TCS NQT 2024, Foundation Section, Process To Apply


The TCS NQT is an important exam conducted by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), one of the leading IT companies in India. This test is designed to assess the skills and abilities of candidates seeking employment with TCS. The NQT covers various topics such as logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude, coding, and programming concepts. Clearing this exam is the first step towards securing a job at TCS. Many aspiring professionals prepare rigorously for the NQT as it offers them an opportunity to kickstart their careers in the IT industry with a reputable company like TCS. Candidates can refer to the TCS NQT Blog to get the latest updates on the NQT Exam.

What is the TCS NQT Exam?

The TCS NQT Exam 2024 will be held on May 23rd and consists of 3 tiers, TCS Ninja and TCS Digital. Check out the table below.

RoleEligibilitySalary (LPA) for UGSalary (LPA) for PGRegistration Date
NinjaUG & PG3.363.56To be announced
DigitalUG & PG (Circuital Branches)77.3To be announced
PrimeUG & PG911.5To be announced

TCS NQT Exam 2024 has two categories, the Foundation Section and the Advanced Section. Let us look into the further details below:

a. Foundation Section:

The TCS NQT 2024 has a Basic Computer Science section. This part checks your knowledge of fundamental programming and computer science concepts. It covers topics like:

  • Data Structures: How to store and organize data efficiently
  • Algorithms: Step-by-step instructions to solve problems
  • Programming Languages: Understanding different coding languages
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to find solutions to coding challenges

This basic section aims to test your core programming knowledge. Such foundational skills are crucial for any job role involving software development or coding at TCS. Scoring well in this part shows you have a solid grasp of essential computer science fundamentals.

b. Advanced Section:

The TCS NQT exam has an Advanced Computer Science section that tests candidates on complex topics like system design, database management, computer networks, operating systems, and software engineering principles. This portion of the test evaluates a candidate’s ability to apply in-depth computer science knowledge to solve intricate real-world programming challenges.

Furthermore, it includes questions on planning and building efficient computer systems, storing and managing large data sets, connecting computers to share information, understanding software that controls computer functions, and developing high-quality applications. Scoring well on this advanced section demonstrates a strong grasp of advanced concepts and skills in utilizing this knowledge for difficult coding tasks and scenarios faced by professional programmers and software developers.

TCS NQT Foundation Section

This Foundation Section of the TCS NQT Exam 2024 has Verbal Ability, Numerical Ability, and Reasoning Ability.

Verbal Ability: The TCS NQT test includes a section that checks your English reading and writing abilities. In this part, you will need to read short passages in English and answer questions based on what you read. It tests how well you can understand the main ideas and details presented in written English. Additionally, you will need to demonstrate your skills in communicating clearly and effectively through writing.

Hence, this involves using proper English grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary when expressing your thoughts on paper. Having a strong vocabulary and a solid grasp of grammatical rules will certainly be beneficial for performing well in this reading comprehension and written expression section of the exam. Overall, this portion aims to assess your proficiency in understanding and communicating in the English language.

Numerical Ability: The TCS NQT exam includes a Math and Data Interpretation section where you will need to solve quantitative problems involving basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This portion tests your ability to perform calculations using numbers and understand data presented visually through charts, graphs, and tables. You must analyze numerical information in various formats and interpret the data to answer questions correctly.

However, having strong fundamental math skills, familiarity with basic operations, and the ability to read and make sense of visual data representations are crucial for scoring well. Mastering number manipulation, data interpretation from graphs/charts/tables, and applying arithmetic concepts will be beneficial in this math and data section of the TCS National Qualifying Test.

c. Reasoning Ability:

The TCS NQT exam has a Logical Reasoning section that evaluates your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. In this part, you’ll encounter puzzles, patterns, or scenario-based questions that require logical analysis to find solutions. You must identify relationships between different pieces of information and draw logical conclusions based on the given facts.

Moreover, this will test your skills in using reason and logic to think through complex problems methodically. Performing well in this section demonstrates strong logical reasoning, the ability to spot patterns and connections, and the skill of applying rational thinking to arrive at valid solutions. Developing logical reasoning skills by practising puzzle-solving and analytical thinking can greatly benefit your performance.

TCS NQT 2024 Eligibility Criteria

The Eligibility Criteria for TCS NQT 2024 are given below:

Eligibility CriteriaDetails
Eligibility StreamsAll Engineering Streams for B.E./B.Tech
Circuital branches like CSE, IT, ECE, etc for M.E./M.Tech
Percentage CriteriaMinimum 60% throughout academics in X/XII/UG/PG
Backlog CriteriaMaximum of 1 active backlog at the time of appearing for the exam
Gap CriteriaThe overall gap in an academic career not to exceed 2 years

TCS NQT 2024 Exam Pattern

The TCS NQT exam 2024 consists of 2 sections that are provided below:

SectionQuestion FormatNumber of QuestionsTime Allocation
Part A: TCS NQT Foundation Section
Verbal AbilityMultiple Choice Questions (MCQs)2525 minutes
Reasoning AbilityMultiple Choice Questions (MCQs)2025 minutes
Numerical AbilityMultiple Choice Questions (MCQs)2025 minutes
Part B: TCS NQT Advanced Section
Advanced Quantitative and Reasoning AbilityMultiple Choice Questions (MCQs)1525 minutes
Advanced CodingProgramming Questions (Coding Challenges)390 minutes

Important to Remember

  • TCS NQT Exam doesn’t have negative markings.
  • TCS NQT is non-adaptive this year.

What are the TCS NQT 2024 Interview Rounds?

Technical Interview

The Common TCS NQT 2024 Interview Topics for Coding and Programming

During the TCS National Qualifying Test 2024 interview rounds, candidates can expect questions on core computer science and programming concepts. This includes basic C programming skills to solve simple coding problems and understand fundamentals. Data structures and algorithms are crucial for tackling complex problem-solving questions effectively. Object-oriented programming principles like inheritance and polymorphism are commonly covered under programming language topics. For software development roles, knowledge of the software engineering life cycle and project management methodologies may be assessed.

Furthermore, candidates should be prepared to present their final year programming projects and demonstrate hands-on coding experience. Practice with procedural programs that break down problems systematically is beneficial. Identifying palindromes (words/phrases reading the same forwards and backward) and recursion concepts where functions call themselves are other coding areas to focus on. Thorough preparation on these core topics can help excel in the TCS NQT technical interviews.

HR and MR Interview

Develop a strong ethical foundation with moral principles guiding your decisions and actions both professionally and personally. Improve your communication abilities by actively building a rich vocabulary through reading widely. Basic managerial skills like effective decision-making, team leadership, and coordination are valuable assets to have even in non-managerial roles. Focusing on ethics, communication prowess, and fundamental management concepts can contribute greatly to overall personal growth and career advancement.

In summary, the TCS National Qualifying Test 2024 is an important gateway to getting hired at Tata Consultancy Services, a leading Indian IT company. The exam comprehensively evaluates skills in programming, math, logic, English, and more through various sections. Thorough preparation by practicing computer science concepts, quantitative abilities, language skills, and analytical thinking is crucial. Consistent efforts, effective time management during the test, and utilizing quality study resources are vital strategies. With dedicated preparation adhering to a focused approach, aspirants can boost their confidence and increase their chances of clearing the NQT 2024 to pursue a promising career opportunity at TCS.

TCS NQT 2024 -FAQs

Q1.Who is eligible for TCS NQT 2024?

Ans. Candidates pursuing B.Tech/B.E/M.Tech/M.C.A/M.Sc degrees and graduating in 2024 are eligible to apply for the TCS NQT exam, which is a general ability test conducted on 23rd May 2024 with the application deadline being 11th May 2024.

Q2. What is the last date to fill up TCS Form 2024?

Ans. The final date to submit your application for the TCS BPS Hiring is 26th April 2024. However, you should apply as soon as possible instead of waiting until the last date to avoid any last-minute issues.

Q3.Is TCS NQT held every month?

Ans. The TCS iON NQT – Cognitive Score is valid for any industry or job role you apply for. This national qualifying test happens every 2-4 weeks at authorized TCS iON exam centers , and you can retake it to improve your previous score if needed.

Q4.Is it easy to qualify TCS NQT?

Ans.The TCS NQT exam has a moderate to high difficulty level, so candidates need strong technical and non-technical skills. The syllabus covers various topics like quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal ability, and basic programming concepts.

Q5.Will TCS hire freshers in 2024?

Ans.TCS is holding tests on April 26 for job seekers from the 2024 BTech, BE, MCA, MSc, and MS batches. They’re hiring for three types of roles: Ninja, Digital, and Prime.

Q6.How many attempts are there for TCS Nqt?

Ans.Your TCS NQT scorecard remains valid for two years. You can take the TCS NQT online from home or at authorized centers, and you’re allowed multiple attempts each quarter to enhance your score, with only the best score being considered.


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