Union Home Minister’s Special Operation Medal

Special Operation Medal

Established in 2018, the “Union Home Minister’s Special Operation Medal” was created to acknowledge remarkable operations that are meticulously planned and have a significant impact on the security of the country, state, or union territory, as well as the welfare of society. Annually awarded on the 31st of October, this prestigious recognition usually celebrates three special operations, with the possibility of honoring five in extraordinary circumstances. Let’s delve into the individuals who received this prestigious medal in 2023.

Celebrating Outstanding Efforts: Special Operation Medal

The “Union Home Minister’s Medal” was introduced to honor special operations that meet specific criteria. These operations must be carefully planned, hold immense significance for national security, and have a significant impact on the safety and well-being of a considerable portion of society.

Diverse Categories of Special Operations

The medal is presented for exceptional efforts in various areas, including counter-terrorism, border actions, arms control, efforts to prevent narcotics smuggling, and daring rescue operations. This variety ensures that a wide range of exceptional actions is considered for acknowledgment.

Annual Announcement: Special Operation Medal

Each year, on the 31st of October, the Union Home Minister unveils the recipients of this esteemed medal, applauding their extraordinary contributions to security and society.

Normal and Extraordinary Circumstances

In a typical year, three special operations receive this highly esteemed award. However, in rare and extraordinary situations, up to five special operations may be recognized to inspire and motivate state and union territory police forces.

Conclusion: Special Operation Medal

The Union Home Minister’s Special Operation Medal stands as a symbol of recognition and gratitude for the exceptional efforts made by officers across India in ensuring the security and welfare of the nation and its people. It serves as a reminder of the dedicated commitment of these courageous officers to safeguarding society from a variety of threats.


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