Success Story of Picklu Dutta, Cleared SSC CGL 2023

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Success Story of Picklu Dutta

Introduction: Meet Picklu Dutta, a determined individual who not only served in the Ministry of Defence but also successfully transitioned to crack the SSC CGL exam on his very first attempt. Despite facing challenges, Picklu’s story is a testament to the resilience and strategic preparation that led to his success.

Preparation Journey

Picklu’s journey began with completing the entire syllabus, followed by regular revisions and practice of previous year questions (PYQs). His 10-month preparation journey involved taking regular mock tests and analyzing them thoroughly.

Subject-wise Preparation

  • Quantitative Aptitude: Picklu completed Gagan sir’s 8000 TCS math questions book and supplemented his preparation with sectional and full-length mock tests from Oliveboard. The focus on analysis after each mock test played a crucial role in refining his quantitative skills.
  • Reasoning: Pinnacle PYQ 263 shifts book became Picklu’s go-to resource for reasoning. The utilization of full-length mocks, especially the 75 Tier 2 mocks and weekly live mock tests on Oliveboard, proved effective in enhancing his reasoning abilities.
  • English: Recognizing the importance of the comprehension section in mains, Picklu relied on Oliveboard’s mock tests for practice. Post-mock analysis was an integral part of his strategy to improve his performance in the English section.
  • GA/GK: The Pinnacle PYQ book served as a valuable resource for Picklu’s General Awareness and General Knowledge preparation.
  • Typing Test: Picklu diligently practiced Oliveboard’s typing module test for CGL, ensuring that his typing skills were finely tuned for the actual exam.

Oliveboard’s Role

Picklu credits Oliveboard for its pivotal role in his success. The platform’s comprehensive mock tests, live mocks, and typing module provided a realistic exam experience. Regularly taking full-length mocks and participating in weekly live tests contributed significantly to his exam readiness.

Tips for Aspirants

Picklu’s advice to aspirants emphasizes regular study, timely completion of the syllabus, repeated revisions, practicing PYQs, and consistent mock tests with thorough analysis. Maintaining a disciplined routine is key to success.


Picklu Dutta’s journey from serving in the Ministry of Defence to cracking the SSC CGL exam showcases the power of determination and effective preparation. Aspirants can draw inspiration from his story, learning valuable strategies to navigate through the challenges of competitive exams. Picklu’s success with Oliveboard’s resources exemplifies the platform’s effectiveness in providing a holistic and tailored approach to exam preparation. Congratulations to Picklu, and best wishes to future aspirants on their journey to success!


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