A Story Of Hardwork & Perseverance – Success Story of Sanchi Gupta

Read the motivational success story of Sanchi who despite failing 4 banking exams, stood up for herself and cleared IBPS RRB PO in her first attempt. She realized that hard work and perseverance were the only tools that helped her fight through.

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1. Here’s Her Motivational Journey – Success Story of Sanchi

Hello everyone. First of all, it’s no Success Story. I don’t think I am yet in a place to call it a success story. I’d rather call it an Experience Story. So, thank you Oliveboard for giving me this chance to share my experience with all the Future Achievers.

My name is Sanchi Gupta. I did my graduation in Electronics & Communication from Jammu University. 

Here is a bit of background:- At first, I didn’t have any clue what I actually wanted, and honestly I still don’t have any. So if you’re also clueless IT’S COMPLETELY NORMAL! 

I qualified GATE in 2015 and I was all ready to pursue my Master’s Degree. But, as fate would have it, life took a different path. It was a total shift from Technical to Non-Technical field and all I had in my mind was that I needed a Government Job. I was stuck between SSC CGL and the banking sector so I started preparing both side by side.

After giving the first few exams I realized it is not as easy as I thought, with the competition scaling up and vacancies plunging down.

Here are a few exams that she appeared for:

  • Bank of Baroda – missed it by 1.75 marks.
  • Cleared SSC CGL tier 1 with 155 marks. Couldn’t clear tier 2.
  • IBPS PO– Cleared Pre. Failed in Mains
  • LIC AAO– Failed
  • IBPS RRB PO– Cleared in First Attempt

So, let me tell you that I started preparing for government sector exams very seriously in 2016 and I got my joining within 10 months of my preparation. But, I know it’s just the beginning and there’s a lot more to it.

It’s never too late to start preparing for any exam. Remember the two tools:-

  • Hard Work
  • Perseverance

Make them your strength and achieve it.

2. Section-wise Preparation Strategy By Sanchi

2.1 Reasoning Section Preparation Strategy

Puzzles form the major portion of this Section. Hence, find any good book or website and keep practicing. Set yourself Daily Target like doing 5 puzzles daily or whatever you are comfortable with.

2.2 Quant Section Preparation Strategy

Start with your basics first. Tables, Squares/root Cubes/root, Percentages should be on the tips. Keep a monthly magazine and solve as many questions as you can.

2.3 English Section Preparation Strategy

Reading Daily Newspaper and writing Daily new words really helped me score better. Even revision from the Oliveboard Test Series is sufficient

2.4 General Awareness Section Preparation Strategy

Daily News/capsules from various other sites & Oliveboard’s Monthly Bolt (Very Crisp and to the point news)

The Oliveboard Test Series helped me cover all the above sections and definitely helped it boosts my preparation.

Sanchi Has To Say:This was my preparation strategy according to my strengths and weaknesses. You need not follow the exact same steps as I did. Work upon your STRENGTHS & improve your WEAKNESSES.”

3. Few Things To Keep In Mind – Suggested By Sanchi

Sanchi feels initially she committed a few mistakes that every aspirant should avoid in order to realize their dreams:


  • Not giving sufficient mocks? Buy any Test Series you want to (I followed Oliveboard)
  • Not reading the newspaper? Don’t skip it in any case.


  • Relying on the “Areh yeh toh aata hai, yeh ho jayega” fact. Speed is all that matters. 
  • Underestimating General Awareness and relying on only capsules.  Start from the beginning. Daily. Weekly. Monthly.

Pro Tip For Aspirants: Follow online resources (Highly recommended) religiously to have an upper edge over other aspirants.

If I can, anyone can! ☺ All the Best!

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That brings us to the end of this article. Success Story of Sanchi is a true example of how hard work and perseverance can make anything possible. Determination of achieving something is truly determined by the effort you put in. So keep working and achieving the heights.

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