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SBI PO English Topics : English section is one of the scoring sections when it comes to SBI PO exam preparations. A smart approach could help you gain full marks in this section. And, to help you with that we have come up with important SBI PO English topics along with practice questions.

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SBI PO 2022 Recruitment Exam Dates

Now let us have a look at the Important dates (tentative) related to SBI PO 2022 Recruitment 

SBI PO Exam 2022 EventsImportant Dates
SBI PO Notification 2022 Release Date21st September 2022
Start Date to Apply for SBI PO 202222nd September 2022
Last Date to Apply for SBI PO 202212th October 2022
Download of Preliminary Admit card1st / 2nd week of December 2022 onwards
SBI PO 2022 Exam Date- Prelims17th/18th/19th/ 20th of December 2022
SBI PO 2022 Exam Date- MainsJanuary 2023 / February 2023

The list of topics is based on the previous year’s SBI PO exam analysis. So let’s dive in & get to the article.

1. Important SBI PO English Topics – Previous Year’s Analysis

Here’s a Section-wise list of important SBI PO English topics that are probable to appear in this year’s examination. These topics are curated for you based on previous year papers so that you don’t miss out on the important topics while your preparations.

  • Reading Comprehension (Story-Based & Factual)
  • Cloze Test 
  • Sentence Correction
  • Phrase Replacement
  • Error Detection

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1.1 SBI PO Previous Year’s Question Distribution 

Here is the question distribution from the topics that appeared in the examination over the last 3 years.

sbi po English Topics

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension provides you with a summarised paragraph may it be factual or story-based. You guys are expected to go through the paragraph and summarise it accordingly to answer the questions asked following the paragraph.

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Cloze Test

In this topic, a story-based or a factual paragraph is given with multiple blanks in between. You have to go through the previous and following line to understand and fill which word better suits the blank. Options are usually given for this type of question.

Sample Questions

There is a considerable amount of research about the factors that make a company innovate. So is it possible to create an environment (A) to innovation? This is a particularly pertinent (B) for India today. Massive problems in health, education, etc.

Q1) Choose the correct word for option A
(a) stimuli
(b) conducive
(c) incentive
(d) facilitated
Correct Answer: option b

Q2) Choose the correct word for option B
(a) objective
(b) controversy
(c) doubt
(d) question
correct answer: option d

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Sentence Correction

A sentence is given in multiple parts with an error in one of the mentioned parts or sometimes there is no error, you have to read the sentence carefully, analyze it grammatically and meaningful sentence should be formed.

Sample Questions:

Check if the highlighted is right or wrong, mark option E if no correction is required.

Q1) The man to who I sold my house was a cheat.
a. to whom I sell
b. to who I sell
c. who was sold to
d. to whom I sold
e. No correction required
correct answer: option d

Q2) He is too important for tolerating any delay.
a. to tolerate
b. to tolerating
c. at tolerating
d. with tolerating
e. No correction required
correct answer: option a

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Phrase Replacement

This topic revolves around a given statement where a highlighted word will be given, you have to choose the most suitable option for the highlighted word.

Sample Questions

Q1) A lot of times we hear from actors that they regret the kind of roles they have been doing all this while, but this actor says he has never any regrets.
(a) never has have
(b) have never had
(c) has no
(d) has had
Correct Answer: option c

Q2) People discovered the alternate sources of energy when fossil fuel reserves starts to deplete.
(1) Start to deplete
(2) Starting to deplete
(3) Started to deplete
(4) Start with depleting
correct answer: option 3

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Error Detection

A sentence is broken into 4-5 parts and is given in options, you have to find out which part contains the error and mark it. if you can find no error mark the option with ‘no error’ written on it.

Sample Question

Choose the part that has an error in it.
a. We discussed about the problem so thoroughly
b. on the eve of the examination
c. that I found it very easy to work it out.
d. No error.
Correct answer: option a

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Course Highlights
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Sectional Tests60 Tests
Topicwise Tests99 Tests
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PDF Notes for Live ClassesYes, will be provided after Live Class
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