The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 9 September 2019

We are here for you all with this blog of Daily Vocabulary 9 September 2019 comprising of difficult words, their meanings, synonyms, antonyms and correct usage. The words are taken from the Editorial of the Hindu newspaper which is considered one of the best sources of reading. Read the blog and benefit from it as well. 

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The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary 9 September 2019



Meanings & Synonyms Antonyms Usage
Debacle A sudden and ignominious failure;

A fiasco, Catastrophe, Disaster, Disintegration, Mess, Wreck, Ruin

Blockbuster, Hit, Smash, Success, Winner The agency is aware that marijuana companies have found legal workarounds to their trademark debacle.
Hamstrung Severely restrict the efficiency or effectiveness of;

Handicap, Constrain,

Restrict, Cripple, Shackle, Fetter

Help, Aid, Assist The company was hamstrung by traditional but inefficient ways of conducting business.
Incendiary Tending to stir up conflict;

Inflammatory, Rabble-Rousing,

Provocative, Agitational,

Seditious, Subversive

Conciliatory He gave an incendiary speech at last night’s rally.
Respite A short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant;

Rest, Break, Breathing Space, Interval, Intermission, Interlude

Clamour, Din, Noise, Racket, Bustle, Commotion


Their teacher was away, so they had a day’s respite before their essays were due.
Snapped To suddenly become unable to control a strong feeling, especially anger;

Bang, Blast, Boom, Clap,

Crack, Crash, Pop

Plateaued, Stabilised, Balanced, Calmed


When she asked me to postpone my trip to help her move to her new house, I just snapped.
Spectacularly In an impressive, dramatic, or

eye-catching way;

Extravaganza, Pageant, Spectacle

Insignificantly, Unimpressively, Modestly, Ordinarily, Plainly, Simply At night, the city is spectacularly lit.
Stewardship The conducting, supervising, or

managing of something especially the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care;

Administration, Care, Charge, Conduct, Control, Direction, Governance

Ignorance, Neglect, Negligence, 

Destruction, Spending, 

Squandering, Waste


She believes that stewardship of the environment is everyone’s responsibility.
Tantalisingly Something that is tantalizing causes desire and excitement in you, but is unlikely to provide a way of satisfying that desire;


Gratify, Satisfy I caught a tantalising glimpse of the sparkling blue sea through the trees.
Tizzy A state of nervous excitement or agitation;

Distemper, Infuriation

Agreement, Calm, 

Calmness, Cheer


She’s always getting in a tizzy over minor things.
Unwieldy Too large or disorganized to function efficiently;

Cumbersome, Unmanageable,


Manageable, Dainty A piano is a very unwieldy item to get down a flight of stairs.

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