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Success Story of Vishal Rathee: Moving towards your dream goal even when you have found a smaller success is what sets winners apart. Today we present the story of Vishal Rathee who successfully cleared SSC CGL in 2018, but was determined to get his desired post of Preventive Officer. Let’s read on and find out how he went on this journey!

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Success Story of Vishal Rathee


My name is Vishal Rathee and a resident of Haryana.

Details on Your Preparation Journey 

I was selected as a GST Inspector in SSC CGL 2018 but pursued my dream post of Preventive Officer. I finally landed the post in SSC CGL 2020 with an AIR of 310. Hopefully in my desired location of Mumbai too. 

Subject Wise Preparation Strategy 


Complete a basic book of math after that practice from mocks. The only success mantra in math is your speed with accuracy so try to solve questions as quickly as possible. After that revision is a must.


Do as many mocks as possible and pinpoint your weak topic and stress it. No need to do extra, just do reasoning mocks and you will find your score will improve after some time.


There are two different portions in English. First is grammar and second is vocab. Practice vocab on a daily basis from newspapers or any other vocab book. And in the end, do as many mocks as possible.


Completed PYQ multiple times. Then for CA make notes and revise it. 

How Did Oliveboard Help You? 

Oliveboard mocks are very helpful for me during my preparation journey. Also whenever I didn’t have sufficient time I read ga or gs from the Oliveboard app. But I find the mocks which I attempted after tier 1, especially math, are very helpful.


Tips for Fellow Aspirants

Perseverance and hard work is the key to this exam. Revise as many as you can and try to make sure you make notes of what you study on a daily basis. 


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