Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download – Daily Vocabulary 2022

Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download: The Hindu newspaper is treated as the Bible by aspirants of Bank, SSC, Railways, UPSC and other exams. Reading the editorial section of the newspaper daily has two-fold benefits. You learn about the latest happenings around the world and also get to enhance your vocabulary. Daily Hindu Vocabulary is a wonderful tool to add more words to your dictionary.

In this blog of “The Daily Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download 2022”, we have come up with a list of difficult words taken from the Hindu Editorials, their meanings, synonyms, antonyms, and the correct usage of the words. Get your daily Hindu Vocabulary below that will help you understand the news articles better. 

Daily Hindu Vocabulary 2022

Check Daily Vocabulary for 2022 below :

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 5 July 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Tranche (Noun)A portion of something

Part, Share
Outside, EndThe company risks losing the next tranche of funding
Notable (Adjective)Worthy of attention or notice

Eminent, Distinguished, Outstanding
Ordinary, Average, UnforgettableThe ceasefire was a notable achievement
Teeter (Verb)Move unsteadily

Falter, Waver, Quake
Advance, ContinueShe teetered down the street after getting the bad news.
Shun (Verb)Refuse to accept someone or something

Avoid, Elude, Evade
Accept, Pursue, CatchHe shunned parties and social events
Counterpart (Noun)One that is equal to another

Equivalent, Analogue
Antithesis, Inferior, SuperiorHer counterpart was not very agrreable
Delegate (Verb)To put into the possession of another

Assign, Entrust, Depute
Detain, Reserve, WitholdShe plans to delegate more responsibility to the deputy
Constraint (Noun)Limit

Inhibit, Suppress, Restraint
Freedom, LatitudeLack of funding was a major constraint in their project

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 4 July 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Litigious (Adjective)Too ready to take legal action to settle disputes

Belligerent, Combative
Contentious, Disputable
Peaceable, Agreeable, Amiable, CompliantUSA is the most litigious country in the world
Helm (Noun)Steer

Navigate, Pilot, Lead
Unaccountable, Exempt, ExcusedHe is at the helm of his career
Quibble (Verb)Argue or raise objections about a trivial matter

Criticize, Altercate, Quarrel
Coexist, Agree, AssentThey agreed not to quibble over minor details
Competence (Noun)The ability to do something successfully or efficiently

Ability, Capability, Potency, Effective
Incapable, Ineffective, InabilityThe boss admired his competence
Warrant (Verb)Justify or necessitate

Affirm, Guarantee, Approve
Disallow, Refuse, RejectHis writing was poor but it did not warrant such criticism
Seasoned (Adjective)Experienced in a particular activity or job

Accomplished, Competitive, Qualified
Ignorant, Inept, InexperiencedShe is a seasoned movie actor

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 1 July 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Lacunae (Noun)Lacking

Dearth, Deficit, Paucity
Excess, Abundance, SurplusThere is a major lacunae in the law that needs to be addressed
Grim (Adj)Worrying/Unpleasant

Bleak, Ghastly, Harsh
Happy, Cheerful, TranquilThe situation in Jammu and Kashmir was grim for weeks
Cede (Verb)Surrender

Give up, Relinquish, Lay down
Keep, Retain, WithholdThe company ceded its property to the farmers after widespread protest
Multitude (Noun)A large number

Heap, Pile, Crowd
Little, Handful, MinorityA multitude of dining options are available in major cities in India
Woeful (Adj)Miserable

Deplorable, Depressed, Dejected
Ecstatic, Euphoric, Exuberant, Excited, MerryThe protests expose a woeful ignorane of the law
Coterminous (Adj)Having / Meeting at a shared limit

Coexistent, Synchronous
Noncontemporary, NonconcurrentPrivacy and friendship are roughly considered coterminous
Fallout (Noun)Effect / Result

Argue, Bicker, Fight
Coexist, Get along, AgreeShe feared fallout from the merger of the companies

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 30 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Vile (Adj)Extremely unpleasant

Bad, Vicious, Wicked
Decent, Ethical, 
Good, Honest
They had to leave the room because of the vile smell
Inherent (Adj)Inborn, essential

Built-in, Constitutive, 
Essential, Hardwired, Innate
Acquired, Exterior,
Foreign, Extrinsic
Stress is an inherent part of modern lifestyle
Absurdity (Noun)Stupidity

Insanity, Lunacy, Idiocy
Sanity, Wisdom,
The absurdity of his plan made everyone laugh
Incite (Verb)Provoke

Arouse, Spark, Stimulate
Calm, Soothe, 
Subdue, Tranquilize
He incited the mob who damaged public property
Pseudonym (Noun)Alias

Pen name, Nom de plume
True identity, Real nameJ.K. Rowling’s pseudonym was Robert Galbraith
Vengeance (Noun)Revenge

Retribution, Payback, Counter
Mercy, Forgiveness, PardonHe wanted vengeance after his house was stolen
Antipathy (Noun)Hostility

Animosity, Grudge, Loathing
Love, Likeness,
Beloved, Delight
They showed antipathy towards immigrants

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 27 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Regressive (Adjective)Returning to former or less developed state

Orthodox, Traditional, Return
Progressive, Advanced, MatureThe new law is highly regressive
Fraught (Adjective)Filled with or likely to result in something undesirable

Bothersome, Tense, Strained
Restful, Comfortable, PeacefulRelationships between humans is are fraught with difficulties
Uphold (Verb)Maintain

Defend, Justify, Support
Abandon, Withdraw, RecantThe judge took the oath to uphold the constitution
Clandestine (Adjective)Secret

Covert, Hidden, Private
Open, PublicThe group held clandestine meetings
Partisan (Noun)Supporter

Biased, One-sided, Partial
Honest, Equal, NeutralDue to his partisan views, he was not ready to look at the big picture
Filibuster (Noun)Procrastination

Delay, Hinder, Postpone
Quicken, Speed up, AccelerateThe opposition threatened to filibuster until the session adjourns.

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 25 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymUsage
Novelty (Noun)Newness / Originality

Freshness, Uniqueness,
Stagnation, RoutineGradually, the novelty of city life began to reduce
Ennui (Noun)Boredom

Cheer, Joy, HappinessHer life felt empty and full of ennui
Pragmatic (Adj)Practical

Efficient, Logical, Practical
Irrational, Idealistic
He was a pragmatic leader
Inclusive (Adj)Including all

Broad, Overall, Comprehensive
Narrow, ExclusiveThe stay was inclusive of food
Premise (Noun)Basis

Assume, Postulate, Presume
Conclude, Deny, RejectThe law was based on the premise that competition will result in quality
Unshackle (Verb)Set free

Relieve, Liberate, Release
Hold, Detain, ImprisonHe unshackled from his mental prison
Surge (Verb)Sudden increase

Swell, Grow, Rise
Decline,Decrease, DescendShe surged past other runners

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 24 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymUsage
Outlier (Noun)Exception

Anamoly, Deviation
Standard, AverageThe scholarship student was treated as a outlier by her classmates
Ingenuity (Noun)Creativity

Originality, Innovativeness
Ignorance, Inability It didn’t take much ingenuity to figure out what happened
Riveting (Adj)Completely engrossing

Captivating, Enchanting, Mesmerizing
Boring, Monotonous, RepulsiveHis performance in the play was riveting
Egalitarian (Adj)Equality

Equitable, Impartial, Just
ElitistThey are working towards creating an egalitarian society
Conjure (Verb)Cause to appear unexpectedly as if by magic

Invoke, Summon, Charm
Disgust, RepelThey managed to conjure a victory
Surreptitiously (Adverb)Secretively

Covertly, Secretly, Stealthily, Privately
Openly, PubliclyThey watched the robber surreptitiously from the hallway
Intrigue (Verb)Interest

Engage, Enthrall, Fascinate
Boring, Dull , DrabHe was intrigued by the book

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 23 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Acrimony (Noun)Bitterness

Harshness, Bad temper
Gentleness, KindnessThe acrimony of the crime, has shocked the entire nation
Loath (Adj)Reluctant

Unwilling, Afraid, Opposed
Eager, Ready, WilllingHe was loath to admit his mistakes
Hew (Verb)Cut

Chop, Cleave
Defend, DefectThey hewed logs to build a house
Cushions (Verb)Supports

Protect, Shield, Soften
Expose, Intensify, DampenThe vacation cushioned the blow of his news to his family
Nurses (Verb)Hold close

Administer, Care, Mother
Forget, Ignore, NeglectThe doctor nursed him back to health
Chaos (Noun)Complete disorder

Confusion, Havoc, Turmoil
Order, Harmony, PeaceThe chaos was too much for her to bear

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 22 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Vanguard (Noun)A group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas

Forefront, Lead, Pioneer
Subsequent, Lagging,
They are in the vanguard of economic reform
Underscore (Verb)Emphasize

Accentuate, Punctuate
Omit, Disregard,
She underscored the most important points in the lesson
Staggered (Verb)Uneven or unsteady

Falter, Hesitate, Waver
Advance, Continue,
They were staggered at his rudeness
Duopoly (Noun)A situation in which two suppliers dominate the market for a commodity or service

Combine, Consolidate, Amalgamate
MonopolyTheir tax war will end their duopoly
Niche (Noun)A specialized segment of the market

Status, Nook, Alcove
Flank, Side, EdgeShe finally found her niche in the company
Roiled (Verb)Make (someone) annoyed or irritated

Angered, Ballistic, Enraged
Her hateful speech roiled everyone up

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 21 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Fillip (Noun)Something that acts as a stimulus

Boost, Charge, Incentive
Curb, Hinder, ObstructThe latest news gave the stock market a big phillip
Espionage (Noun)Act of Spying

Surveillance, Bugging
Ignorance, NeglectHe was found guilty of espionage against India
Redaction (Noun)The process of editing text for publication

Alternation, Amendment, Improvement
Jumble, MessHe was not aware of the redactions made in the final document
Bulwark (Noun)A Defensive Wall

Cover, Protect, Guard
Attack, AssaultVaccines act as a bulwark against many diseases
Repertoire (Noun)A stock of plays, dances, or items 

Pool, Reservoir, Stock
Clutter, JumbleHe has a limited repertoire when it comes to cooking
Onus (Noun)Something that is one’s duty or responsibility.

Responsible, Liable
Blameless, FaultlessThe onus is on the employers to follow rules
Pivotal (Adjective)Being of vital or central importance

Primary, Major, Central, Substantial
Inessential, Secondary, MinorThe diagnosis became a pivotal moment of her life

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 20 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Falter (Verb)Lose strength

Hesitate, Waver, Stumble
If I falter, I promise to try again
Surmise (Verb)To think without strong evidence

Guess, Conjecture
Suspect, Deduce, Infer
His surmise turned out to be right
Abysmal (Adjective)Extremely bad

Dreadful, Awful
Terrible, Extreme
Superb, Wonderful
The children show an abysmal ignorance of the history of our country
Agglomerate (Verb)To gather or cluster

Lump, Amass, Mobilize
Open, Spread,
Tiny soil particles, agglomerate to form large clusters
Searing (Adjective)Severely critical

Extreme, Fierce, Unbearable
Comfortable, Cozy, PleasantShe felt a searing pain in her arm
Accrue (Verb)Accumulate or receive over time

Accumulate, Enrich, Collect
Dimish, Lessen, DecreaseBy the time they leave, they’ll have accrued a year’s worth of interest

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 17 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Apocryphal (Adjective)Believed by people, but probably not true

Fictitious, Mythical, Fabricated, Imaginary, Questionable
Authentic, TrueMuch of what we have heard about her is almost certainly apocryphal
Beget (verb)Cause

Generate, Create, Produce
Halt, Stop, DestroyViolence begets cruelty, and that cruelty in turn begets more violence
Ameliorative (Adjective)To make or become better, more bearable

Constructive, Supportive
Bad, Harmful, DamagingShe wanted to ameliorate the situation
Squander (Verb)Waste

Lose, Throw away, Splurge, Deplete
Assemble, Cluster, 
Collect, Gather
He squandered his entire savings on gambling
Concomitantly (Adverb)Simultaneously

Coincidental, Accompanying
Unrelated, UnconnectedTraffic and air pollution has grown concomitantly in India
Upstage (Verb)Divert attention from (someone) towards oneself

Overshadow, Outdo, Outshine
Fall behind, loseHe upstaged the groom in the wedding
Jeopardise (Verb)To expose to danger or risk 

Endanger, Gamble (with), Hazard, 
Guard, Protect, ShieldHis decision jeopardised his entire career

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 16 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymsAntonymsUsage
Rumble (Verb)Make a continuous deep, resonant sound

Growl, Grumble, Mumble, Murmur
The rumble of the engine distracted her
Garner (Verb)Gather or collect (especially information or approval)

Pick up, Assemble, Accumulate, Deposit
Spend, Disperse,
The movie garnered immense praise from critics and audience alike
Sheen (Noun)A soft lustre on a surface

Glaze, Gloss, Shimmer, Glint, Polish
Dullness, Dimness, 
The dress had a silvery sheen to it
Fructify (Verb)Become productive

Develop, Flourish, Thrive,
Fail, Languish, Wither, ShrinkHe was fired from the company before his idea fructified into reality
Apprehension (Noun)Anxiety or fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen

Anxiety, Concern, 
Distress, Doubt
Hope, Optimism, Sanguinity
She felt some apprehension of taking up the new job
Grapple (Verb)Engage in a close fight or
struggle without weapons

Battle, Combat, Rivalry, Conflict, Confrontation
Agree, Avoid, Make peace, Dodge, Let goShe grappled with the thought of getting married
Retribution (Verb)Act of taking revenge

Payback, Retaliation, 
Clemency, Grace, 
Leniency, Mercy, Forgiveness, 
Pardon, Remission
The government decided to back down, in fear of
retribution from
the public
Tenet (Noun)A principle, belief

Doctrine, Dogma, Gospel
The family unity is such an accepted tenet 
within the middle class family

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 15 June 2022

WordMeaning and Synonyms AntonymsUsage
Awash (Adjective)Containing large numbers or amounts of someone or something Deluged, 
All the roads were awash with rubbish
Cite as evidence

Cite, Instance, Mention, Quote
Affirm, Hide
They were able to adduce evidence to support the claim
Having or showing no skill

Incapable, Incompetent, Unqualified, Unskilled
Able, Capable, 
Expert, Fit, 
She was always rather inept at sports
Capitulate (Verb)To accept defeat

Budge, Concede, Give in,
Succumb, Surrender, Yield
Defy, Fight, 
Oppose, Resist, 
Ukraine refuses to capitulate despite its dwindling resources
Comfort or consolation in a time of distress 

Cheer, Comfort, Consolation, Relief
He took solace in music
A feeling of calm satisfaction with your own abilities

Assurance, Confidence, 
Self-assurance, Self-confidence
His previous winnings may have bred a sense of complacency
Assist (someone) to do something wrong

Incite, Instigate, Provoke, Advocate, Encourage, Endorse
Stop, Oppose
He abetted the thief in robbing the house

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 14 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymAntonymUsage
Ramification (Noun)A complex or unwelcome consequence of an action or event

Aftereffect, Aftermath, Implication, Repercussion

The speech he made will have huge political ramifications
Imperative (Adjective)Of vital importance

Compulsory, Incumbent, 
Involuntary, Mandatory, Necessary
If you’re serious about getting healthy,
it’s imperative that you follow a healthy lifestyle
Culminate (Verb)To reach the end or the final result of something

Complete, Conclude, Finish, 
Terminate, Wrap up
Start, Begin, CommenceThe day will culminate with a spectacular show of lights
Manoeuvre (Verb)Move skilfully or carefully

Operation, Exercise, Activity,
Move, Action
Inactivity, Powerlessness, Unrestraint, UnskillfulnessThe pilot had to make a daring manoeuvre to avoid crashing
Disgruntle (Verb)Make (someone) angry

Dissatisfied, Discontented, Aggrieved, Resentful
 A disgruntled 
former employee is being blamed for the scam
Incumbent (Noun)The holder of an office or post

Current, Existing, Present
In office, In power, Holder
Former, PreviousThe incumbent chairman is retiring this year
Prophylactic (Adjective)Intended to prevent disease

Preventive, Precautionary, Protective, Inhibitory, Deterrent
Unsanitary, Danger, InjuredAlthough the vaccine has proven to be prophylactic, it does not prevent infection in all cases

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 13 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymAntonymUsage
Difficult situation in which you
have to choose between two
or more alternatives

Difficulty, Impasse, Predicament
Solution, Success, BenefitShe was in a dilemma about this job offer
Avenue (Noun)A way of approaching a problem
or making progress towards something

Channel, Entrance, Outlet,
Approach, Course of action
Departure, Exit, EscapeShe found a new avenue to showcase her talent
Negotiate (Verb)To try to reach an agreement by formal discussion

Bargain, Concert, Argue, Debate,
Reject, Deny, RefuseThey negotiated a fair price
Guessing possible answers to a question without having enough information to be certain

Chance, Enterprise, Gamble, 
Reality, Truth, Disdain, DisregardHis theories were dismissed
as mere speculation
Kindle (Verb)
Set something on fire

Fire, Ignite, Inflame
Choke, Smother, 
Suffocate, Dim, 
A teacher’s job is not just to impart knowledge, but to kindle enthusiasm
Enablement (Verb)To give someone the authority or means to do something

Allow, Permit, Empower, Facilitate
Prevent, Obstruct, Hinder, EmpowerWe are in the age of enablement of science
Stance (Noun)Attitude, Opinion that you state clearly

Conduct, Demeanor, Presence, Behaviour
Inaction, Unsteadiness, MalingerHis stance on climate change was unflinching

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 11 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymAntonymUsage
Veracity (Noun)Conformity to facts

Honesty, Integrity,
Deceit, Dishonesty, 
Lying, Mendacity 
His veracity was his strongest point
Venerate (Verb)Regard with great respect

Adore, Deify, Glorify,
Revere, Worship
Defame, Malign, Slander,
Insult, Disrespect, Offend
Most budding cricketers venerate
Sachin Tendulkar
Extol (Verb)Praise enthusiastically

Celebrate, Glorify, Praise
Blame, Censure, Criticize,
Rebuke, Reprimand
The parent was constantly extolling her child’s work
Rouse (Verb)To make someone become 
active or angry

Arouse, Awaken, Disturb, Provoke, 
Rest, Sleep, Nod,
Slumber, Snooze
The members were roused to anger by their leader’s indifference
Reek (Verb)Smell strongly and unpleasantly

Stench, Stink, odour
Aroma, Fragrance, PerfumeThe place reeked of decay and death
Fervent (Adjective)Having or displaying a passionate intensity

Fervent, Passionate, Intense, Fiery
Detached, Cold, Dry,
Impersonal, Dispassionate
He was a fervent nationalist
Resurgence (Noun)An increase or revival after a period
Rebirth, Regeneration, 
Rejuvenation, Renewal
Death, Extinction
There was a resurgence of energy in the team after his arrival

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 10 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymAntonymUsage
Converse (Verb)Engage in conversation

Chat, Discourse, Discuss,
Silent, Quiet, NoncontradictoryShe loved to converse with someone who spoke her language
Impassion (Verb)To arouse the passions of

Ardent, Blazing, Burning Emotional,
Cold, Cool, Dispassionate, UnemotionalThe child’s impassioned letter persuaded the president to pardon her dying father
Gruesome (Adjective)Extremely unpleasant

Appalling, Atrocious, Awful, 
Dreadful, Frightful
Pleasant, Appealing, 
Attractive, Delightful, 
People spoke against the gruesome scenes in the movie
Eminent (Adjective)Famous and respected within a particular sphere

Distinguished, Notable, 
Outstanding, Prestigious, 
Insignificant, Minor, 
Average, Inferior, 
People flocked to have a glimpse of the eminent actor
Ratify (Verb)Sign or give formal consent to

Accredit, Approve, Authorize, 
Clear, Confirm, Finalize, Formalize
Deny, Reject,
Veto, Turn Down
191 countries have ratified NPT
Iconic (Adjective)Widely recognized and well-established

Historic, Exemplary, Important
The Beatles have an iconic status in the music industry
Plea (Noun)A request made in an urgent and emotional manner

Appeal, Petition, Ask for help
Defense, Excuse, 
Nobody heard his plea for help

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 9 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymAntonymUsage
Clinch (Verb)To secure

Seize, Win, Clench, Secure
Release, Relinquish,
Let go
India clinched the title for the third time
A threatened penalty for
disobeying a law or rule

Penalty, Punishment,
Deterrent, Punitive action,
Denial, Refusal, 
Rejection, Revocation
His actions were not sanctioned by his superiors
Very serious or gloomy

Bleak, Cruel, Ghastly,
Gloomy, Glum
Bright, Cheerful,
Comforting, Good
Encouraging, Gentle
Her prognosis was grim
Drive away

Allay, Dismiss, Disperse,
Dissipate, Eliminate, Resolve,
Assemble, Cluster, Collect, Concentrate, CongregateThe official report dispelled any doubts the citizens had
Evaluate in a detailed and analytical way

Analysis, Evaluation, Assessment, Appraisal, Appreciation, Review
Ignore, Criticize, forget Following the teacher’s critique, students rewrote the papers
Relating to or using force
or threats

Insistent, Persistent, Pressing, 
Elective, Optional, VoluntaryThe coercive leader used threats and violence to make other people obey him

Daily Hindu Vocabulary – 8 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymAntonymUsage
Hurl or launch something with

Propel, Launch, Hurl, Fling, Fire, Blast
Catch, Hold, Keep, Receive
The new law catapulted the sector’s growth
Strict, precise, and exacting

Strict, Firm, Rigid, Rigorous, Severe, Harsh, Tough
Easy, Flexible, Gentle
Kind, Lenient
The company came up with stringent rules to increase productivity
Indigenous (Adjective)Originating or occurring naturally in a particular place

Native, Aboriginal, Local, Original, Earliest, Initial, Ancient
Imported, Introduced, 
Transplanted, Alien, 
Exotic, Foreign
Indigenous insects are needed to pollinate the local plants
Confer (Verb)Have discussions, exchange opinions

Consult, Communicate, Negotiate, Accord, Discuss
Keep quiet, Be quiet
Refuse, Dishonor
He was conferred with a lifetime achievement award
Rein in (Verb)To limit or control

Constrain, Contain, Control, Hamper, Hinder, Impede
Let go, Release,
Continue, Disperse, Scatter, Free
His boss gave him free rein to do what he needs to
Spur (Verb)Give an incentive or encouragement to

Propel, Prod, Induce, Impel, Motivate,
Move, Galvanize
Block, Deterrent,
Prevention, Curb
They decided on a trip at the spur of the moment
Herculean (Adjective)Requiring great strength or effort

Almighty, Colossal, Courageous, Gargantuan, Gigantic
Cheap, Easy, 
Effortless, Simple, 
Facile, Light, 
The committee was faced with a herculean task

Daily Vocabulary – 7 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymAntonymUsage
Deeply or seriously thoughtful

Thoughtful, Reflective, Contemplative, Introspective
Negligent, Uncaring
Ignorant, Shallow
She became withdrawn and pensive during the meeting
Muster (Verb)To gather or summon 

Assemble, Convene, Gather, Marshal, Mobilize, Rally, Summon
Diverge, Stop, DemobilizeHe finally mustered the courage to talk on stage
Bout (Noun)A short period of intense activity of a specified kind

Spell, Period, Stretch, Stint, Session, Round
Inactivity, StagnantShe had a bout of fever over the holidays
Epitaph (Noun)A short piece of writing or a poem about a dead person

Elegy, Commemoration, Obituary, Inscription, Engraving, Etching
He had decided the lines as his epitaph
Extremely high in quality

Exceptional, Fancy, Premium, Special, Astronomical
Bad, Inferior, 
Low-grade, Substandard, 
Unsatisfactory, Mediocre
The actor’s stellar performance won him a nomination
Relapse (Verb)Deteriorate after a period of improvement

Worsen, Deteriorate, Degenerate, Sink
Take a turn for the worse, Sicken, Weaken, Fail
Success, Heal, Progress, Strengthen, CureTB can relapse years after the infection

Daily Vocabulary – 6 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymAntonymUsage
Impinge (Verb)Have an effect, especially a negative one

Encroach, Infringe, Intrude, Meddle, Pry
Abstain, Conceal, Hide, IgnoreHe din’t allow his personal problems to impinge on his work
Paramount (Adjective)More important than anything else

Outstanding, Predominant, Preeminent, Chief, Dominant
Insignificant, Minor, Slight, 
Trifling, Trivial, Unimportant
His mother’s happiness was of paramount importance
Bolster (Verb)Support or strengthen

Reinforce, Boost, Fortify, Uphold, Augment, Renew
Block, Decrease, Discourage, Halt, HinderShe went her son to bolster his confidence
Batter (Verb)Injure by repeated blows or punishment

Beat, Strike, Assault, Smash, Punch, Lash, Trash
Aid, Assist, Build, Compliment, Construct, CreatePolice battered down the door to rescue the boy
Avatar (Noun)Different forms

Incarnation, Embodiment, Epitome, Manifestation
Mortal, Human, Person, EarthlingHe was regarded as an avatar of charity and concern for the poor
Overreach (Verb)Reach out too far

Betray, Cheat, Deceive, Defraud, Delude
Fairness, Honesty, Openness,
Sincerity, Trustworthiness
He had to 
overreach in order to catch his daughter’s hand

Daily Vocabulary – 5 June 2022

Word Meaning and SynonymAntonymUsage
StupendousExtremely impressive

Amazing, Astonishing, Astounding,
Awesome, Awful, Fabulous, Marvelous
Terrible, Unimportant, Unimpressive, ModestThe movie was quite stupendous
DeceitHide the truth to deceive someone

Deception, Duplicity, Fraud,
Fraudulence, Cheating,
Actual, Authentic, Forthright, Frank, Genuine, Honest, IngenuousThe employees were unaware of their company’s deceit
VoluntaryActing of one’s own free will

Deliberately, Freely, Intentionally,
Spontaneously, Willingly,
By choice, By preference
Compulsory, Involuntary, Obligatory
Since retiring from the company, she has taken up voluntary work for a charity
By DefaultBecause of a lack of opposition or options

Consequently, Automatically
Abundance, Excess, Optional She got the job by default when the first choice quit

Charge, Exact, Demand, Raise, Collect, Gather
Abate, Diminish, 
Lessen, Forgive, Release
The government will levy a fine on the citizens
PrerequisiteRequired as a prior condition

Essential, Expedient, Imperative, Mandatory,
Must, Requirement
Inessential, Optional
Secondary, Unnecessary
Having a degree is a prerequisite for the job

Once, Bygone, Ex, Late, Old, Past, Preceding, Previous
Present, Junior,
Inexperienced, Young
His erstwhile friends turned against him
PerilSerious and immediate danger

Danger, Jeopardy, Risk,
Hazard, Insecurity
Guard, Protect, Safeguard, 
Shield, Harbor, Haven, 
Refuge, Retreat, 
The company’s situation is now in grave peril

Daily Vocabulary – 4 June 2022

WordMeaning & SynonymAntonymUsage
Implication (noun)State of being involved in or connected to something

Indication, Connotation, Entail, Assumption, Inference
Reality, Truth, ProofThe athlete’s implication in a crime was saddening
Leverage (noun)Power to influence something and someone

Power, Control, Rule, Dominance, Sway
Insignificance, Triviality, Unimportance, Weakness, PowerlessnesHe had enough leverage to make the opponent drop the case
Emerge (verb)Become known

Appear, Arrive, Come up, Crop up, Develop, Loom, Materialize
Abandon, Decrease, Disappear, HideSeveral facts emerged during the investigation
Disseminate (verb)To spread information widely

Spread, Broadcast, Circulate, Disperse, Distribute
Conceal, Hide, Suppress, CensorHer job as a reporter was to disseminate correct information regarding the election
Absurd (adj)Extremely unreasonable

Crazy, Foolish, Goofy, Illogical, Irrational, Laughable, Ludicrous
Reasonable, Sensible, Rational, SmartThe management came up with absurd rules to increase efficiency
Naive (adj)Showing a lack of experience, Innocent

Innocent, Natural, Unsophisticated, Sincere, Gullible, Callow
The naive child believed everything he was told
Trigger (verb)Cause or make something happen

Bring about, Cause, Generate, Produce, Prompt, Provoke ,Set off, Spark
Stop, Cut, Halt, DeactivateSmoke in the hallway triggered the fire alarm

Daily Vocabulary – 3 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymAntonymUsage
DisdainConsider something to be unworthy of one’s respect or interest

Contempt, Scorn, Deride, Disrespect
Respect, Admire,
Love, Affection
Her disdain for big corporations was no secret
RecedeTo move back or away

Retreat, Withdraw, Subside, Lessen
Advance, Approach, Intensify, GrowClimate change has caused receding glaciers
Resonateto produce or be filled with a deep clear sound that continues for a long time or to produce an emotional effect on someone

Reverberate, Echo, Resound, Pulsate, Affect, Provoke, Inspire, Invoke, Awake
Quieten, Quiet, Shush, Lull, Disharmony, DisconnectThe noise of the bell resonated throughout the school

His words resonated with the voters

ProminenceThe state of being important, famous, or noticeable

Eminence, Fame, Greatness, Importance Prestige 
Insignificance, Unimportance, Inferiority, Depression, ObscurityThe actor came to prominence with his first movie and quickly rose to stardom
InnateQuality which you are born with

Native, Inherent, Intrinsic, Acquired, Inborn, Inherited, Natural
External, Extrinsic,
Processed, Induced, Acquired
He had an innate sense of music
BreakthroughA sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development

Boost, Development, Discovery, Finding, Gain, Hike, Improvement, Leap
Hindrance, Impediment, Stagnation, Stoppage, Worsening, SetbackScientists are on the brink of a breakthrough 
in the treatment of infectious diseases

Daily Vocabulary – 2 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymAntonymUsage
ViciousSomeone or something that is especially cruel, harsh, or violent

Violent, Cruel, Brutal, Savage, Ruthless, Merciless, Dangerous, Harsh
Gentle, Kind, Benevolent, Humane, NobleThe protest triggered a vicious riot
StarkHaving no exceptions or restrictions

Absolute, Complete, Definite, Outright
Gentle, Mild, Meek, SoftThe hills stood stark against plain grasslands
PrurientMarked by an immoderate interest or desire

Crude, Obscene, Indecent, Nasty
Clean, Descent, Nice, RespectableShe took a prurient interest in his personal life
SpectacleA visually striking performance or display

Demonstration, Display, Drama, Event, Extravaganza
Ordinariness, Normality, Disguise, Demureness, HumilityHe made a spectacle of himself
ForgoTo give up the enjoyment or advantage of

Abandon, Abstain, Eschew, Forsake 
Give in, Succumb, SurrenderHe was ready to forgo drinking for the sake of his children
UnrequitedNot reciprocated or returned in kind

Disregarded, Unacclaimed, Unreciprocated
Mutual, Reciprocatory, Refunded, SharedUnrequited love festered in his mind
TestamentSomething that serves as a sign or evidence of a specified fact

Proof, Will, Attest, Tribute
Disproof, Contradiction, Denial, VetoHer talks are a testament to her wisdom

Daily Vocabulary – 1 June 2022

WordMeaning and SynonymAntonymUsage
DissonanceLack of agreement or harmony between people or things

Discord, Discrepancy, Disparity, Discordant, Contention
Agreement, Harmony, Resonance, Accord,
There is a great deal of dissonance between what she says and does
IntrospectionExamination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes

Contemplation, Meditation,  Reflection, Scrutiny
Unreflective, Thoughtless,
She had her moments of quiet introspection
CordialWarm and Friendly

Pleasant, Affectionate, Gracious, Hospitable
Uncaring, Rude, UnconcernedThe atmosphere in the meeting was cordial
TepidShowing little enthusiasm

Lukewarm, Dull, Mild, Apathetic, Disinterested
Passionate, Enthusiastic, Inherent,VehemontThe audience reaction to the film was tepid
AllaySubdue or reduce in intensity or severity

Reduce, Diminish, Decrease, Lessen
Increase, Intensify, Worsen, AggravateThe doctor tried to allay her fears but failed
BehemothExtremely large

Giant, Mammoth, Collosal
Dwarf, Runt, Little, TinyThe city is a sprawling behemoth all around
ReiterateRepeat something typically for emphasis or clarity

Restate, Reprise, Replicate, Rehash, Reaffirm
Infrequent, IntermittentI want to reiterate the importance of protecting our environment

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