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Dear Aspirants Today we are sharing an e-book on “History Notes” for upcoming up exams. This free History Notes PDF both in Hindi & English is important for UP exams such as UPPSC PCS, UPSSSC PET, UP Police SI/ ASI, UPSC RO/ ARO 2021, etc. History is one of the very important subjects for various competitive examinations. In this article, we are providing you World Ancient History, World Ancient Civilization, Modern Indian History, Freedom Struggle, Important Historical Monuments, Books & Authors of Ancient India, Famous Wars & Battles Fought In The World in PDF form.

History Notes Free PDF For UP Exams | In Hindi & English

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Here A Few Sample Questions:

  1. Which one of the following Indus Valley Civilization sites gives evidence of a
    stadium? (SSC 2017)
    (a) Harappa
    (b) Kalibangan
    (c) Mohenjodaro
    (d) Dholavira
  2. Harappa is located on the bank of the river:
    (a) Indus
    (b) Ravi
    (c) Beas
    (d) Sutlej
  3. To make tools and weapons, the earliest inhabitants of India used : (SSC
    Multitasking 2014)
    (a) clay
    (b) wood
    (c) stones
    (d) bronze
  1. In which state is the archaeological site of Surkotada situated? (SSC CPO,2019)
    (a) Karnataka
    (b) Haryana
    (c) Rajasthan
    (d) Gujarat
  2. which of the following archaeological sites has evidence of pit dwellings? (SSC
    (a) Mehrgarh
    (b) Burzahom
    (c) Rana ghundai
    (d) Palavoi
  1. First Metal used by man?
    (a) Copper
    (b) Bronze
    (c) Iron
    (d) Tin
  2. The People of Indus valley civilization worshipped? (SSC CGL, 2016)
    (a) Vishnu
    (b) Pashupati
    (c) Indra
    (d) Brahma

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