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Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download: The Hindu newspaper is treated as the Bible by aspirants of Bank, SSC, Railways, UPSC and other exams. Reading the editorial section of the newspaper daily has two-fold benefits. You learn about the latest happenings around the world and also get to enhance your vocabulary. Daily Hindu Vocabulary is a wonderful tool to add more words to your dictionary.

In this blog of “The Daily Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download 2022”, we have come up with a list of difficult words taken from the Hindu Editorials, their meanings, synonyms, antonyms, and the correct usage of the words. Get your Monthly, Weekly and daily Hindu Vocabulary below that will help you understand the news articles better. Scroll down to get daily Hindu vocabulary updates.

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Daily Hindu Vocabulary 2022

Check Daily Vocabulary for 2022 below :

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 30th August 

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Foes (Noun)Enemy

Opponent, Adversary, Rival
Friend, Ally, SupporterHis work efficiency was acknowledged by friend and foe alike
Recede (Verb)Go back

Abate, ebb, decrease
Grow, Enhance, ExpandAs the boat picked up speed, the coastline slowly receded from view
Bailout (Noun)Financial assistance to a failing economy

Rescue, Save, Assist
Back out, Abdicate, RelinquishBank sought a government bailout after repeated losses
Tranche (Noun)A portion of something esp money

Share, Proportion
Aggregate, Total, EntireThey risked losing the next tranche of funding
Mitigate (Verb)Relieve

Lighten, Allay, Alleviate
Increase, IntensifyPainkillers helped mitigate his severe back pain
Churlish (Adjective)Rude

Uncivilized, Impolite, Mean
Pleasant, Gentle, PoliteHe was afraid of being considered churlish

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 29th August 

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Whistle – blower (Noun)An employee who reveals some covert or insider knowledge of illegal activities occurring in an organization.

Informant, Defector
Follower, ChauvinistHe cannot work because he has been identified as the whistle-blower
Confront (Verb)Challenge

Tackle, Come face to face
Avoid, Escape, ShunShe confronted her friend about his smoking
Stint (Noun)Period of work

Term, Tenure
His stint in the army was the highlight of his life
Egregious (Adj)Obvious

Pronounced, Conspicious
Conceal, Hidden, InvisibleEgregious errors were caused by the system’s failure to check spelling
Ambit (Noun)Scope

Extent, Bounds
Her case did not fall in the ambit of civil law
Complicit (Verb)Involved in an unlawful activity

Deceitful, Conniving, Wily
Open, Naive, HonestHis complicity in the crime earned him five years in prison
Unfettered (Adj)Uncontrolled

Free, Unbound, Unshackled, Unrestrained
Restrain, Bind, ConfineShe was given unfettered access of the website to complete the project

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 27th August 

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Loom (Verb)About to happen

Imminent, Impend
Abate, Recede, RetreatStorm clouds loomed on the horizon
Brazen (Adj)Bold

Shameless, Assertive, Blunt
Humble, Modest, GentleHe shocked everyone with his brazen behaviour
Reminiscent (Noun)Tending to remind one of something

Suggestive, Expressive, 
Forgetful, ObliviousThe decor was reminiscent of the building’s past
Anomaly (Noun)Oddity

Irregularity, Abnormality, Deviation
Normality, Conformity, StandardShe spotted many anomalies in the company’s accounts
Upend (Adj)Turn upside down

Invert, Overturn
Continue, Remain, StayHe upended the bicycle to fix its flat tire

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 26th August 

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Ally (Noun)Friend

Supporter, Accomplice, 
Enemy, OpponentShe had found an ally in her old teacher
Resistance (Noun)Refusal to accept or comply with something

Fight, Defiance, Counteraction
Assistance, Aid, PeaceParents showed stubborn resistance to change
Crippling (Verb)Harmful

Adverse, Destructive
Helpful, Assisting, BeneficialThe pain in her legs was almost crippling
Attrition (Noun)Reducing someone’s strength

Weakening, Depreciation
Strengthening, BuildingThey’re trying to stop the attrition of their rights by the government
Rhetoric (Noun)Bragging

Hyperbole, Oratory, Exxageration
Quiet, DownplayHis speech was just empty rhetoric
Stalemate (Noun)Stand-off

Impasse, Deadlock, Stagnant, Bottleneck
Progress, Advance, Headway, Advance, ProgressThe peace negotiation ended in a stalemate

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 25th August 

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Turnout (Noun)Attendance 

Participation, Gathering 
Discord, Conflict, DisorderElection officials noted that the turnout of voters was low
Cohesion (Noun)A condition in which people or things are closely united

Unity,  Concord, Harmony, Peace
Concord, Harmony, PeaceThere was a lack of cohesion in the team
Coercing (Verb)Pressurising

Compelling, Intimidating,  Obligating
Convincing, Satisfying, PersuadingIt took a lot of coercing to get the children to do their homework
Cite (Verb)To give as an example

Quote, Illustrate, Refer
Forget, Overlook, IgnoreThe article cites several experts on the subject
Arbitrary (Adj)Lacking a definite plan, purpose, or pattern

Unplanned, Aimless, Contingent, Unintentional
Arranged, Managed, Orchestrated, Ordered, PlannedThey made an arbitrary trip to the beach

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 24th August 

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Repeal (Verb)To put an end to

Revoke, Annul, Cancel, Reverse
Commence, Initiate, Take upThe new government simply repealed the Act.
Foil (Verb)To prevent from achieving a goal

Obstruct, Hamper, Interfere
Aid, Assist, FacilitateFortunately, the police were able to foil the robbers’ plan
Disband (Verb)To cease to exist or cause to cease to exist as a group or organization

Break up, Disperse, Dissolve
Unite, Join, ConglomerateThey’ve decided to disband the club
Rehabilitation (Noun)The process of gradually regaining one’s health and strength

Recovery, Revival, Comeback
Relapse, Regress, WorsenHis rehabilitation took a lot of time
Apprehensions (Noun)Anxiety

Alarm, Doubt, Suspicion
Hope, Optimism, ConfidenceThe change in the law has caused apprehension among many people
Err (Adj)Make a mistake

Misbehave, Miscalculate, stray
Correct, Obey, UnderstandI may have erred in my calculations
Onus (Noun)Responsibility 

Obligation, Liability, Burden
Benefit, Aid, PraiseThe onus is on the user to read all the rules carefully

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 23rd August 

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Bode (Verb)Indicate

Foretell, Predict, Forebode
The news didn’t bode well for them
Trigger (Verb)Activate

Set off, Provoke, Stimulate
Halt, Prevent, BlockSmoke from the toaster triggered the fire alarm
Manifestation (Noun)Sign

Indication, Display
Secret, Hiding, Concealment, ObscurityThese latest riots are a clear manifestation of growing discontent
Torrential (Adj)Severe

Heavy, Copious
Meager, littleThe rain caused torrential flooding
Debilitate  (Verb)Weaken

Disable, Incapacitate, Impair
Energize, Toughen, HardenHis body was debilitated by the disease
Inevitable (Adj)Certain

Definite, Destined, Predetermined
Unsure, Avoidable, UncertainIt was inevitable that there would be job losses
Vagaries (Noun)Unexpected change in a situation

Fluctuation, Whims, Impulse
Certain, PlannedThe success of the event will be determined by the vagaries of the weather

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 22nd August 

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Exchequer (Noun)Available money

Bankroll, Currency, Fortune
Debts, Liabilities, IndebtednessThey raised a lot of money for the cause even though they were a small group
Clandestine (Adj)Secret

Covert, Stealth, Concealed
Open, Public, OvertThe army conducted several clandestine operations
Lapses (Noun)Failure

Gap, Interval
Precision, AccurateHis lapses in memory was alarming
Ulterior (Adj)Hidden

Undisclosed, Secondary
Visible, Open, DisclosedShe definitely had an ulterior motive in offering to help
Blatant (Adverb)In an open and shameless manner

Outspoken, Boisterous, Rowdy
Quiet, Silent, HushedThe whole event was a blatant attempt to gain publicity
Votary  (Noun)Devotee 

Believer, Fanatic
Critic, DetractorHe was a votary of non-violence
Tar (Verb)Blame or damage the reputation

Defame, Blemish, Smudge
Cleanse, Purify, DignifyScandals of the past tarred his image

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 20th August

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Resort (Verb)Choose a course of action to resove a difficult situation

Address, Recur, Adopt
Abstain, HaltThe group resorted to violence to get their needs met
Garner (Verb)Gather or Collect

Accumulate, Amass, Assemble
Disperse, DistributeThe NGO is trying to garner enough funds for the kid’s operation
Poignant (Adj)Evoking a keen sense of sadness or regret

Pitiful, Piteous, Pitiable, Pathetic,
Cheerful, IndifferentThe was a poignant portrayal of the effects of a war
Trammel (Noun)Restrictions to freedom of action

Restraint, Constraint, Curb, Check, Impediment
Help, Assist, AidThe parents were careful not to trammel their daughter’s dreams of being a dancer
Drub (Verb)Hit or Beat (someone) repeatedly

Thrash, Spank, Beat
Aid, Help, AssistThe thief was severely drubbed for stealing the car
Sulk (Noun)A state of resentment or irritability

Grouch, Hump
Cheerfulness, GaietyThe child sulked over not getting a new toy

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 19th August 

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Sequestered (Adj)Secluded

Isolated, Reclusive, Sheltered
Seen, Open, FreeHe was sequestered in his room.
Unequivocal  (Adj)Indisputable

Clear, Explicit, Unambiguous
Ambiguous, Vague, UnclearThe politicians have been unequivocal in their condemnation of the violence
Squalor (Noun)Extremely dirty and unpleasant

Filth, Unsanitary, Foul
Purity, CleanlinessThe family was living in squalor
Backlash (Noun)Strong, negative reaction to something

Kickback, Counterresponse, Rebound
Action, Behaviour, CauseThe new law sparked a huge backlash over its implications
Tout (Verb & adj)Advertised

Labelled, Publicised
Conceal, Hide, DiscourageThe company is running campaigns touting the product’s safety
Stigmatise (Adj)Criticize

Condemn, Disgrace
Compliment, Exalt, PraiseShe was stigmatised for her way of living

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 18 August 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Chagrin (Noun)Annoyance

Distress, Irritation, Vexation
Comfort, Confidence, DelightHe decided to get a tattoo, to the chagrin of his parents.
Ignominy (Noun)Embarassment

Humiliation, Shame, Disgrace
Esteem, Honour, RespectHe feared the ignominy of defeat in the last election.
Rampant (Noun)Widespread

Uncontrolled, Prevalent, Unchecked
Gentle, Restrained, Controlled, LimitedRampant corruption brought about the downfall of the government
Logjam (Noun)Deadlock

Stand-off, Impasse
Continuation, AdvanceThis was the second attempt to break the logjam in the peace process
Erstwhile (Adj)Former

Previous, Past, Preceding
Present, Contemporary, CurrentHer erstwhile friends turned against her
Ill-afford (Idiom)Unable to affordShe bought a new car, which she could ill afford
Prima-facie (Adj)On the first impression

Apparent, Evident
Hidden, Deceptive, InapparentThere was strong prima facie evidence that he committed the crime
Annals (Noun)Records of events

He has become a legend in the annals of military history

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 17 August 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Revoke (Verb)Official cancel

Abrogate, Annul, Abandon
Continue, KeepTheir privileges were revoked after they misbehaved
Gruesome (Noun)Cruel

Barbarous, Ghastly, Vicious
Attractive, PleasantPolice described it as a particularly gruesome attack
Blasphemous (Adj)The act of insulting or showing contempt

Sacrilegious, Impious, Profane
Reverent, Respectful, PiousAudience found the film to be blasphemous
Reiteration (Noun)The action of repeating something

Duplication, Replication
Inconsistent, InfrequentIt was a reiteration of the same old story
Fallacious (Adj)False

Deception, Inconsistency
Correct, real, TruthfulThe judge found their main argument to be fallacious
Apostate (Noun)a person who renounces a religious or political belief or principle

Renegrade, Nonconformist
Follower, DiscipleArun became an apostate after his wife died of cancer
Edict (Noun)Decree

Directive, Manifesto
Appeal, Petition, ProposalThe festival was banned by the Government’s edict
Bayed (Verb)Yelled

Urged, Howled, Shouted
Mumbled, WhisperedThe dogs bayed and dashed in pursuit of their prey

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 16 August 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsSentence
Approbation (Noun)Approval

Praise, Admiration
Disapproval, Disagreement, CriticizeThe manager surveyed her work with approbation
Stately (Adj)Impressive

Magnificent, Ceremonious
Ordinary, Common, MinorThey watched the building’s stately progress regularly.
Pressing (Adj)Urgent

Persistent, Critical
Trivial, Insignificant, InessentialGlobal warming is a pressing issue in the world right now
Tugging (Verb)Struggling

Pulling hard, Drag, Draw
Push, Shove, ThrustShe kept tugging at the necklace during the meeting
Seams (Noun)Weak or vulnerable point

Hem, Joint, Juncture
OpeningThe cloth tore at the seams
Pernicious (Adj)Harmful

Damaging, Dangerous,
Assisting, Beneficial, BenevolentThe pernicious cycle of abuse within families must be addressed

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 13 August 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsSentence
Perpetrate (Verb)Execute

Carry out, Commit
Leave, Stop, HaltShe seemed too gentle to perpetrate such a brutal crime.
Dastardly (Adj)Wicked

Cruel, Vile, Mean
Honourable, RespectableThe terrorist attack was a dastardly attack
Persevere (Verb)Persist

Continue, Endure, Pursue
Cease, DiscontinueShe persevered in her studies and graduated at the top of her class
Garner (Verb)Gather

Muster, Collect
Spend, Disperse, ScatterShe garnered more evidence to support her theory
Leverage (Verb)Use something to maximum advantage

Clout, Edge, Bargain
WeaknessHe leveraged his experience to get a well paying job

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 12 August 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsSentence
Devolution (Noun)Dispersal

Transfer, Distribution, Give away
Keep, Develop, RiseThere has got to be a devolution of powers for the smooth functioning of the government
Prudent (Adj)Wise

Judicious, Cautious, Cozy
Careless, Foolish, UnwiseHe always listened to her prudent advice
Pragmatic (Adj)Practical

Realistic, Rational
Fantastic, Imaginative, IdealisticThey could not find a pragmatic solution to the problem
Impetus (Noun)Encouragement

Incentive, Incitement, Boost
Disincentive, DiscourageThe movement is steadily gaining impetus
Buoyancy (Noun)Cheerfulness

Optimism, Hope
Helplessness, ApathyWe hope that the economy will maintain its buoyancy.
Nudge (Verb)Touched or pushed gently

Brush, Graze, Shave, Skim
Clash, Bang, CollideThe salesman nudged her into testing out the new product.

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 11 August 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Slated (Verb)Planned

Scheduled, Anticipated, Awaited
Unexpected, UnforeseenThe train was slated to leave at 5pm
Unprecedented (Adj & Verb)Never done or known before

Unparalleled, Unmatched
Normal, CommonThe team has enjoyed unprecedented success this year
Logistics (Noun)Arrangement

Planning, Management
Disorganization, MismanagementThe manager took a look at the logistics info she showed
Sombre (Adj)Sober

Serious, Gloomy
Happy, JoyousThey sat in sombre silence after the mishap
Indomitable (Adj)Invincible

Unconquerable, Unbeatable
Vulnerable, VincibleThe project was a success only due to her indomitable will
Cap off – PhraseTo finish something in a better wayThe car was filthy when he returned it to him, and to cap it off, there was almost no fuel left in the tank.

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 10 August 2022

WordMeaning and
Allure (Verb)Powerfully attract or charm

Entice, Tempt, Lure
Repulse, Disgust, DiscourageThe allure of the big city is common among youngsters
Allude (Verb)Suggest

Indirect, Mention, Imply, Insinuate
Explicit, ExpressHe alluded to the real cause but did not tell the full story
Disparate (Adj)Contrast

Different, Inconsistent, Dissimilar
Alike, Similar, UniformThe opinions of both the groups were disparate
Etched (Verb)Carved

Inscribed, Sculpted, Engraved
Erased, ExpungedThe events of the day were etched in his mind
Vigour (Noun)Strength

Potency, Power, Capability
Weakness, Powerlessness, InabilityHe began working with renewed vigour
Annex (Verb)Take over

Detach, Disconnect, SeparateRussia annexed Crimea in 2014
Redemption (Noun)Recovery

Salvation, Penance
Bondage, EnslavementThey sought redemption 
through prayer and meditation

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 9 August 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Inherent (Adj)Deep-rooted

Fundamental, Inborn, Innate
Acquired, Learned, AddedCompassion in inherent in every human being
Discretion (Noun)Individual choice or judgment

Choice, Prudence, Acumen
Carelessness, IgnoranceShe handled the awkward situation with great discretion.
Manifestly (Adverb)Clearly

Obviously, Apparently, Certainly
Vaguely, UncertainlyThe team has manifestly failed to achieve its goal
Arbitrary (Adj)Random

Optional, Oppressive, Autocratic
Rational, ReasonedThe company had arbitrary rules
Inequity (Noun)Lack of fairness or justice

Injustice, Unfairness, Wrong
Fairness, HonestThere are many inequities in our health-care system
Feted (Verb)To honour or praise someone publicly

Cherished, Regaled
Ignored, DepressedHe is feted by his peers and loved by his fans
Antediluvian (Adj)Old-fashioned

Outdated, Archaic
Modern, Fresh, RecentHe always wears antediluvian clothes that are way out of style

Hindu Vocabulary – 8 August 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Crotchety (Adj)Often in a bad mood and easily annoyed

Grouchy, Grumpy
Pleasant, HappyBy the time they reached their home, the children were tired and crotchety
Complaisant (Adj) Willing to go along with others by being polite

Amiable, Polite
Discontented, DisagreeableHe cursed himself for having been so complaisant for so long.
Petulant (Adj)Easily angered or annoyed

Bad-tempered, Impatient
Agreeable, PatientHe was a petulant child who was irritated by the smallest things
Badger (Verb)To annoy someone by repeatedly bothering them

Bully, Goad
Support, AssistThe kids badgered her to buy chocolates
Stupefy (Verb)To shock someone

Stun, Daze, Astound
Neglect, IgnoreHe was stupefied with what he read
Abominate (Verb)To hate something very much

Detest, Loathe
Like, LoveHe abominates cruelty of all kinds

Hindu Vocabulary – 4 August 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Stark (Adj)Complete

Absoute, Evident
Indistinct, LooseThe hall was decorated with stark simplicity
Exorbitant (Adj)Excessive

Extravagant, Outrageous
Cheap, AffordableThe company is charging an exorbitant price for its services
Succour (Noun)Help

Aid, Assist
Hurt, HarmThey give succour to the victims of abuse
Ponder (Verb)To think deeply

Consider, Wonder
Dismiss, IgnoreThe team pondered their chances of success
Hone (Verb)To make better or more effective

Sharpen, Edge
Blunt, DiminishShe practiced a lot to hone her skills
Hovel (Noun)A small house

Hut, Slum
Fort, BunglowThe homeless man lived in the abandoned hovel near the railway station

Hindu Vocabulary – 3 August 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Implication (Noun)Inference

Conclusion, Involvement, Connection
Truth, Reality, ProofHis implication in a crime sent shockwaves across the country
Setback (Noun)To slow the progress of

Problem, Hinder, Inhibit
Advance, Aid, BoostThe temporary setback  strengthened her resolve to finish the project
Instrumental (Adj)Serving as a means of pursuing an aim or policy

Contributory, Significant, Substantive
Unhelpful, UselessHe was instrumental in signing the peace accord
Predecessor (Noun)A person who held the job or office before the current person

Antecedent, Former
Successor, DerivativeHe built upon the work of his predecessor
Dreaded (Adj)Terrifying

Frightened, Fearful
Pleasant, DelightfulHe dreaded the outcome of his exam
Credence (Noun)Acceptance

Faith, Belief
Denial, DistrustThe new theory is gaining credence among scientists
Faction (Noun)A small organized dissenting group within a larger one, especially in politics

Clique, Section, Arm, Wing, Contingent
Individual, EntiretyFaction almost broke up the party

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 2 August 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Stand (Noun)Stance

Attitude, Opinion, Position
InactionMany citizens were in agreement with the government’s stand on agriculture
Rationale (Noun)Logic

Reasoning, Explanation, Justification
Illogical, nonsensicalI don’t understand the rationale for these restrictions
Threadbare (Adjective)Worn out

Tattered, Unkept, Ruined
PristineThe fabric appeared threadbare in places
Pursuit (Noun)The act of following someone or something

Chasing, Shadowing, Tagging
Retreat, SurrenderShe enjoys reading and other quiet pursuits.
Substantive (Adjective)Important

Considerable, Significant
Inessential, inconsiderateSubstantive research on the subject is yet to be carried out
Haste (Adjective)Hurry

Rapidity, Quickness
Delay, SlownessIn her haste, she slammed her shoulder against the wall
Aversion (Noun)Hatred

Repugnance, Abhorrence
Liking, InclinationShe has an aversion to pets

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 30 July 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Downturn(Noun)A decline in economy or business

Decline, Deteriorate, Dip
Ascent, IncreaseThe economic downturn caused massive unemployment
Outlook (Noun)Opinion

Perspective, Attitude, Standpoint
IndifferenceHer outlook on life was quite positive
Clouded (Verb)To make something unclear

Obscured, Murky
Shiny, Clear, BrightenedHis eyes clouded wit concern
Rebound (Verb)Revival

Bounce, Recover
Decline, Fail, WorsenHe rebounded quickly from the loss
Slash (Verb)Reduce greatly

Curtail, Lower, Shave
Increase, Lengthen, EnlargeShe slashed her way through the forest
Surge (Verb)Increase

Rise, Swell, Upsurge
Contract, Decrease, RecedeThe crowd surged when the store opened
Upped (Verb)Increased

Accelerated, Expanded, Increased
Decreased, Diminished, LessenedHe upped the ante in the sports world.

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 29 July 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Revival (Noun)Improvement

Betterment, Reinvention
Expiration, ExtinctionThe period saw a great economic revival
Beleaguered (Verb)In a difficult situation

Freed, LiberatedThe family were beleaguered by crime
Viability (Noun)Ability to work successfully

Possibility, Feasibility
Improbability, UnlikelihoodThey doubted the viability of the project
Rationale (Noun)Logic

Reasoning, Explanation
Irrational, DenseThe government provided a rationale for the law it passed
Envisage (Verb)Foresee

Predict, Forecast
Disregard, IgnoreNobody could envisage the level of destruction
Obligation (Noun)Responsibility

Commitment, Contract,
IrresponsibilityAll people have a moral obligation to defend human rights
Espouse (Verb)Commit

Embrace, Support
Abandon, Forsake,
He provided facts to support the causes he espoused

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 28 July 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Hooch (Noun)Inferior alcoholic drink

Non-intoxicantHe went to his desk to get his bottle of hooch from the drawer
Spurious (Adj)Fake

Counterfeit, Specious
Authentic, Genuine, RealHe was arrested on spurious corruption charges
Bootleggers (Noun)A person who makes distributes or sells products illegally

Blackballing, BlackingBootleggers sold 75 million dollars-worth of items
Complicity (Noun)Involvement

Collusion, Nexus
Non-involvementThe police had no proof of her complicity in the theft
Contentious (Adj)Controversial

Disputable, Argumentative
AgreeablePOK has been a contentious issue for decades
Patronage (Noun)Support

Backing , Encouraging, Aid
Disapproval, Discouragement, HindranceThe king was a great patronage of art

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 27 July 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Brim (Adj/Verb)Be full of

Peak, Brink, Fill
Minimum, RecedeThe glass was filled to the brim
Parade (Verb)Show off

Spectacle, Display
Conceal, Hide,
The winning team paraded down the street
Commence (Verb)Start

Begin, Launch, Initiate
End, Close, FinishTheir project commences in January
Discerning (Adj/Verb)Having or showing good judgement

Selective, Judicious, Refined
Negligent, Unaware, DisregardfulThe judge had a discerning eye
Biennial (Adj)Taking place every other year.Annual, PerennialThe biennial meeting concluded recently
Logistical (Adj)Relating to or involving organization and planning

Operational, Organizational, Procedural
Disorganizational, Mismanagement, MishandlingThe logistical expenses did not make the project feasible
Contingency (Noun)Emergency

Exigency, Crisis
Solution, AdvantageThe contingency plan was in place

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 26 July 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage

Happiness, Joy, Delight
Misery, SadnessThe euphoria of the team’s win has not yet subsided
MaidenFirst Attempt

Earliest, Pioneer,
Final, LastThe plane’s maiden flight was successful

Approachable, Gracious, Gentle
Impolite, RudeShe was always a very affable and a free-spoken young lady

Eradicate, Annhilate, Eliminate
Revive, CreateThey tried to obliterate the memory of the tragic events

Age, Time period
The development of the steam engine marked an important epoch in Industrial Revolution
HeadwindA force that inhibits progress

Draft, Whiff, Gusty
CalmThe cyclists had to battle a strong headwind

Alarming, Dreadful
Calming, Comforting,
She was scared by the two formidable men following her

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 25 July 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Fillip (Verb)Encouragement   StimulationDrain, Demoralise, RepressThe employees received a fillip of excitement after receiving bonus
Accolades (Noun) Honour   Recognition, Award, AcclaimDishonour, Insult, DisrespectThe movie received accolades from critics and audience alike
Acclaim (Noun)Praise   Commend, Applause, PraiseCriticize, Condemn, HumiliateThe scientist earned acclaim for his achievement in Physics
Delving (Verb)Investigating   Exploration, Inquisition, InspectionIgnore, NeglectHe kept making changes as he kept delving further into the details of the event
AnthologyCollection   Compilation, CompendiumNon-comprehensive, SingleStudents uploaded poetry for possible publication in the anthology series

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 23 July 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Caution (Noun)Vigilance   Alertness, WarinessReckless, WarinessWe must exercise caution when taking antibiotics
Overvalue (Verb)Overrate   Exaggerate, OverestimateUnderrate, UndervalueInternet stocks are highly overvalued
Slump (Noun)Plummet   Collapse, Decline, Plunge,Build, Rise, AscendHe slumped into the chair at work
Greenback (Noun)A dollar bill   Currency, Cash, Bank noteA wallet full of greenback was found on the bus
Procure (Verb)Obtain   Acquire, Get, GainLet go, Lose, MissMany people found it difficult to procure basic supplies during the pandemic
Faring (Verb)Performing   Progressing, Handle, ManageLose, Retreat, StayShe visited the hospital to see how he was faring
Allay (Verb)Mitigate   Reduce, Ease, CalmIncrease, IntensifyThe government tried to allay the public’s fears

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 22 July 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Elate (Adj)Overjoyed   Ecstatic, ExhilirateDiscourage, DissuadeHe was elated by the news
Stint (Noun)The allotted period   Stretch, Term, Tenure She made a lot of changes in her brief stint as President of the board
Acutely (Adverb)Sharply   Severely, HarshlyBlissfully, Gladly, HappilyHe was acutely aware of his shortcomings
Cognisant (Noun)Having knowledge or awareness   Aware, Conscious Ignorant, UnfamiliarHe was cognisant of the problem
ArticulateExpress clearly   Coherent, Eloquent, FluentUnclear, UnintelligibleThe student was very articulate in her speech
InvigorateEnergise   Refresh, Arouse, AwakeDemoralize, Discourage, SuppressCool morning air invigorated him
GaugeCalculate   Assess, Ascertain, DetermineGuess, EstimateIt is difficult to gauge one’s character

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 19 July 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Incarceration (Noun)Act of putting someone in prison

Captivity, Prison, Custody
Liberation, Release, FreedomHis incarceration lead to widespread protests
Bemoaned (Noun)Express Sorrow

Grieved, Lamented, Mourned
Cheered, Grinned, SmiledThe shopkeeper bemoaned his loss
Summons (Noun)Order to be present before the court

Warrant, Demand, Command
Dismiss, BanishHe received a summons to appear in court
Overhaul (Verb)Make

Surpass, Pursue, Catch up
Fall shortThe tax system needs a overhaul
Glaring (Adj)Obvious

Blatant, Striking, Pronounced
Concealed, Hiding, inconspicuousShe was a glaring example of a misfit
Fleeing (Verb)Escape

Run Away, Take off
Arrive, StayThe cattle was seen fleeing the field
Remand (Verb)Send back

Remit, Challenge
Accept, AgreeThe remanded proposal was not accepted

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 18 July 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Overdrive (Noun)State of excessive activity

Vigour, Enterprise
Refrain, Lazy, InactivityThe employees went into overdrive to finish their tasks on time
Frenzied (Adj)Excited

Agitated, Hyperactive, Overactive
Calm, Composed, Serene, PlacidThe store was a scene of frenzied activity this morning
Undergo (Verb)Experience or be subjected to

Undertake, Endure, Go through
Discontinue, StopShe will undergo an operation
Circumspect (Adj)Unwilling to take risks

Cautious, Wary, Guarded
Careless, Reckless, Negligenthe reminded his kids to be circumspect when dealing with strangers
Voicing (Verb)Airing

Stating, Expressing
Restraining, CensoringShe had no fear in voicing her feelings
Mandate (Verb)Order to follow something

Command, Dictate, Direct
Rescind, Countermand, CancelThey carried out the governor’s mandate to construct more roads

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 16 July 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Irrefutable (Adjective)Impossible to deny

Inarguable, Undeniable, Unambiguous
There is irrefutable evidence that he mismanaged the finances
Scathe (Verb)Harm

Injure, Attack, Criticize
Acclaim, Commend,
The thief was not able to scathe her
Tepid (Adjective)Showing little enthusiasm

Halfhearted, Lukewarm
Eager, EnthusiasticThe audience’s reaction to the film was rather tepid
Slander (Noun)Make false allegations against someone

Defame, Malign
Praise, GlorifyHe was sued for slander
Topple (Verb)Overbalance

Slip, Stumble
Rise, SteadyThe strong winds toppled many trees
Pervasive (Adjective)Something that has a tendency to spread

Prevalent, Widespread, General
Rare, Private, UncommonThe influence of pressure groups have become pervasive.

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 15 July 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Concerted (Adj)Working together

Collaborative, Collective, 
It will take a concerted effort to undo the damage on the environment
Decelerated (Verb)Decreased

Slowed, Hampered, Inhibited
Advanced, Expedited, HurriedThe RBI has made every effort to decelerate inflation
Vigil (Noun)Watchful

Surveillance, Scrutiny, Lookout
Disregard, NeglectHe kept her vigil for what must have been several days
Ward off (Verb)Prevent

Deflect, Defy, Repel
Embrace, WelcomeLemons were used to ward off spirits
Adversely (Adverb)In a harmful way

Negatively, Disapprovingly, Scornfully
Admiringly, Appreciatively, RespectfullyThe abuse affected him adversely
Respite (Noun)Relaxation

Calm, Tranquility, Serenity
Bustle, Commotion, UnrestRain brought respite from the heat
Albeit (Conjunction)Although

Whereas, While, When
They decided to buy the car, albeit the price made them hesitate

Hindu Vocabulary – 14 July 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Affinity (Noun)Liking

Affection, Fondness,
Dislike, Hatred,
English has a close affinity to French
Tranquil (Adjective)Calm

Peaceful, Placid, Serene
Loud, Noisy, TumultousHe spent hours looking at the tranquil surface of the water
Crimped (Adjective)Having an adverse effect on

Disheartened, Limited
EncouragedHis bad performance crimped their chance of winning
Clout (Verb)Influence

Authority, Influence, Leverage
Weakness, HelplessnessShe used her political clout to help the poor
Atoning (Verb)Feeling sorry

Apologizing, Confessing
Defiant, UnrepentantHe spent the rest of his life atoning for his sins
Articulate (Adjective)Express

Eloquent, Fluent, Vocal
Fumble, Hesitate, StutterShe is very articulate for her age

Hindu Vocabulary – 8 July 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Disarray (Noun)Not intended or deliberate 

Accidental, Chance
Certain, Deliberate, IntentionalThe chairman’s sudden decision threw everyone’s plan in disarray
Untenable (Adj)Not able to be defended against attack or objection

Baseless, Irrational, Inconsistent
Clear, Credible, ReasonedHis idea turned out to be untenable
Pinnacle (Noun)The Highest point

Apex, Crest, Peak
Abyss, Base, BottomHe had reached the pinnacle of his success
Brunt (Noun)The worst part of a specified action.

Impact, Burden, Quantum
Ease, PeaceHe took the brunt of the pain
Appeasement (Noun)Pacify

Soothe, Satisfy, Allay, Mitigate
Arouse, Sharpen, AgonyThe police decided there can be no appeasement with ruthlessness
Pillory (Noun)To subject (someone) to harsh public criticism

Castigate, Blame, Censure
Approve, Commend, EndorseHe did not want to pillory people without cause
Inadvertent (Adj)Happening by chance

Accidental, Unexpected
Certain, DestinedHe made an inadvertent error

Daily Vocabulary – 7 July 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Burgeon (Verb)Increase rapidly

Proliferate, Flourish,
Decrease, Diminish,
He burgeoned into a fine actress
Retaliation (Noun)Revenge

Vengeance, Retribution,
Mercy, Forgiveness,
Pardon, Grace
The Government planned a strategy of massive retaliation
Dastardly (Adj)Wicked and Cruel

Heinous, Barbarous,
Noble, PraiseworthyHe was punished for his dastardly act
Amity (Noun)Friendship

Harmony, Benevolence,
Hatred, Malice,
She lived in amity with her neighbours
Quagmire (Noun)Awkward situation

Predicament, Quandary,
Solution, Agreement, His wife stumbled into a quagmire of his making
Callousness (Noun)Rudeness

Insensitivity, Detachment,
Empathy, Warmness, SensibilityThe passengers lost their life due to the driver’s callousness
Disenchantment (Noun)Disillusionment

Disgruntled, Dejected, Dismay
Content, Gratification,
The public have felt disenchantment with the government

Daily Vocabulary – 6 July 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonyms Usage
Aggravate (Verb)Make worse

Complicate, Exacerbate,
Allay, Alleviate,
Relieve, Ease
The symptoms were aggravated by the fall
Norm (Noun)Usual, Standard

Average, Normal, 
Par, Standard
Anomaly, Deviation, 
Exception,  Rarity
Short term contracts are now the norm with some big corporates
Mandate (Noun)Instruction

Order, Command,
Deny, Refuse, VetoThe Prime Minister was elected with a clear mandate to tackle poverty
Tweak (Noun)Changes

Adjust, Amend, Correct
Stagnate, Leave aloneHe tweaked his guitar strings
Incorporation (Noun)Include

Absorb, Integrate
Detach, SeparateHe wanted the incorporation of the startup into his company
Reservation (Noun)Doubts

Constraint, Restraint
Frankness, DisinhibitionShe had her reservation about going public with the issue
Deficit (Noun)Lack

Dearth, Deficiency, Shortage
Excess, Surplus, AbundantThere is a deficit of talented writers in the advertising industry

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