. And I know it’s not possible. Try to do this, if not, there is another way. You have to collect weekly CA PDF and you have to read it until the letters gets erased.


Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Tips:

First of all you have to understand the difference between Maths and Aptitude. If you are doing

3+33+333+3333+33333 =37035 in a conventional way, It’s called Maths.

But if you are doing this, 12345*3=37035, it’s called  Aptitude.

And the strategy is “Deeper the root, Stronger is the tree”

Take one topic at a time and try to have a clear idea of how the concept works. Without finishing that topic, don’t go for another. And till you cover your concepts, don’t go for mock tests. Instead you can go for OLIVEBOARD TOPIC TESTS. (How much can you score in a Topic Test? Check Now)

SOURCE: YouTube (Feel Free to Learn) Check out the following Video where Vivek sir is sharing expert tips for Important Quant section Topics -:

Reasoning Preparation Tips:

Practice, Practice and Practice – That is the Mantra for this section.

There are ‘n’ number of websites offering PDF for puzzles (Download High Level reasoning Puzzles PDF Now) and seating Arrangement. Download it and practice as many times as you can. And get a clear idea of concepts like Syllogism, MOT, Blood relations etc. and at the same time you have to give equal importance to Analytical reasoning.


English Preparation Tips:

Instead of focusing on your grammar part, focus on your communicative English. This will help you a lot in your descriptive writing and interview.

SOURCE:THE HINDU (Editorial not mandatory) – Read Daily Hindu Vocabulary Booster Here

Once you complete all these processes, at last you can start giving mock and full length tests. My suggestion is to go for Oliveboard mock tests which are based on the latest pattern and syllabus..

And most of it you should have a clear and stress-free mind until you get posting.

OLIVEBOARD helped me a lot in my success.

June 8 was my Prelims and My grandpa passed away on May 31.I didn’t practice anything in that last one week, not even a single question. But whatever the mock tests, sectional tests and topic tests I have taken in Oliveboard before helped me a lot during my exam. So for mocks, the best way is to practice in OLIVEBOARD.

“It’s going to be difficult, but at last it will be worth it”

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That is all in this SBI PO Success Success story of Gopinath S. We hope you will find the tips shared here helpful in your SBI PO Exam preparation.

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