5 easy steps to improve your vocabulary for SSC CGL 2022

The Staff Selection Commission Common Graduate Level Exam (SSC CGLE) 2022 is fast approaching. The exam is merely a month away and the preparation is at full swing. The SSC CGL prelims exam will be conducted in December 2022. A good vocabulary will help give you a competitive edge over your competitors. We have listed down 5 ways to improve your vocabulary:

Improve your vocabulary for SSC CGL

1. Associate words with pictures

“A picture speaks a thousand words.” Associating a relevant picture with a word serves as an excellent example in helping you remember and recall the meaning of that word. Try and look up as many pictorial examples of a word as possible to help you memorize the word effectively.

2. Know the roots

Another effective way of remembering a word and its meaning is by studying its root. This helps you break down the word further, which makes it easy to remember. This helps you develop a strong connection with the word being memorized and helps you understand the social, cultural and historical significance of the word.

3. Play word games

There are plenty of word games such as scrabble, jumbled letters, hangman, crossword puzzles, word building etc. designed to help you learn new words and improve your vocabulary while having fun at the same time.

4. Online quizzes and puzzles

The internet is a great place to learn new words. There are plenty free quizzes and puzzles that can help you improve your vocabulary.

5. Underline new words

Whenever you come across a new word while reading, look up its meaning in the dictionary. If doing this interrupts your reading and breaks your continuity then you can underline the new word(s) and look it up later.


SSC CGL English General Tips

I.Root words for Antonym & Synonym

Root words play an important role in understanding vocabulary. You can understand the meaning of words through root words.

For eg: The root word ‘Crypt’ means to hide. ‘Crypt’ is used as the root word in ‘apocryphal’ means ‘of doubtful authenticity’ and ‘cryptic’ means ‘having a meaning that is mysterious or obscure’. So, we can have an idea of what the word wants to convey through it. This can be used to solve antonym synonyms in the examination.

To  download 500+ free previous year synonyms and Antonyms questions – click here

II.Tackling Para Jumbles

In Para Jumbles try to link one sentence to the other through conjunction such as ‘but’, ‘and’, ‘since’, ‘although’ etc. Find similarities in the idea conveyed in two sentences which can make them consecutive sentences. The remaining two sentences can be easily arranged.

III. Error spotting

If you go through previous years papers, there are a few repetitive concepts asked in the exam, make a list of those errors. While solving the question, if you are not able to decide the error then first try to find if the question has any of those errors which you learnt about. If grammar is your weak portion, then this method might work for you.

IV.Universal method of Elimination

While solving a question try the method of elimination i.e. one by one removing options that you think cannot be the answer anyhow. This method works well in the examination to get you closer to the correction option. In cloze test also this method will work wonders for you.

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