The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 20 May 2019

Vocabulary based questions are often asked in all Banking and Government Exams. So we at Oliveboard will be providing you with a daily dose of vocabulary to help you with overcoming your struggle in this section. You need to go through it daily to see a marked improvement in your English vocabulary. We hope it will help you in the upcoming SBI PO, SBI ClerkRRB JENIACL AO, FCI, CWC, LIC AAO, SSC, NTPC exams as well. The words in the Daily Vocabulary Booster 20 May 2019 are taken directly from the editorial of the Hindu Newspaper.

The Hindu Newspaper is considered the Bible by the various exam aspirants as it has the best unbiased views on various current news and happenings in the world. Also, it helps immensely if you are looking for daily dose of English reading and building your English vocabulary. So, we at Oliveboard present to all our viewers and Exam aspirants a daily dose of difficult words with their meanings, synonyms and the correct usage in this blog of the Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 20 May 2019.

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The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 20 May 2019

Words Meanings & Synonyms Usage
Anxious Feeling or showing worry,

nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome;

Worried, Concerned,

Apprehensive, Fearful, Uneasy

She was extremely anxious about her entrance exam.
Brutal Savagely violent;

Savage, Cruel, Vicious

The attack on the army was a particularly brutal and cowardly attack.
Credibility The quality of being trusted and believed in;

Trustworthiness, Reliability,

Dependability, Integrity, Character

He complained that his colleague had tried to undermine his credibility within the company.
Decisive Having or showing the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively;

Resolute, Firm, Strong-minded,

Strong-willed, Determined

The manager had an image of being tough and decisive.
Dissent The holding or expression of opinions at variance with those commonly or officially held;


Only two members expressed their dissent from the majority opinion.
Divisive Tending to cause disagreement or

hostility between people;

The highly divisive issue of the illegality of abortion was being discussed in the Parliament.
Electioneering Take part actively and energetically

in a campaign to be elected to public office;

Campaign, Canvass

The election will not be lost or won as the result of a few weeks of aggressive electioneering.
Fanatical Filled with excessive and single-minded zeal;

Zealous, Extremist, Extreme,

Militant, Dogmatic;

Obsessively concerned with something

Her husband was fanatical about tidiness.
Grievance A feeling of resentment over something believed to be wrong or unfair;

Complaint, Criticism,

Objection, Protestation

He has a deep sense of grievance against his former employer.
Impartiality Equal treatment of all rivals or disputants;


Entries for the competition had to be submitted under a pseudonym to ensure impartiality in the judging process.
Inappropriate Not suitable or proper in the circumstances;

Unsuitable, Unfitting,

Ill-suited, Unseemly

There are penalties for inappropriate behaviour in the camp.
Incumbent of an official or regime currently holding office;

Current, Existing, Present

The incumbent Party could not acquire majority seats in the state legislative assembly elections.
Integrity The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles;

Honesty, Uprightness

He is a gentleman of complete integrity.
Rationale A set of reasons or a logical basis

for a course of action or belief;

Reasoning, Thinking

The CEO tried to explain the rationale behind the change in the company policies.
Reconcile Restore friendly relations between It is difficult to reconcile science and religion.
Triumphalism Excessive exultation over one’s success or achievements

(used especially in a political context)

An air of triumphalism reigns in the present government’s administration.
Unprecedented Never done or known before;

Unparalleled, Unequalled,

Unmatched, Unrivalled

The government took the unprecedented step of releasing confidential reports on tax evaders.

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