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Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad is conducting the CAT exam 2021 on the 28th November 2021, which leaves you a little over 3 months to prepare for the exam. While most of you have been preparing for months, some of you are yet to begin. The CAT exam is difficult to crack, and most aspirants start preparing for it 8-9 months in advance. And those of you who haven’t started preparing yet due to late registrations, there’s still time with a proper 3-month CAT preparation strategy.

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If you find yourself asking these questions frequently: Can I prepare for CAT exam 2021 in 3 months? Are 3 months sufficient to prepare for CAT exam 2021? Can I crack the CAT exam 2021 with just 3 months of preparation? What are the best books to prepare for CAT exam 2021? How to prepare for CAT exam 2021? You’ve come to the right place & the following CAT preparation strategy PDF is devised exclusively for you!

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CAT Preparation Strategy

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 CAT 2021 Preparation Strategy

CAT exam preparation plan is all about clearing your basic concepts, making your fundamentals strong and improving your weak areas, speed and accuracy by constant and consistent practice. Keeping that in mind, we have devised the following CAT exam preparation strategy. Make sure you dedicate 3-4 hours every day for your CAT 2021 preparation.

CAT 2021 preparation: Month 1

Weeks 1 & 2:

Start your preparation by revising the basics of Quant, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning and English. In order to solve complex & advanced problems in these sections, your basics need to be strong.

Read more in the ebook.

Weeks 3 & 4:

Once you have gotten your fundamentals in place, it’s time to move on to the more advanced concepts. Analyze solutions by taking CAT 2021 mock tests online and referring to previous years’ solved exam papers. This will help you learn shortcuts to solve problems faster.

Read more in the ebook.

CAT 2021 preparation: Month 2

Week 5 – 8:

  • Now that you have cleared your basic and advanced concepts, it’s time to test your speed and accuracy and determine which areas you’re strong at and which areas you need to improve on.

Start by taking a CAT 2021 Mock test.

  • Taking mock tests will give you your all-India ranking, analyze your performance and help you determine your speed, accuracy, strong and weak areas. Use this information to device a custom study plan!
  • Follow your custom study plan for the next two days, focusing on improving your weak areas and making your strong areas stronger.
  • Take a CAT 2021 mock test again after two days and repeat the cycle.

Read Month 3 and more in the ebook.

Section-wise preparation tips for CAT 2021 Exam

Quantitative Aptitude for CAT Exam:

  • Quant has a lot to do with math. Learn tables, basic and advanced formulas and solving methods and shortcuts from previous years’ exam papers.
  • Make as many calculations as possible in your head and avoid using rough sheets. This will help you solve the problems faster and save you time during the exam.
  • Main a sheet and enter all the formulas, shortcuts and key notes in that for a quick revision before the exam.

Other Topics Included

  • Topics to focus on
  • Book recommended

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning for CAT Exam:

  • For DI, refer to caselets from previous years’ question papers. Having a control over mind calculations comes in handy for Data Interpretation.
  • Data Interpretation is a skill that is acquired through constant and consistent practice. Try and dedicate at least 5-6 hours on Data Interpretation per week.

Read more in the ebook.

Other Topics Included

  • Topics to focus on
  • Book recommended

Verbal Ability for CAT Exam:

We cannot emphasize on this point enough! Dedicate 1-2 hours every day to read (every morning). Read a variety of text like newspapers (The Hindu, The Economic Times), Magazines (India Today), articles, books and read them online. Reading online helps your eyes get acquainted to it, which is important because CAT is an online exam.

Speed Reading Practice

Improve your vocabulary:

There are a number of ways you can improve your vocabulary. One way is to keep a dictionary handy. If you don’t understand a particular word while reading, look it up immediately or underline it for later. We recommend reading 30 Days to a more powerful vocabulary by Dr. Wilfred Funk and Norman Lewis.

Other Topics Included

  • Topics to focus on
  • Book recommended


It’s time to buckle- up & swing into action! Use the above strategy to device your own custom preparation plan for CAT exam 2021 and make sure you stick to it with great determination and discipline and follow it religiously!

Make devising your custom study-plan for CAT exam 2021 easy by using Oliveboard’s study planner feature. Oliveboard’s study plan helps you create a custom study plan within seconds.

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We wish you all the best for your CAT 2021 exam.

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