Success Story of Dhaval Prajapati – Cleared RBI Assistant & IBPS PO

Read Success Story of Dhaval Prajapati , who always believed that it’s never too late to follow your passion, and his determination & belief helped him to clear some of the major competitive exams like RBI Assistant & IBPS PO.

Here is his inspiring story

Hello everyone, I am Dhaval Prajapati. After graduating from L.D.College of Engineering (Mechanical) I started job in automotive company. I worked there for 15 months and then  decided to shift my career to financial regulator for better life balance. 

When I started my preparation journey, firstly I decided to check the syllabus of examinations and proper materials for the same. This is when I came to know about Oliveboard. I started giving tests on Oliveboard. The difficulty level of Oliveboard mock tests was higher than the actual banking exams and it helped me a lot to  prepare myself for high difficulty level tests.

After giving tests I found that I should increase my calculation speed to get more marks. So, I started learning shortcut methods for multiplication to increase my speed in tests. After that I got good grip in calculations and achieved higher marks in tests. Oliveboard mock tests helped me to improve my weak areas. 

Preparation Strategy: English and GK are the key areas to get good marks in banking exams, and Oliveboard provides good solution of English & GK questions in its tests. It’s very important to cover all your basics for all the sections and then proceed with practicing as many mocks as you can.

Try to make your own strategy according to your weak and strong areas and make necessary improvisation in your strategy. Ultimately, you are a better judge for yourself. What I could assess from my journey is that don’t push yourself so hard when you cannot concentrate. Take a break when you are lost but never give up. Learn to rest but don’t quit. Take some time out with family and friends and rejuvenate your life. Then start afresh. The most important aspect of my success has been Consistency. Small efforts repeated day in and day out will ultimately pave the way to success.

I cleared IBPS PO mains (2017) in my first attempt. I also cleared IBPS PO 2018(Interview) and got selected in Union Bank of India. Meanwhile I also cleared RBI ASSISTANT 2017 in my first attempt and got posting at RBI AHMEDABAD. I am extremely thankful to Oliveboard for my success and I always recommend Oliveboard if you want to clear any competitive exams.Remember guys,  Don’t be afraid of Failure because Failure brings passion for future exams…!!

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