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Success Story of Ayushi Thakur – Cleared ESIC SSO, 2018 (AIR 39)

Success Story of Ayushi Thakur

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do.” Similarly, Ayushi followed her ambition and kept working hard to achieve success in her life. Here is the inspiring success story of Ayushi Thakur:

Success Story of Ayushi Thakur

Hi, I am Ayushi Thakur. I am an ECE graduate. I have completed my graduation in 2017. I have given many exams but sometimes I got stuck in Mains and sometimes during Interview. But my failures never held me back and I worked hard to get what I really wanted.



Clear your basics first. Learn tables up to 20, square roots up to 40, & cube roots up to 20. Prepare DI, miscellaneous topics, series, simplification and DI based on miscellaneous topics, quadratic. Just give as many mocks as you can, like 2 or 3 in a day. Keep increasing your speed. Perform 100 calculations everyday in your mind.


Solve as many quizzes as you can. This section requires your presence of mind. Suppose you read something wrong in between the puzzle, then whole of your time would get wasted. I made this mistake many times. So don’t you do it. Just be present. For this section too I relied on mock tests. Oliveboard’s reasoning questions are the toughest & the best.


I used to read The Economic Times and make vocab notes from it everyday. I referred  its Editorials section as well. Editorials play an important role in descriptive part too. So follow the Hindu or the Economic Times. Both are good and will help you immensely to improve your English Section. Solve the sectional quizzes on Oliveboard. For advanced level, give mock tests. Trust me, they work like magic and will help you to improve a lot.

Banking Awareness:

Download Oliveboard’s Banking and Economic Bolt. Once you understand the basics of banking then keep updating your knowledge by giving mock tests & quizzes. Note all the new points in your diary that will be useful at the time of your exams. You can also read the RBI FAQs.

Current affairs:

Prepare for the last 5 months current affairs from the date of exam.

For Interview:

Keep yourself updated with day to day happenings. Watch any news channel and daily read newspapers. Be humble and polite in front of the panel. And remember, mostly interviews go in the direction in which you take them.

Role Of Oliveboard:

Finally, I would say go blindly for oliveboard test series. They have very high level and good quality questions like you see in exams. And keep giving mock tests in order to succeed. Prepare online as offline methods have become quite outdated. Oliveboard’s mock tests are like real exams and their questions will  surely give you confidence. Don’t worry if sometimes you are not able to score a good percentile. Try to keep your percentile above 90. Give as many mocks (prelims and mains) as you can. I purchased Oliveboard mock tests (for banking as well as insurance). Don’t forget to analyze the mocks as that helps you identify your strengths & weaknesses. Work on them & keep improving your percentile.

Finally I want to say:

‘Rakh hausla wo manzar bhi aayega….

Pyase ke paas chal ke samandar bhi aayega..

Thak kar na Beth aye manzil ke musafir

Manzil bhi milegi aur milne ka maza bhi aayga..’

Keep going. You will surely reach success.”

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