How to Start IBPS PO Quant Preparation 2022- Listen from Experts

IBPS PO Quant Preparation 2022: Preparation of any exam begins with acquainting oneself with what are we going to prepare for, what all it includes and how are we going to execute it. There are basically 4 sections that come in IBPS PO exam, they are – Reasoning, Quants, English, and General Awareness (Asked in Mains). And the section that most of the candidates find difficult is quant, because of lengthy calculations, formulas, short tricks, square roots, tables etc. But quant is one of the most scoring section among all the sections, as if you know the right method, you’ll surely get to the answer. So, to let you all overcome the fear of quant, we have discussed here, how to start preparing for this particular section. Check in this article IBPS PO Quant Preparation 2022 along with some Tips that you can just implement in your Prelims as well as Mains preparation. Not just that, get access to the Quant Course on Oliveboard to master all the topics through online quantitative aptitude Classes, practice sessions, and sectional tests. 

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1. IBPS PO Quant Preparation – How to Start from Scratch

1.1. Understand the Pattern for Both Prelims and Mains

While you prepare for IBPS PO Quant Section, the first thing you need to know is the pattern and weightage of different topics in prelims as well as mains exam. So, first let’s understand the pattern of the quant Section in IBPS PO for both Prelims and Mains:

ParametersPrelimsMains(Data Analysis and Interpretation)
No. of questions3535
Time Allotted20 mins45 mins

As you can see, there is no difference of number of questions between the prelims and the mains exams, but there is a stark difference between the time allotted and marks for the quant section in both prelims and mains exam. The reason for this is the rise in the difficulty level of the exam.

The prelims exam tests you more on your speed and accuracy and has comparatively easier questions than the mains exam.  The mains exam, on the other hand, thoroughly tests you on your understanding of the subject. Having said this, let us now dive into the weightage of some major topics for the examination. Knowing the weightage of the different topics will give us insight into the topics we need to focus more on.

TopicWeightage in PrelimsWeightage in Mains
Data Interpretation11-2015-16
Quantity Comparison2-3
Missing Number Series5-6
Number Series3-4
Quadratic Equation5-6

1.2. Aptitude Matters

Remember your school days that how you all started? Was it with the Grammar rules? No, we were introduced first with the stories, poems, etc. so that we can build a basic understanding of the text. And this can be developed only if you Read Something on a regular basis – it can be novel, fiction, course-book, anything! Because once you have got the gist of the text, the rest of the things will gradually fall in place.

1.3. Brush Up the Basics

When preparing for this section, first brush up on the basics. If your math is a little out of practice, go through the basics from the NCERT Math textbooks of 8th to 10th grade. Although, you do not need to go through the entire textbooks. Just learn concepts like percentage, profit and loss etc. that will help you for this examination.

1.4. Work On Speed and Accuracy

In order to maintain time efficiency while writing the paper, ensure that you are fast in calculation. This requires a lot of practice. Make sure you know tables up to 20 and square roots up to 30 by heart. Learning short cuts is definitely encouraged, but only after you have learned how to deal with each topic the traditional way. In this case, it is essential that you master the traditional methods as well as the shortcuts.

1.5. Revision is the Mantra

Revision is the key to preparing for this section of the IBPS PO 2022 examinations. Revise important concepts and formulas before attempting the paper. Re-doing mock tests and practice sets also help strengthen concepts.

1.6. Look at the Clock

Time management is very important because you will only have 1 hour to complete the paper, and there is sectional timing as well. Do not spend extra time on questions that you cannot solve, move on and come back to them once all the other questions have been answered.

2. IBPS PO Quant Preparation – Practice these on a Daily Basis

2.1 Data Interpretation

DI Questions are an indispensable part of the both the Prelims & Mains Phase of IBPS PO exam. Every year a lot of questions asked from Data interpretation section in the prelims exam. In the mains exam, DI forms the major part. Start practicing data interpretation now with the free PDF. Click Here to download.

2.2 Number Series

Number series questions can be of many type such as, missing number series, wrong number series etc. Practicing a lot of number series questions helps the candidate to solve the series pattern faster with accuracy. Practice number series questions with oliveboard.

2.3 Arithmetic

Approximately 10-15 questions from Arithmetic section appear in every IBPS Exam, so this weightage makes this section a really important one. Practicing questions of various type can help you to score well in this section. Attempt Free Arithmetic quiz now.

2.4. Practice in a Time Bound Manner

Preparation and Practice must go together. Once you have prepared a topic, go on practicing it but in a time-bound manner. The IBPS PO Topic tests will help you do exactly that! You can follow it up with IBPS PO quant Sectional Test to practice all the topics together.

3. IBPS PO Quant Syllabus Important Topics 2022

Topic NameProbable Question Types
AverageQuestions based on Weight, Height, Age, Marks, Expenditure, Temperature, etc.
Data InterpretationGraphs- Bar & Line, Pie-Charts, Tabular data, Caselets.
Data SufficiencyQuestions on this topic are based on the other topics of the syllabus.
InterestSimple Interest, Compound Interest, Mixed Interest, Installments.
Linear EquationsSingle Variable, Double Variable.
Mensurationcalculation of Area and Volume of geometrical figures like Square, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Rhombus, Circle, Semicircle, Triangle, Cone, Cylinder, Cube.
Mixtures & AlligationsMixing 2 or more solutions, Dishonest mixing
Number SeriesMissing number, Wrong Number, Next number
Number SystemDivisibility & Remainder, Multiples & Factors, Integers, LCM & HCF.
PercentageDirect questions
Permutation & Combination / ProbabilityBasic Problems – arrangement, selection.
Problems on AgesRatio, Average, Equation based
Profit and LossFind Selling Price, Cost Price, Profit/Loss, Discount, Dis-honest shopkeepers, etc.
Quadratic EquationsFind X or Y based on given equations
Ratio and ProportionSimple Ratios, Compound Ratios, Componendo and Dividendo, Direct & Indirect Proportions.
SimplificationBODMAS Rule, Approximation, Decimals, Fractions, Surds & Indices, Percentages, etc.
Speed, Time, and Distance.Trains, Boats, Streams, average speed, etc.
Time and WorkWork Efficiency, Work & Wages, Pipes & Cisterns, etc.

Be it Prelims or IBPS PO Mains, practicing Mock Tests is the only way to test your preparation. Attempt the IBPS PO Free Mock Test provided on Oliveboard. This will provide you the actual exam-like scenario and on the exam day, you will see the difference it has made in your preparation. Register by clicking on the button below to attempt a free mock Test for IBPS PO exam 2022. These mock Tests are based on the latest exam pattern.

This is all from our side in this blog, keep reading!

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