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Hundreds of Bank & Government Exam Aspirants get selected for their dream jobs with the help of Oliveboard’s Online Courses and Mock Tests every year. In this blog, we are going to share with you the success stories of various exam Bank & Government Exams toppers (AIR 1). The List includes the toppers of reputed exams like IBPS RRB PO, NIACL AO, RBI Grade B, SBI PO, SEBI Grade A Officer, ESIC SSO and ECGC PO.

Before Moving on to the success stories of the Bank & Government Exams toppers, let have a quick look at a couple of facts regarding Oliveboard and its impact on users.

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Success Stories of Bank & Government Exams Toppers


Pratikshit Tiwari – AIR 1 IBPS RRB PO 2019

In his own words,

“There is only Quants and Reasoning in the prelims of RRB and a composite time of 45 minutes. So, managing time for both the subjects is the key, say giving your strong subject 25 minutes and 20 for the other. I gave 2 mock tests daily for IBPS RRB prelims for at least 20 days before the exam. Analysing the mock tests was more important for me than attempting it. So I gradually increased my accuracy and discovered my strong areas in both subjects so that I can do maximum questions in minimum time because each question carries equal marks whether it is easy or difficult. Never look at your marks in IBPS RRB PO mock tests, just carefully see your graph of percentile. It must improve with every mock, not your marks.”

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Rajendran Sundar Raj – AIR 1, SEBI 2018

In his own words,

“Practice, practice, practice. I had attempted all the mock tests that I had subscribed to. I was slow in solving quants. So I placed my bets on GA and awareness on securities market. Scored 70/80 in those two sections. Reasoning and Quants – reverse engineering from mock tests. Didn’t prepare specifically for these sections.

Securities Market – Economics notes from UPSC preparation and the notes from the courses I had subscribed to. I covered the important acts and regulations like SEBI Act, SCRA 1956, depositories act, ICDR and LODR from the original documents.”

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Prince Bansal – AIR 1 RBI Grade B 2017; AIR 1 SBI PO 2016

In his own words,

“For SBI PO-both Prelims and Mains, and RBI Grade B Prelims, the mocks do a wonderful job in showing the mirror to your preparation. If nothing else, you get to know where you stand vis-a-vis your competition. OB gives percentile score and the difficulty level is also comparable to the actual exam.

My advice to you is that listen to everyone but find your own way. Take calculated risks, rely on your strengths, improvise when needed and give it your best shot!”

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Hardik Mehta – AIR 1 RBI Grade B 2016

In his own words,

“I attempted 70 questions of GK in flat 10 minutes. 25 questions in English took another 10 minutes. The remaining time was used to shuttle between the Quant & Reasoning sections. For Phase 1, I was dependent solely on Oliveboard’s Mock Tests. I found the level of tests very difficult and hence every time there was a lot of learning and scope for improvement. For GK, I used to read newspapers like The Telegraph(Calcutta), Economic Times, Mint Business Newspaper, etc.

The maximum time of your preparation should be dedicated to General Awareness topic and you should try to maximize your score here because it covers a major portion of the Phase 1 exam. Your next focus should be on the English section. The remaining time should be dedicated to Quant and Reasoning. If you attempt 20-25 standard mock tests, you will be able to clear this part of the exam.”

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Praveen Kumar – AIR 1 ESIC SSO 2018

In his own words,

“The Phase 1 consists of Quant, Reasoning and English, and qualifying in nature. But the catch here is sectional time limit. I practiced by taking Oliveboard mocks. I could clear it with very narrow (cut off-71, mine-73.75) margin. 3 important things for Prelims would be: More Practice. Time Management. Increase Accuracy.

For Phase 2, Practice with mocks to manage sectional time limits. One should attempt with accuracy. Revise from one source 10 times than reading from 10 modules for current Affairs.

Always remember that if you are not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you are not doing anything very innovative. So never let failures in your path deviate you from your destination.”

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Anubhav Panigrahy – AIR 1 NIACL AO 2016; AIR 2 IBPS PO 2016

In his own words,

“Following two successive failed attempts at UPSC Civil Services Examination after my graduation in 2016, I decided to shift focus to banking and insurance examinations. My first tryst was with RBI Grade B exam 2016, in which while I cleared the phase I of the examination, I could not clear phase II. However, I managed to get selections at New India Assurance Co Ltd as well as Punjab National Bank. In fact, I had scored the highest marks in the NIACL exam, and second highest in IBPS PO exam that year. I decided to join the former as I was faced with the opportunity to work in Mumbai. But in the back of my mind I always knew that I had it in me to reach RBI.

Always remember that there could be a thousand reasons why you fail, but there should be no excuses.”

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Shivam Tiwari – AIR 1 ECGC 2016

In his own words,

“I utilized almost 10-15 Mock Tests of Oliveboard and trust me, nothing beats it. It is the most indispensable source that any candidate must stick to throughout their preparatory period. I cracked almost 6-7 exams back to back and this was made possible majorly with the help of Oliveboard Test series. So I suggest this Test Series to everyone who is seriously preparing for any of the exams.

Practice makes man perfect. Practicing multiple mock tests helps you improve not only your speed & accuracy but also your confidence, by preparing you for questions of varying difficulty levels.”

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