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English language is a qualifying paper in TNPSC Group 2 Exam with the minimum qualifying marks of 90. Awareness about basic English Grammar Rules will help you in error detection questions, word substitution and filler questions. To help you in your English language preparation, we have come up with a blog on English Grammar Rules for TNPSC.

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HighlightsTNPSC English Grammar Rules

(X) denotes incorrect usage.

1. When the sentence has a negative sense or sense of something wrong done, in such sentence good manners demand to accept the guilt first by the speaker (1st person). So sequence should be 1st person, followed by 2nd Person and 3rd at last.


  • I, You and He have made a blunder. (123) Similarly, In case of two pronouns:
  • You and He have done this mischief. (23)
  • I and You are responsible for this loss. (12)

2. If the sentence has positive sense then pronouns sequence should be 2nd Person, followed by 3rd person, and 1st person at last.


  • You, He and I shall study for the exam. (231)
  • He and I have finished our work. (31)

3. If two subjects are joined by these words – As well as, with, along with, together with, and not, in addition to, but, besides, except, rather than, like, unlike, nothing but, then the verb should be used according to the 1st subject.


  • Ram as well as his parents is coming. (Correct)
  • My father unlike my uncles is very strict. (Correct)
  • The captain along with the sailors were drowned. (wrong)

4. If two subjects are joined by Neither….nor, Either……or, Not only….. but also, Nor, or, None

But, then verb will be used according to the nearest subject.


  • Neither Ram nor Shyam has come.
  • Either Ram or his friends have come.

5.Collective noun always carry singular verb, singular pronoun, if there is a sense of unity in the sentence.


  • The herd of cows is grazing in the field.
  • The committee has unanimously taken its decision.

Similarly, if sense of separation or negative sense is used then plural verb will be used. Example:

  • The jury are divided in their opinion.
  • The audience have taken their seats.

6. Each, Every, One + Of———— > Noun/pronoun (Plural) but Verb will be singular.


  • One of the boys has done his work. (correct)
  • Each of the students in the computer class has to type their own research paper this semester. (wrong)

7. Each other – for two persons One another – for more than two


  • The two sisters shouted at one another in public. (X)
  • Zeenat and Zaheer love each other.

8. Either – for choosing one out of two persons, One/any – for choosing one out of more than two


  • Either of these two pens is red.
  • Either of these three friends is naughty. (X)
  • One of these three friends is naughty.

9. Neither – In negative sense for two persons

None – In negative sense for more than two persons


  • Neither of these two girls is active.
  • Neither of his four sons looked after him. (X)
  • None of his four sons looked after him.

10. If two singular nouns are joined with “AND” and article “THE” is used with first noun than the sentence have sense of unity so singular adjective/pronoun will be used.


  • The secretary and treasurer is negligent of their duty. (X)
  • The secretary and treasurer is negligent of his duty.

If both the nouns have article “THE” then adjective/pronoun used will be plural.

  • The secretary and the treasurer did not do their work themselves.
  • The secretary and the Principal of the college is attending the meeting at the collectorate. (X)


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