The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 11 September 2019

Here we are with our daily Vocabulary blog for your English Vocabulary building. Go on and read the Editorial here and then go through the list of difficult words, their meanings, synonyms, antonyms & correct usage of those words. Here is your Daily Vocabulary 11 September 2019 blog. 

The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary 11 September 2019



Meanings & Synonyms Antonyms Usage
Abandon Cease to support or look after someone; Desert, Leave, Leave High and Dry, Turn One’s Back On, Cast Aside;

Give up completely a practice or a course of action;

Renounce, Relinquish, Dispense With, Forswear, Disclaim

Stick by, Keep, Claim, Continue, Take up By the time the rebel troops arrived, the village had already been abandoned.
Adept Very skilled or proficient at something;

Expert, Proficient, Accomplished, Skilful, Talented, Gifted, Masterly

Inept, Mediocre, Amateur Tamsin Palmer gave a technically adept performance on the piano.
Amalgamate Combine or unite to form one organization or structure;

Combine, Merge, Unite, Integrate, Fuse, Blend, Mingle, Coalesce, Consolidate

Break Down, Break Up, Separate, Unmix They amalgamated the hospital and the university.
Audacity A willingness to take bold risks;

Boldness, Daring, Fearlessness, Intrepidity, Bravery, Courage;

Rude or disrespectful behaviour;




It took a lot of audacity to stand up and criticize the chairman
Discretion The quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offence or revealing confidential information;

Circumspection, Care, Carefulness, Caution, Wariness;

The freedom to decide what should be done in a particular situation;

Choice, Option, Judgement, Preference, Disposition, Volition

Indiscretion, Rashness Students can be expelled at the discretion of the principal.
Hegemonic Preponderant influence or authority over others; Domination;

The social, cultural, ideological, or economic influence exerted by a dominant group

Impotence, Impotency, Powerlessness The three nations competed for regional hegemony.
Illustrious Well known, respected, and admired for past achievements;

Eminent, Distinguished, Acclaimed, Noted, Notable, Noteworthy, Prominent

Unknown, Obscure He has had an illustrious military career.
Imperative of vital importance; Crucial Unimportant, Optional The president said it was imperative that the release of all hostages be secured.
Reductionist A person who analyses and describes a complex phenomenon in terms of its simple or fundamental constituents   Sometimes if things are getting to big for your business you will need to cut back with some reductionism so you can handle it all.
Scrutiny Critical observation or examination;

Careful Examination, Inspection, Survey, Scan, Study, Perusal

Glance, Cursory look The government’s record will be subjected to close scrutiny in the weeks before the election.
Tantalising Torment or tease someone with the sight or promise of something that is unobtainable;

Tease, Torment, Torture, Bait;

Something that is tantalizing causes desire and excitement in you, but is unlikely to provide a way of satisfying that desire;

Affinity, Allure, Alluringly, Arrest

Gratify, Satisfy I caught a tantalising glimpse of the sparkling blue sea through the trees.
Tenuous Very weak or slight;

Insubstantial, Flimsy, Negligible, Weak, Fragile

Convincing, Substantial, Strong The police have only found a tenuous connection between the two robberies.
Unabated Without any reduction in intensity or strength;

Indefatigable, Inexhaustible, Tireless, Unflagging

Indolent, Lackadaisical, Laggard, Lazy, Listless, Shiftless, Slothful, Sluggish The fighting continued unabated throughout the night.

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