English Section Preparation Strategy – For RBI Assistant 2020

With the stroke of New Year, many new exam notification kicked in overnight like, NABARD Grade A, SBI Clerk, UPSC EPFO and also the IBPS Calendar is out. This makes the road to exam preparation ahead all the more important. There are a few sections which are common in all these exams like General English, Numerical Ability & Reasoning Section. English is one section which often demands stronger preparation in comparison to other sections as students from non-English background struggle more to get the grasp of the subject. To help you prepare better for this section, we have come up with an English Section preparation strategy, that will guide you on what should be your approach and steps taken to master the section thus boosting your confidence. This blog, English Section Preparation Strategy will help you prepare for not only RBI Assistant but also for all upcoming bank and insurance exams. So let’s have a look at the devised strategy to help you get started.

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English Section Preparation Strategy – Study Plan

Start Your Preparation right away with this 20 day devised plan, this will cover your basic as well as will help you analyze your performance by specially curated tests.

Day 1 Basic Grammar Rules Day 11 Take New Pattern English Test
Watch Youtube Videos Vocabulary +RC
Vocabulary Practice Cloze Test
Day 2 Sentence Improvement Day 12 Take RC Topic Test
Correct Usage of words Vocabulary
Tricks for Sentence improvement Revise Basics for Sentence Correction
Day 3 Vocabulary Day 13 Take English Sectional Test
Sentence Correction RC + Cloze Test Practice
Rearrangement of Sentence Vocabulary
Day 4 Reading Comprehension Day 14 Take New Pattern English Test
Vocabulary Revise Vocab Words learned till now
Tricks to solve Reading Comprehension Practice Cloze Test
Day 5 Cloze Test + RC Day 15 Take Topic Test for Sentence Connectors & Sentence Improvement
Vocabulary Learn Vocab Words
Trick to Solve Cloze Test Youtube Videos Practice More Reading Comprehension
Day 6 Sentence Connectors Day 16 Practice RC & Cloze Test
Vocabulary Take Topic Test For Cloze Test
Grammar Basics Learn More Vocab Words
Day 7 Error Spotting Day 17 Take A Full Mock Test & Analyze
Practice Reading Comprehension
Cloze Test
Vocabulary Learn Vocab Words
Day 8 Sentence Correction +Vocabulary Day 18 Take A Complete Mock Test & Analyze
Reading Comprehension
Cloze Test Vocab + RC Practice+Para Jumbles
Day 9 Fillers + Vocabulary + Para Jumbles Day 19 Revise All the Vocab Words Learned
RC + Cloze Test Practice Some more RC & Cloze Test
Take English Test  Take A Full Mock Test & Analyze
Day 10 RC + Vocabulary Day 20 Relax & Revise All the learned concepts
Fillers Practice
Sentence Corrections
Cloze Test


This plan is specifically devised for English Section and can be used to prepare yourself for any upcoming bank/Insurance exam. This study plan is made keeping in mind that the candidate is preparing from the very basics. This plan should be strategically devised along with the other sections that are to appear in the exam. A combined take-up of all the sections at once will not only boost your prep but will also induce confidence in you.

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English Section Preparation Strategy – Topic-wise

English Section comprises of topics like Sentence Correction, Reading Comprehension, Cloze Test, Spotting error, Sentence Rearrangement, Para Jumbles, Sentence Connectors, Fillers, & Vocabulary. Each Topic requires a focussed preparation strategy to master the topic. Here we have given a few important English Section Preparation Strategy for each topic that will take you from basics to mastering the topics.

English Section Preparation Strategy For Grammar

10-15 marks in an exam can be scored by simply understanding all the basic rules of this topic. It is not very difficult for the candidates from English background but for aspirants from other language mediums this could be a little difficult but then again nothing can defeat one’s persistence to master the topic. Keep a regular check on the grammar rules and apply the learned rules as much as possible, this will help you in the retention of the learned rules and your answer will be more of a logic-based rather than being a guess. Error Spotting and Phrase Replacement are usually asked on this topic. English Section Preparation Strategy starts with the basic learning of grammar rules.

Learn Tricks For Grammar By Attempting A Topic Test

English Section Preparation Strategy For Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension is one topic that requires constant efforts to eventually master the topic. Every paragraph has a different tone and pattern that sets up the premise and tone of the paragraph. Questions at the end are based on direct implication from the para or often as indirect implication which one has to figure out by reading the comprehension thoroughly. The level of questions varies from Easy to moderate depending upon the ease of understanding of comprehension. This again requires a lot of practice.

Read & Attempt multiple Reading Comprehension before the actual exam, that would help you in building up your basics. Few things to keep in mind is:

  1. Understand Main Components of the comprehension
  2. Try to get central Idea or the main idea in the paragraph
  3. Facts, Data, Examples or Background Information
  4. Results / Implications / Conclusions.

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English Section Preparation Strategy For Vocabulary

Vocabulary is not built overnight nor can it be learned in a single day. Start learning new words daily from today only. Learn 10 new words daily along with their sentence usage, synonyms, & Antonyms. Revise the words on a regular basis along with the newly learned words. This technique will help you memorize more and more words, thus helping you build up your vocabulary.

You can also prepare vocabulary using Oliveboard’s Mobile App. Download the mobile app and click on the SSC FlashCard Section to learn new words daily along with the sentence usage and antonyms, synonyms.

English Section Preparation Strategy – Few Vocab Samples


Meaning: An outbreak of public anger
Antonyms: Calm, hush, peace, quietude
Synonyms: Commotion, uproar, outcry, hubbub
Example: They chose to keep mum then and now are raising a furore over bad roads.

2. Cessation

Meaning: ending or being brought to an end.
Antonyms: Start, resumption, continuance
Synonyms: Ending, halting, ceasing, abandonment
Example: dietary changes could either support or hinder smoking cessation.

English Section Preparation Strategy For Para Jumbles

Para Jumbles or in an easy way we can say that arranging a sentence in a way that makes proper meaning. This would again require you to be thorough in your understanding of the English language. Read more and more newspaper articles and solve para jumble questions to prepare this topic.

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English Section Preparation Strategy – Para Jumbles Sample Question

Rearrange the following five sentences (A), (B), (C), (D) and (E) in the proper sequence to form a paragraph; then answer the questions given below them.

(A) A small wooden nest box is all it has taken to rekindle all the romance of bringing sparrows and other birds back into our Cities and halt them from fading into the past like a forgotten folktale.

(B) There is something wrong with a city that remains unperturbed even as its birds desert it.

(C) Thankfully, the situation is not as hopeless as it seems.

(D) Much as we try to defend the seemingly irreversible modern life of these cities, we can’t stop our hearts from crying when we realize that our rapidly degenerating urban eco-system isn’t generous enough to let these delicate winged creatures build tiny little nests in its nooks and crannies, sit in solitude, and rear offspring.

(E) And this desertion seems to be true with most metros in India where house sparrows have almost become a thing of tin past.

Correct Answer: BEDCA

English Section Preparation Strategy For Cloze Test

Grammar rules will help you a lot in solving a cloze test. Get a complete understanding of grammar rules prior and then move ahead with your English Section Preparation Strategy. Learn how to structure a sentence that makes flawless meaning, thus helping your ace this topic in the exam. You have to look carefully at the prepositions given in the option before/after the blank before answering the question as all the options have a meaning close to each other. Here is a sample Cloze Test to help you better understand the topic;

Attempt More Cloze Test Based Questions Here

English Section Preparation Strategy – Cloze Test Sample Question

Q) – The large number of natural disasters within a few days in late September has led to two assumptions. First, we are experiencing more natural calamities today (A) ever before, and second, the distribution of disasters (B) unequal. A UN report studied natural disasters (C) 1975 and 2007 found that not only is the (D) of catastrophes increasing because of climate change and environmental (E) but also that the brunt of tragedies is borne (F) poor countries least equipped to deal with such (G). It is true that some countries are disaster-prone but some (H) Japan, for example, have managed to overcome their geographical disadvantages. (I) to UN estimates, equivalent populations in the Philippines and Japan (J) the same number of cyclones each year but 17 times more people perish in the Philippines than in Japan. In the same ways, natural disasters give developed economies an excuse for technological improvement while in poorer ones it feeds a vicious cycle —since they are constantly struggling to recover from natural calamities they cannot afford the disaster prevention measures needed.

What will come in place of (A)?

(1) As

(2) Than

(3) Not

(4) Of

(5) Since

Answer – Option 1

Note: Here the blanks mentioned with (A), (B) and many more needs to be filled with the correct option form the options given in the choice so that the sentence makes appropriate meaning.

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English Section Preparation Strategy – Mock Tests

Prepare English Section & Much more with Oliveboard’s complete mock test series. Your road from preparing for the exam to acing the exam starts with a Mock Test. Mock Test helps you understand your level of preparation, areas you need to work on and the topics you are strongest in.  We are providing Multiple mock test for RBI Assistants prelims and mains exams. It includes:

That is all from us in this blog. We hope that the detailed English Section Preparation Strategy devised here helps you in better preparation for the exam. English Section Preparation Strategy blog is not specifically for RBI Assistant, but also it can be followed for any upcoming banking/insurance/government section where English is present as an individual subject may it be prelims or mains.

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