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The IBPS Clerk 2018 Prelims exam has been concluded and the focus has now shifted to IBPS Clerk Main Exam preparationTherefore, to help our readers with IBPS Clerk Mains preparation we are starting a free IBPS Clerk 2018 mains Quiz series on our blog. In this series, we are going to provide our readers with 10 free practice questions on different topics from all the 4 sections of IBPS Clerk Mains Exam pattern. Today’s Free IBPS Clerk 2018 Mains Quiz is on English section. So, let begin -:

FREE IBPS Clerk 2018 Mains Quiz – English

Directions for Questions 1 to 10: In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered.

These numbers are printed below the passage, against each, five words are suggested, from one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.
Rural healthcare in India is (A) by a huge gap between supply and demand. Currently, rural healthcare needs are (B) either by limited government facilities and private nursing homes, which have not been able to keep pace with increasing demand, (C) by a number of quacks who practice medicine in rural areas. The quality of infrastructure is usually poor and people (D) up having to go to nearby large cities if they need high-quality care.
Rural India deserves better, since the ability to pay has gone up over the last few years, driven by growth in income and penetration of government healthcare programs. Increasing demand, (E) with the failure of existing infrastructure to scale, has resulted in rural healthcare (F) a large under- served market. Absence of a viable business model (G) conversion of the huge rural expenditure on health into an economic activity that generates incomes and (H) the poor. It is this (I) that entrepreneurs are looking to (J).

Q1. A
(1) Displayed
(2) Furthered
(3) Characterised
(4) Made
(5) Performed

Q2. B
(1) Met
(2) Elevated
(3) Discussed
(4) Set
(5) Stopped

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Q3. C
(1) Nor
(2) But
(3) Or
(4) And
(5) Also

Q4. D
(1) Give
(2) Fed
(3) Start
(4) Set
(5) End

Q5. E
(1) Combined
(2) Mentioning
(3) Engaged
(4) Resulting
(5) Couple

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Q6. F
(1) Happening 
(2) Being
(3) Exists 
(4) Is
(5) Become 

Q7. G
(1) Makes 
(2) So
(3) Ceasing 
(4) Prevents
(5) To 

Q8. H
(1) Supplies 
(2) Lists
(3) Turns 
(4) Serves
(5) Generates

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Q9. I
(1) Truth 
(2) Progress
(3) Catastrophes 
(4) Divides 
(5) Gap 

Q10. J
(1) Access 
(2) Plug
(3) Form 
(4) Distance
(5) Fills 

Free IBPS Clerk 2018 Mains Quiz – Answer Key

Question No. Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Q10
Correct Option 3 1 3 5 1 2 4 4 5 2


That is all from us in this edition of the free IBPS Clerk 2018 Mains Quiz Series. We hope liked solving the English Practice Questions given above. Keep visiting this page regularly for more such Free Online Quizzes and Practice Questions for IBPS Clerk 2018 Main Exam. All the best.

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