Cyber Security Challenges in India- Problem, IoT, Phishing, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Machine Learning

What Is Cyber Security All About?

Isn’t it true that a Lion is also under threat although he is the King of the Jungle? Similarly, all or rather most aspects of our lives have their own real benefits but also real threats. We make insurances for our health and lifetime although we are busy enjoying our lives normally. Similarly, although Cyber Security was introduced to provide security in cyberspace to us all, it still faces deep threats in the way of technical glitches and frauds/thefts although cyber security is reliable and trustworthy. So now let us understand what Cyber Security is and that too under our country, India. Cyber Security is a process of certain cyber technical methods to defend cyber use in computers, laptops, and other devices that make use of the internet. But largely it is a form of practice defending computers, laptops, servers, mobile devices, systems, and networks. 


The Problem 

There are many threats to Cyber security, from RansomWare to  Phishing. Since 2020 RansomWare attacks have become the newest and latest challenge in Cyber Security particularly in our country. A little over 80% of the workforce in India was victim to RansomWare attacks in the last year. Ransomware uses a cyberattack on the user and victimizes them by stealing their information and asking for a Ransom price. This disables the individuals but also the companies and organizations who cannot do without this particular data. There are instances where the cyber-terrorist does not settle the matter even after the payment, but he holds onto critical information and demands more money. 

Information Of Things (IoT)

Another critical area that has been analyzed for Cyberattacks is Information of Things (IoT). It is estimated that there will be around 10 billion IoT devices in the present to the coming years. Your desktop, mobile devices, laptops, and security devices ..all make use of IoT, making them IoT devices.  As you can see all of these are popular devices and the use of IoT is heavy and fast-paced., becoming a challenge to cyber security.  There is something called Cloud services .. These are used for both professional and personal needs. There are many instances of hacking Cloud services, making them sensitive to attacks and a loss to the user. Especially for a business to face hacking results in loss and theft. There was something called the iCloud hack that checked and leaked many celebrity private photographs. An attack on an individual is perhaps bearable, but if done on an organization or company it can result in a catastrophe for their respective business. 

About Phishing

Phishing is a big challenge in India because Indians find it difficult to handle private and confidential information. Phishing attacks include stealing login information or user information or money cards’ information stealing. The attacker after gaining an entry into your data steals it to make transactions of their own. This could be blocking your access to your own information or cards. They can then turn against you and demand a ransom or demand more information for their own benefit. 

Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

Some of the big businesses make use of and run on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Although most internet users are not aware of and not bothered by these two features, many businesses and companies make use of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency on a large scale. Therefore, any attack on these features can mean huge losses and regression of the business. This calls for companies, organizations, and businesses to work hand in hand with the country’s cyber team to develop a strong security shield against Cyber attacks. 

However, there are minuscule inside problems that aren’t talked about all that much. For example the delicateness and shortcomings of the software itself. The most famous 0/zero problem of y2k is a classic example. The software began to quit reading the dates altogether. Also, the fact that digital devices are in use in many sectors of society, organization/institutions heads/leaders, their employees, and the customers/public are all exposed to software vulnerabilities at all times. 

We cannot run anything in cyberspace without software, but we cannot easily shun the demerit it brings along with it. Individuals and companies sometimes don’t care enough to update their software or change it to a new one. Updating one’s software(s) should be a priority to ensure that there are no fresh attacks on the concerned device. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning has become exceedingly popular in cyberspace. Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence. Many smart thinking industries, companies, and organizations have realized the value of AI and implemented it in their day-to-day deals and businesses. Sadly, there is scope for attacks on ML and AI also exists. 

India is not yet that well-equipped to brush past these attacks as we are still developing AI technology. Ill-intentioned people/individuals may set out an attack on the AI or ML, and it may well put things at risk. There are many sophisticated attacks that can happen easily. 

Final Words

Many companies and organizations encourage their workers/employees to bring their own laptops/devices to work. This poses a direct threat because we don’t know what is the device’s age, quality, software running, and other sensitive matters. Centralized cyber security may not sync with the device to provide it security. Also, if the device is without an antivirus someone may attack through the internet system or through the office network. Companies and organizations should not indulge in such careless professional acts and provide an office device to the employee/employees. 

India as a country is sound technically, but it is unable to catch up with worldly competition and technological innovation. We need to make the best use of whatever knowledge we do have and catch up with the world’s cyberspace, for good. The World’s technological talent is not something to take lightly. Collaborating with international friends, we could perhaps arrive at better answers to our struggle with Cyber attacks. 

FAQs –

Where is the best institution to learn Cyber security?

One of the best and coveted places to learn and indulge in Cyber security knowledge/skills is right here at Olive Board.

Can Cyber security be used in legal support and other matters?

Cyber data brought out through the help of cyber security is found to be extremely helpful and aids in solving legal matters and crimes. 


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