Bihar Judiciary Syllabus: Overview, Mains Syllabus, Suggested Books

In 2021, the Bihar Public Service Commission will hold the 31st Bihar Judicial Services Competitive Examination. The Bihar Judiciary exam will be divided into two stages: preliminary and main. The Commission will use the final interview to assess candidates based on their general knowledge. Bihar Judiciary Syllabus 2021 is now available on the official website. Check out this blog on the Bihar Judiciary Syllabus to learn about the syllabus and how it can help you prepare for the exam.

Bihar Judiciary Syllabus

The Bihar Judiciary exam will be divided into two phases: prelims and mains. Aspirants can view the Bihar Judicial Services Exam Syllabus for more information. 

There are two papers in the Bihar Judiciary Prelims Exam:

Paper 1: 100 marks MCQs from General Studies / General Knowledge.

Paper 2: 150 marks MCQs on law topics.

Bihar Judiciary Paper 1 Syllabus

General Studies

  • Geography of India and Bihar
  • History of India and Bihar
  • Current events
  • Culture of India and Bihar

General Science

  • Everyday science
  • Basic general science

Bihar Judiciary Paper 2 Syllabus

  1. Commercial Law
  2. Hindu Law and Mohammedan Law
  3. Elementary General Science
  4. General Knowledge and current affairs
  5. Law of Transfer of Property, Principles of Equity
  6. Constitutional and Administrative Law of India
  7. Law of Contracts and Torts
  8. Law of Trusts and Specific Relief
  9. Law of Evidence and Procedure

Compulsory Papers:

There are some compulsory papers in this exam which are as follows:

  • General Knowledge and Current affairs will carry 150 marks.
  • Elementary General Science will carry 100 marks.
  • English will carry 100 marks.
  • Hindi will carry 100 marks.
  • Law Evidence and Procedure will carry 150 marks.

Optional Papers:

There are several optional papers in this exam which are as follows:

  • Constitution Law of India and England will carry 150 marks.
  • Hindu Law and Mohammadan Law will carry 150 marks.
  • Principal of Equity, Transfer of Property, Law of trust and Specific Relief Act will carry 150 marks.
  • Law of Contract and Torts will carry 150 marks.
  • Commercial Law will carry 150 marks.

2021 Bihar Judiciary Mains Syllabus

Judicial Services in Bihar: The exam is divided into two parts: optional papers and compulsory papers. English and Hindi papers are required. Both of these papers are worth 100 points, with the candidate needing to score 33 points in each. These points will be added to the total points for ranking. The candidate should attempt three of the five optional papers.

Compulsory Papers

The syllabus for General Science and General Studies is the same as the syllabus for the preliminary exam.

General Hindi

1.         Hindi grammar

2.         Essay

3.         Syntax (sentence formation)

General English

  1. Letter writing
  2. General understanding of the language
  3. Precis writing
  4. Written English
  5. Passage writing

Law of Evidence and Procedure

  1. Civil Procedure Code (5 of 1908)
  2. Indian Evidence Act (1 of 1872)
  3. Provincial Small Cause Courts Act, 1887
  4. Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996
  5. Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (2 of 1974)


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Optional Papers

Constitutional and Administrative Law of India

  1. Judicial review of administrative action
  2. Control of delegated legislation – Judicial & Legislative
  3. Regulatory authorities
  4. Constitution of India – (Article 1 to 395 and Schedules)
  5. Delegated legislation
  6. Fair hearing, rules of natural justice, rules against bias, audi alteram partem
  7. Tribunals and quasi-judicial authorities, judicial control over them
  8. Administrative law of India
  9. Ombudsman
  10. Promissory estoppel, legitimate expectation & doctrine of proportionality
  11. Public interest litigation
  12. Tortious liability of state and compensation
  13. Jurisdiction and statutory judicial remedies, scope, extent & distinction
  14. Government contracts

Hindu Law and Mohammedan Law

  1. Muhammadan law
  2. Hindu law

Law of Trusts and Specific Relief/ Law of Transfer of Property / Principles of Equity 

  1. Principles of equity
  2. History of the Court of equity, maxims, the origin of the use
  3. law of trust
  4. Indian Trust Act (2 of 1882)
  5. Specific relief
  6. Determination of trust, remedies for the breach of trust
  7. Law of Transfer of Property
  8. Specific Relief Act 1963 (Act 47 of 1963)

Law of Contracts & Torts

  1. General principles of liabilities
  2. Injuries to domestic and contractual relations
  3. Injuries to persons
  4. The rule in Rylands vs Fletcher Deceit
  5. Law of contracts
  6. Indian contract act
  7. Negligence
  8. Law of torts
  9. Remedies, nuisance
  10. False imprisonment
  11. Defamation
  12. Wrongful dismissal
  13. Assault
  14. Conspiracy 
  15. Malicious Prosecution

Commercial Law

  1. Partnership
  2. Sale of Goods
  3. Company law
  4. Negotiable instruments

Bihar Judiciary Exam Syllabus 2021 Suggested Books

  1. Guide for Bihar Judicial Services (Mains) Examination
  2. Bihar And Jharkhand Judicial Services {Preliminary) Examinations
  3. Singhal’s Bihar & Jharkhand Judicial Service Examinations: Solved (Pre.) Papers & Unsolved (Mains) Papers Up-to-Date
  4. Bihar Judicial Services Examination (Hindi)
  5. General Knowledge for Judicial Services Examinations
  6. Ready Reckoner for Judicial Services Preliminary Examinations


1. Is the PDF of the Bihar Judiciary Syllabus 2021 available online?

Yes, the PDF of the Bihar Judiciary Syllabus is available for download online.

2. How many optional papers are included in the Bihar Judiciary Exam?

The exam includes a total of five optional papers. The candidate should select three papers from among these.

3. How many mandatory subjects are included in the Bihar Judiciary Syllabus 2021?

The Bihar Judiciary Syllabus 2021 includes five mandatory subjects.

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