The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download – Daily Vocabulary & Monthly PDF 2020

The Hindu newspaper is treated as the Bible by the various exam aspirants be it Bank Exam aspirants, SSC aspirants or UPSC aspirants. Reading the editorial section of the newspaper daily has two-fold benefits: (a) It gives the editor’s views on the latest happenings in India and the world, (b) It also helps enhance English vocabulary.

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In this blog of “The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download 2020”, we have come up with a list of difficult words taken from the Hindu Editorials, their meanings, synonyms, antonyms and the correct usage of the words. Read along to understand it better. 

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1. The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download – June 2020

Download the free PDF Vocabulary Booster June 2020 from the link provided below:


2. The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download – May 2020

Download the free PDF Vocabulary Booster May 2020 from the link provided below:


3. The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download – April 2020

Download the free PDF Vocabulary Booster April 2020 from the link provided below:



4. The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download – March 2020

Download the free PDF Vocabulary Booster March 2020 from the link provided below:


5. The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download – February 2020

Download the free PDF Vocabulary Booster February 2020 from the link provided below:


6. The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download – January 2020

Download the free PDF Vocabulary Booster January 2020 from the link provided below.


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8. Daily Vocabulary – June 2020

The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary – 3 July 2020

Word Meanings & Synonyms Antonyms Usage
Novel New and original, not like anything seen before.

Fresh, New, Original, Strange, Unaccustomed, Unfamiliar, Unheard of, Unknown, Unprecedented

Familiar, Hackneyed, Old, Time-honored, Tired, Warmed-over Keeping a sheep in the garden is a novel way of keeping the grass short!
Contagious The disease spread from one person or organism to another, typically by direct contact.

Infectious, Communicable, Transmissible

Noncommunicable The infection is highly contagious, so don’t let anyone else use your towel.
Slumping Undergo a sudden severe or prolonged fall in price, value, or amount.

Plummet, Plunge, Tumble, Drop

Rise, Soar The value of the property has slumped.
Robust Strong and healthy.

Vigorous, Sturdy, Powerful

Weak, Frail He looks robust and healthy enough.
Spatial Relating to or occupying space. This task is designed to test children’s spatial awareness.
Albeit Even though. Although Living a modest life as an editor wasn’t as appealing as living in the grand style, albeit as someone else’s valet.


The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary – 2 July 2020

Word Meanings & Synonyms Antonyms Usage
Inexplicable Unable to be explained or accounted for.

Unaccountable, Unexplainable, Incomprehensible, Unfathomable

Understandable For some inexplicable reason, her mind went completely blank.
Meticulous Showing great attention to detail.

Very careful and precise.

Careful, Conscientious, Diligent, Ultra-careful, Scrupulous

Careless, Sloppy, Slapdash The designs are hand-glazed with meticulous care.
Impeccable In accordance with the highest standards.

Faultless, Flawless, Spotless

Imperfect, Sinful His English is impeccable.
Paramount More important than anything else.


Last, Least There are many priorities, but reducing the budget deficit is paramount/is of paramount importance.
Efficacy The ability to produce a desired or intended result.

Effectiveness, Success

Inefficacy There is little information on the efficacy of this treatment.
Earmarked Designate funds or resources for a particular purpose.

Set aside, Keep back, Appropriate

Five billion dollars of this year’s budget is already earmarked for hospital improvements.
Earnestly With sincere and intense conviction.

Seriously, Solemnly, Gravely, Soberly, Sincerely

Frivolous, Half-hearted He hopes school officials will continue to work earnestly to ensure the rights of their minority students.
Efficacious Something inanimate or abstract successful in producing a desired or intended result.

Effective, Productive

Inefficacious This treatment was efficacious in some cases.


The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary – 1 July 2020

Word Meanings & Synonyms Antonyms Usage
Resumption the action of beginning something again after a pause or interruption.

Restart, Reopen

Suspension, Abandonment The president called for an immediate ceasefire and a resumption of negotiations between the two sides.
Impede Delay or prevent someone or something by obstructing them; hinder.

Handicap, Delay

Facilitate He claims that economic growth is being impeded by government regulations.
Imperative Of vital importance.


Unimportant, Optional The president said it was imperative that the release of all hostages be secured.
Formidable Inspiring fear or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense, or capable.

Intimidating, Forbidding, Redoubtable, Daunting, Alarming

Comforting, Easy She was once a political nonentity but has since won a formidable reputation as a determined campaigner.
Puerile Childishly silly and immature.

Childish, Immature, Infantile, Juvenile, Babyish

Mature, Sensible I find his sense of humour rather puerile.
Surreptitiously In a way that attempts to avoid notice or attention.

Secretively, Clandestine, Stealthily

Open, Overt, Public Mary surreptitiously slipped from the room.
Sovereignty Supreme power or authority.

Jurisdiction, Supremacy, Dominion, Power, Ascendancy

Subservience, Subjection, Dependence Talks are being held about who should have sovereignty over the island.
Deterring Discourage someone from doing something by instilling doubt or fear of the consequences.

Put off, Dissuade, Warn, Caution

Encourage Only a health problem would deter him from seeking re-election.


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