Success Story of Jaswinder Singh | Get important tips and strategy

Success Story of Jaswinder Singh : Practical knowledge is equally important, says Jaswinder Singh who has cleared JAIIB and CAIIB examination. Analysis and the engagement towards one’s journey throughout is important towards success. Read the success story in his own words:

Success Story of Jaswinder SinghIntroduction

My name is Jaswinder Singh. I am from Rajasthan. I have been working since Jan 2021 at the Central Bank of India.

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Preparation Strategy For AFB, PPB & LRAB

I read only Macmillan’s books for PPB, LRAB, and my background in commerce so I didn’t need to prepare extra for AFB. but the other two books read continuously.

Preparation Strategy For ABM, BFM & Elective Paper

I had cleared JAIIB in march 2021 after that I thought about CAIIB again. I purchased Macmillan’s books, read 4-5 hours a day continuously, and started preparing for CAIIB. I had only two months for preparation but with the help of reading and attempting the free mock test from Oliveboard, I gained confidence for CAIIB, and finally, I cracked both exams in only 6 months. 

Success Story of Jaswinder SinghHow Oliveboard Helped?

Yes, Oliveboard has been helpful for me because it gave me many chances to analyze myself by providing mock tests and Oliveboard’s conceptual videos also helped me a lot. 

Tips To Fellow Aspirants

Attempt Oliveboard mock tests to analyze your performance and engage yourself in all your banking operations as much as possible. Your practical knowledge is equally important

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