RRB NTPC General Awareness Preparation Strategy & PDF

The Railway Recruitment Board has announced the date for the RRB NTPC which is to begin from December 28, this year. As we are nearing the exam, it is of utmost importance that we brace ourselves with the best preparation for each section of the exam. The general awareness section is one of these important sections which could be your score booster if prepared in the right way. So in this blog, we are going to brief you about the best preparation strategy for RRB NTPC general awareness. So stay tuned!

Exam Pattern:

Before we delve into the preparation of General Awareness for RRB NTPC, let us have a look at the exam pattern:

The recruitment process of RRB NTPC involves 2 stages of Computer-Based Tests (CBT) followed by Typing Skill Test/Computer Based Aptitude Test (as applicable) and Document Verification/Medical Examination.

Both the stages of the Computer Based Test (CBT) involves General Awareness, Mathematics, and General Intelligence & Reasoning.

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Let us now look into the pattern of the 1st Stage Computer Based Test:

General Awareness40
General Intelligence & Reasoning30

*Section-wise distribution is subject to variation.

Let us now look into the pattern of 2nd Stage Computer Based Test:

General Awareness50
General Intelligence & Reasoning35

*Section-wise distribution is subject to variation.

Syllabus of General Awareness for RRB NTPC:

The syllabus for General Awareness is as follows:

Current Events of National and International Importance 


Games and Sports

Art and Culture of IndiaIndian Literature
Monuments and Places of IndiaGeneral Science and Life Science (up to 10th CBSE)
History of India and Freedom Struggle, World, Indian Polity





Physical, Social and Economic Geography of India

Important Government and Public Sector Organizations of IndiaGovernance- constitution and political system
General Scientific and Technological Developments including Space and Nuclear Program of India 


UN and Other important World Organizations

Environmental Issues Concerning India and World at LargeBasics of Computers and Computer Applications
Common AbbreviationsTransport Systems in India
Indian EconomyFamous Personalities of India and World
Flagship Government ProgramsFlora and Fauna of India

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Important Sub-Topics :

Current Events of National and International Importance:

This section would cover all the current affairs or the important news, both national and international. Read past six month current affairs and newspaper on regular basis to ace this section.

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Games and Sports:

This could include Static information as well as Current Affairs. For example, important tournaments, winners, etc that have happened in the recent or past could be important for the exam.

Art and Culture of India:

Various dance forms, festivals, etc., of different states, can be included in this section. If any state had been in news recently, it gains more importance.

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Indian Literature:

This section demands knowledge on various works of literature across India like Vedic literature, Sanskrit Literature, Prakrit Literature, Tamil Literature, etc.,

Monuments and Places of India:

Historical monuments, UNESCO sites in India, etc., are to be known to be well prepared for this section.

General Science and Life Science:

A thorough reading of NCERT Science books across all three sections i.e. biology, chemistry and physics from Class 6 to Class 10 can help to ace this section or you can refer to the summary notes of science here.

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History of India and Freedom Struggle, World, Indian Polity:

This section would cover the Ancient, Medival and Modern History, basic constituitional frameworks, articles, world history, etc. Go thorugh the NCERT or baisc reference book like Lucent. You can also study the notes here to ace this section.

Physical, Social, and Economic Geography of India:

Physical Geography of India deals with the physical properties of the country. Social Geography deals with human societies and Economic Geography studies the spatial variation of human economic activities.

Important Government and Public Sector Organizations of India:

Important PSUs such as NTPC, IOCL, etc., details of their origin, and other important government organizations and their headquarters gains importance here.

General Scientific and Technological Developments including Space and Nuclear Program of India:

This section would cover information about nuclear plants, power plants, space program developments, technologies invented by different institutions like IITs, DRDO etc.

UN and Other important World Organizations:

The information (headquarters, chief, etc) about the various organs of the UN and other important organizations like ADB, ASEAN, BRICS, etc are the sub-topics to be prepared for this section.

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Environmental Issues Concerning India and World at Large:

Environmental issues like the floods, endangered species, cyclones, etc in the recent or past can be important here. For e.g. Incidents of heavy rains in India to the record forest fires noted in California and Australia have to be prepared.

Basics of Computers and Computer Applications:

A basic understanding of computers, its functions, its applications, software, operating systems, etc are to be prepared.

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Common Abbreviations:

Abbreviations for common computer, economic terms, schemes can be prepared.

Transport Systems in India:

The diverse means of transport systems in India, such as railways, roads, road transport, ports, inland water transport, coastal shipping, airports, and airlines, any recent proposals or packages related to it could be of importance.

Indian Economy:

To gain knowledge on this topic, NCERT books from Class 11 & 12 can be given a thorough read. This should cover the basic economic principles, terms related to economy, budget and economic survey highlights,etc.

Read the Budget and Economic Survery highlights here

Famous Personalities of India and World:

Famous personalities who were in the news and others noted for their significant contributions to some particular field are to be studied.

Flagship Government Programs:

Important Schemes/other programmes launched by the government of India which could be of importance or recently in news are to be read for this section.

Flora and Fauna of India:

This section covers the knowledge on national parks, biosphere reserves, wildlife sanctuary, which could be either of static or current knowledge-based.

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Tips to prepare for RRB NTPC General Awareness:

As we can see, the syllabus of RRB NTPC General Awareness is very vast and has hundreds of information that is to be retained so can be a tricky section. However, with regular practice, and good strategy it can be easily tackled with.

Consistent Practice:

The primary key to ace this section is consistency and practice. If you cover the GA section on a regular basis, you can definitely ace this section and maximize your score in the exam. Prepare a daily schedule or time table where you assign at least 30 mins daily for GA section.

Prepare notes for Static GA :

The static part in GA for RRB has a good weightage where both general knowledge, basic computer knowledge and general science sections are covered. You can study the static GK notes, Free ebook on static GK, Science notes, refer to books like Lucent, and prepare your own notes for all the important information. The advantage of preparing self notes is that you memorize the things quickly and since the static part is not going to change anytime, you can refer these notes in future as well.

Read Newspaper and Daily Current Affairs:-

To keep yourself abreast of the current affairs, reading newspaper on a daily basis is the unmatched source.You can refer different newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express, The wire etc. Also, prepare daily Current Affairs which will give you the summary of important news for the day. To ensure the preparation for this section, you can give daily tests here.

Attempt Mock Test:

Any preparation is incomplete unless you assess yourself. Mock tests assure you of your preparation and with the analayis of your score you can mark up your strong and weak areas. Try giving sectional GK tests  and full length mocks on a regular basis to analysze your performance. Try to improve the score and time taken to attempt the GA section with each mock test. With the smart analysis of Oliveboard’s Free RRB mock test you can improve the score in an efficient way.

Sample Questions:

Here are some sample questions for your preparation:

Who clinched the 2020 Italian Grand Prix?


1.Lewis Hamilton

2.Pierre Gasly

3.Carlos Sainz

4.Lance Stroll

Answer : 2


2. Which edition of the INDRA NAVY exercise was conducted in September, 2020?


1. 10th




Answer: 4


3. Who among the following has been appointed as the secretary in the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation?


1.Rajesh Verma

2.Ajay Bhushan Pandey

3.Kshatrapati Shivaji

4.Gayatri Mishra

Answer: 3


4. What is the name assigned to the Indian Railway’s remote-controlled medical trolley developed to deliver food and medicines to COVID-19 patients?






Answer: 1


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Like Billie Jean King once said, “Champions keep playing until they get it right”, you have to keep practicing the General Awareness section to master it.

Hope this blog helped you in your preparation. If you have any queries feel free to post it below.

Best of Luck!

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