EPFO Assistant 2019 Exam – Last Date to Apply Online

Today that is 25th of June 2019 is the last date to apply online for the post of Assistant in Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). It is a great opportunity for the Government Job aspirants as it is central Government Job with the Exam Pattern more or less similar to the Banking Exams. You can use the link given below in the blog “EPFO Assistant 2019 Exam – Last Date to Apply Online” and register for the EPFO Assistant 2019 Exam. The Prelims of the Exam is scheduled on 30th & 31st of July 2019, with more than a month left for you to prepare properly. 

EPFO Assistant 2019 Exam – Last Date to Apply Online – Apply Now

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EPFO Assistant 2019 Exam – Last Date to Apply Online – Important Dates

Important Events


Commencement of on-line registration of application 30/05/2019
Closure of registration of application 25/06/2019
Closure for editing application details 25/06/2019
Last date for printing your application 10/07/2019
Online Fee Payment 30/05/2019 to 25/06/2019

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Some Preparation Tips for Prelims

1. English Language

  1. You have enough time in your hands so it becomes very important that you practice each and every topic given in the syllabus for English Language.
  2. Reading is of extreme importance. Read a standard newspaper daily in these 30 days. Give special importance to the Editorial section of the newspaper. It helps you enhance your vocabulary as well increases your reading speed.
  3. Increase in the reading speed will help you immensely while you are taking the real exam. You will be able to comprehend the exam paper very well and answer the questions in no time.
  4. Now in English section, accuracy is of prime importance. Just marking the answers is not enough, marking your answers accurately will increase your sectional marks and thereby increasing overall marks.
  5. As you are done with practicing enough questions on these topics you can go for New Pattern English Test. This will make you practice good variety of questions as well as make you feel confident in the English Language section. 7. Watching a few important Youtube sessions on the above topics by Oliveboard’s expert faculty will definitely aid you in your preparations. Watch them as and when you feel the need to understand a particular topic.
  6. Taking regular Topic Tests and Sectional Tests will bring you in a better position. Take up a sectional Test or Topic Test, and then analyse the solutions part very diligently. The analytics feature of the Oliveboard Mock Tests tell your Weak and strong areas in a particular section. 
  7. The Solutions part given after every Mock test helps you know the approach as to how to go about solving a particular question type.
  8. If you have a great reading speed and vocabulary then go for reading comprehension questions first in the exam paper. Again if you are not too good at reading comprehensions then go for Fillers, Sentence Rearrangement type, Error Detection, Phrase Replacement etc. 
  9. Now it is upon the candidate to pick and choose questions as per his/her strong topics and ease of solving. Practice as many questions as possible on various English Language topics, solve the mock tests and then devise your attempt strategy.
  10. Revise your solved mock tests solutions so that you understand the mistakes that you made in those Mock Tests and thus prevent from doing them again.

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2. Reasoning Ability 

  1. Now this section tests your logical reasoning abilities i.e. ability to think in a logical and sensible way. There will questions of topics such as Blood Relations, Coding-decoding, Alphanumeric series, Order and ranking, Seating arrangement, Puzzles etc.
  2. Practice sufficient number of questions of all types and be thorough with the each one of them. You can practice questions using online websites as well as topic tests available.
  3. Try to solve 4-5 seating arrangement type and Puzzle type questions daily so as to have a grip over them and have sufficient practice.
  4. Take up a sectional test once in every 2 to 3 days so as to practice the entire section and know your weakness in it.
  5. After taking up the test, while analysing the test, solve each type of question again  so as to know the correct way to solve it.
  6. If you feel that you need assistance in any of the topics in the Reasoning Ability section, you can always refer expert faculty videos to help you a way out in solving various different types of questions.

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3. Numerical Aptitude

  1. The first and the foremost thing to do for this section will be getting your basics right and clear. For those with strong mathematical abilities, it would not be much difficult as for them, it is about practicing variety of different questions and then attempting a good number of mock tests tests will do.
  2. But for those whose fundamentals are not clear, then you are advised to get it done by using online platforms.
  3. Attempting daily quizzes would be very good idea as it would help you brush up your basics as well as increase your speed and problem-solving capabilities.
  4. First of all take up a sectional test and try to understand your strengths and weakness in the Quantitative Aptitude section.
  5. The analytics part will tell you exactly where you were good and what type of questions need special attention. This test will serve a diagnostic attempt for you.
  6. Prelims Exam is all about your speed and accuracy. How accurate you are and how speedily you could solve a particular question will ultimately decide your fate.
  7. Work extensively on your calculations and by that we mean you must be in a habit of solving a question within least time. Learn all the formula of topics covered in the syllabus. Practice some mental calculation tricks from youtube channel.
  8. If you are still not thorough with the Quants Basic, you can start by watching Oliveboard’s Expert Faculty videos for your clarity of concept.
  9. In these days practice a lot of questions from the topics given in the syllabus so that you develop speed and accuracy both and be able to solve any question thrown at you. 
  10. Try and solve 3-4 Data Interpretation questions regularly because DI questions consume quite a lot of time and are asked in prelims as well as main Examination. 
  11. You can also practice using Topic Tests which are available for most topics of Quants syllabus in different levels of difficulty i.e. Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. You can take up level 1 questions at the beginning and gradually move on to level 3 questions.
  12. Here for prelims it is again advised to choose the questions wisely because at the end of the day it is not about how adept you are in Mathematics but about increasing your score with accuracy.

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This was all from us in this blog of “EPFO Assistant 2019 Exam – Last Date to Apply Online”. We hope that you like the information provided in the blog “EPFO Assistant 2019 Exam – Last Date to Apply Online” and would benefit from it as well. 

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