IB ACIO Exam Analysis 2024, 17 Jan, All Shifts

IB ACIO Exam Analysis

In this article you will get to know about IB ACIO Exam Analysis 2024. We will discuss the difficulty level, number of good attempts, types of questions asked in exam, and expected questions for next shifts of IB ACIO.

IB ACIO Exam Analysis 2024

Analyzing the Intelligence Bureau (IB) Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (ACIO) exam involves looking at different parts. People check how hard the questions are, figure out how many correct answers they should aim for, and get to know the different types of questions. Also, they look at what kinds of questions were asked before to guess what might come up in the next sessions. This overall study helps candidates plan better and improve their preparation by understanding the exam’s details.

IB ACIO Exam Analysis 2024 – Total Good Attempts

SubjectsNo. of QuestionsGood AttemptsDifficulty Level
Current Affairs2010-13Easy
General Studies2014-16Easy to Moderate
Numerical Aptitude2012-15Moderate
Reasoning and Logical Aptitude2015-16Easy to Moderate
English Language2014-15Easy
Overall1006575Easy to Moderate

IB ACIO Exam Analysis 2024 for Current Affairs

The IB ACIO Exam Analysis for 2024 includes a focus on current affairs. In this examination review, candidates examine questions related to recent events and important news. The analysis involves understanding how well candidates were able to answer questions about the latest happenings, news, and developments. It helps in gauging the candidates’ awareness of the present and their ability to connect with contemporary issues. This aspect of the exam analysis is crucial for candidates to stay updated and perform well in the intelligence officer examination by showcasing their knowledge of current affairs.

NISAR RadarScience and Technology
Women’s Reservation BillPolitics and Governance
EAS related questionCurrent Affairs
Women’s Hockey (Sports Section)Sports
Yojna related questionPolicies and Programs
Global Warming/Green House EffectEnvironment
Samrat Ashok relatedHistory

IB ACIO Exam Analysis 2024 for General Studies

In the IB ACIO Exam Analysis for 2024, the General Studies section is a key focus. This part of the examination involves assessing candidates’ knowledge in various subjects like history, geography, science, and other general topics. The analysis reviews how well candidates tackled questions related to these broader areas of study. It helps in understanding the overall performance of candidates in the General Studies section, indicating strengths and areas that may need more preparation. This examination analysis is valuable for candidates aiming to enhance their understanding and proficiency in general knowledge for future attempts or similar assessments.

President’s Pardon PowerConstitutional Powers
Prime MinisterPolitical Leadership
Modern India – Indian National CongressHistory and Politics

IB ACIO Exam Analysis 2024 for English

This part of the exam evaluates candidates’ proficiency in the English language, including reading, comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. The analysis involves reviewing how well candidates responded to questions related to these language aspects. It provides insights into candidates’ language skills, identifying areas of strength and potential improvement. This examination analysis is beneficial for candidates seeking to refine their English language abilities for future exams or similar assessments. It guides them in understanding specific areas that may require additional attention and practice.

TopicCategoryNumber of Questions
Cloze TestReading Comprehension2
GrammarLanguage3 to 4
PQRS relatedSentence Arrangement2
Conjunction (Although/Yet)Language1
VocabularyLanguage5 to 6

IB ACIO Exam Analysis 2024 for Reasoning

The IB ACIO Exam Analysis for 2024 focuses on the Reasoning section. This part of the exam assesses candidates’ logical and analytical thinking abilities. The analysis delves into how well candidates tackled questions related to reasoning, including topics like logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning. It provides valuable insights into candidates’ problem-solving skills and their ability to understand and analyze information. This examination analysis is crucial for candidates looking to enhance their reasoning skills for future attempts or similar assessments. It aids in identifying specific areas for improvement and refining strategies for tackling reasoning-based questions.

TopicCategoryNumber of Questions
Coding-DecodingLogical Reasoning2 to 3
RankingLogical Reasoning1
Number AnalogyLogical Reasoning1
Blood RelationLogical Reasoning1
Number SeriesLogical Reasoning1
Mirror ImageSpatial Reasoning1
Linear Seating ArrangementLogical Reasoning1
Figure SeriesVisual Reasoning1

IB ACIO Exam Shift Timings 2024

ShiftsExam Timings
IB ACIO 2024 Shift 1 Timing 8:30 am to 9:30 am
IB ACIO 2024 Shift 2 Timing 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
IB ACIO 2024 Shift 3 Timing2:30 pm to 3:30 pm
IB ACIO 2024 Shift 4 Timing 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

IB ACIO Exam Analysis 2024 FAQs

Q1. What was the level of IB ACIO Exam Analysis 2024 ?

Ans. IB ACIO Exam Analysis 2024 level was easy to moderate.

Q2. Where i will found all the shift analysis of IB ACIO 2024 ?

Ans. In this article you will found all 4 shift analysis and able to check difficult level, good attempts and more.


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