How to clear SBI Clerk Exam? Read the Success Story of Vivek Parasar to know

Read the success story of Vivek Parasar, a BBA from Patna, to know How to clear SBI Clerk Exam? He had to take 9 months break from his preparation in 2017 due to unavoidable circumstances and health issues. But his determination to get into the banking sector was so high that he went against all odds and went on to clear SBI CLERK in 2019. 

Here he is going to share his section-wise preparation strategy which will put on the perfect path to success in the SBI Clerk Recruitment Exam.

Success story of Vivek:

“Hello, my name is Vivek Parasar and I am from Patna, Bihar. I have done my graduation in Bachelor’s of Business Administration in 2016 and later on, decided to take banking exams. (If you have also decided the same, then start preparing with a FREE Mock Test here)

The exams have that I have cleared are:

  1. Bihar State Co-operative Bank Assistant (currently serving)
  2. State Bank of India Junior Associate (yet to join)

How to Clear SBI Clerk Exam? – Follow my Preparation Strategy:

I started preparing for banking exams in the year 2017. I got selected in a well-known club in which aspirants co-exist to develop and polish each other both in quantitative and qualitative terms.

The seed of banker in me was turned into a beautiful sapling by this platform only but due to some unavoidable circumstances and health issues, I had to leave all of my preparation and I was on bed rest till June, 2018.

I had already lost almost 9 months and the banking examinations were getting tougher.

It was very hard for me to bounce back and get in line with, the then competition. But eventually I did. I worked tirelessly day-in and day-out.

After that, there was no looking back, I cleared all my preliminary examinations with ease and for all the mains examination in the later half of 2018-19, including SBI PO MAINS, SBI CLERK MAINS, IBPS PO MAINS, EPFO MAINS but to no avail.

My first taste of success came with Bihar state Cooperative bank and then subsequently all the other examinations that I have mentioned above.

Section-wise Tips to Clear SBI Clerk Exam

Preparation Tips for Quantitative Aptitude:

My Quants was the weakest of all the four subjects so I selected a few topics and only practiced them only.

For Preliminary exams, you need accuracy and not bulk of attempts. I solved 5 questions in IBPS PO MAINS, in which I marked one wrong. Even then I have a positive mains result because the remaining four were correct.

In SBI CLERK, I solved 13 and all of those were correct. If I had gone for 20 odd questions… I might have fallen short. (How many Questions can u solve in 20 minutes? Lets find out)

Preparation Tips for REASONING:

My reasoning section was good but I made it my strength by practicing it daily.

  • Syllogism – 20 questions
  • Inequality – 20 questions
  • Blood Relation – 20 questions
  • Direction – 20 questions
  • Ranking – 20 questions
  • Coding- Decoding – 20 questions
  • Data Sufficiency – 20 questions
  • Alphanumeric Series – 20 questions
  • Puzzle/ Seating Arrangement : 5 puzzle, 5 seating…
  • Verbal Reasoning: Follow Oliveboard blindly. (Start now)

Only 20% students can score more than 30 in Reasoning. Are you one of them? check now with a Free Test

Preparation Tips for English:

It’s my strength so I never did actually prepared for it. But what I did on a daily basis was reading articles on Economic Times app.

For others I would advise you all to solve questions from Oliveboard and practice and review mocks.

Today’s english section in banking exams demands comprehension skills more than anything else, and only reading and trying to comprehend will fetch you good results.

For Cloze test, fillers and other questions, keep solving Oliveboard mock tests. (Start with a Free Test now)

Preparation Tips for CURRENT AFFAIRS:

I blindly followed Oliveboard’s daily current affairs, wrote it in my notebook in the morning and revised it twice.

For static banking awareness, no pdf is better than Oliveboard’s banking BOLT so go for it. But in preliminary exams, banking questions are mostly related to current affairs, so if you have done your current affairs well…..there’s no stopping you from solving 90 percent of the questions. (check now if you can solve 90% of the questions)


Purchase any suitable mock test and solve it whole-heartedly. A good chunk of aspirants just solve mock tests for the sake of it. Don’t do such things. Solve mocks and properly review it. Even if it takes 5 hours to review, do it. This review process is your final polishing.

(Attempt a free mock test and be one of the lakhs of students who have increased their overall score by 16 marks by regularly attempting and Analyzing Oliveboard Mock tests.)

Oliveboard’s contribution in me clearing SBI Clerk Exam:

I would really fail in my duty if I won’t express my gratitude towards Oliveboard. From well designed mocks to detailed video lessons.

From tricky quizzes to exam-based tests. From old school most probable questions to new and dynamic questions, it has got it all. Whatever is your fear regarding preparation, Oliveboard will help you out. Trust me.

Especially, SBI CLERK JA final selection and IBPS PO mains selection…. Would not have been in my kitty if Oliveboard didn’t exist.

SMALL NOTE TO MY FELLOW ASPIRANTS: Very early in my preparation, when I started I lost 9 golden months of my life, and you all know how important the time factor is…for any candidate. If I can make it, by again starting from scratch, there is hardly any excuse why you cannot.”

That brings us to the end of this blog. We hope now you have found the answer to your question of “How to clear SBI Clerk Exam?”.

Any candidate who follows the section-wise strategy shared by Vivek in his SBI Clerk success story here will definitely have a better chance of clearing the SBI Clerk 2020 Exam.

All the best for your preparation.

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