IBPS 2023 Exams: How to improve your calculation speed?

IBPS PO and Clerk 2023 exams are approaching. Quantitative aptitude is an important section of banking exams including IBPS, SBI, RBI and more. It is also considered as one of the most difficult sections to crack. A candidate needs to solve a problem in optimum speed to clear the cut off. Here, we bring to you few tips to improve your calculation speed.

  1. Memorize all the multiplication tables up to 20, squares up to 30, cubes up to 20 and fraction tables
  2. Include calculations in your everyday life to improve your skills. Few examples are cited below:
    • Perform average, multiplications, subtractions with cricket scores while enjoying the match
    • Read statistics in a company’s balance sheet published in a newspaper
    • Check car numbers, divide and multiply with the cars marked while travelling
  3. Continuous practice is necessary. This will help one identify pattern and thus develop tricks of their own.
  4. Make notes of important quant formulas and keep revising again and again
  5. Attempt as many mock tests you can and analyze your performance and speed after every mock.

Few Tips & Tricks that will be helpful:

Multiplying a 2-digit number by a 2-digit number (Example numbers: AB, CD)

  • Step 1: BD (write only the unit’s digit and carry the rest)
  • Step 2: AD + BC + carry over (cross multiply and add, write a single digit and carry the rest)
  • Step 3: AC + carry over (write the complete number)

Example: 29, 53

  • Step 1: 9×3=27 (Write 7 and 2 is carried over)
  • Step 2: 2×3+9×5+2 (carried over) =53 (Write 3 and 5 is carried over)
  • Step 3: 2×5+5 (carried over) = 15 (write 15)

Answer: 1537

Multiplying a 3-digit number by a 3-digit number (Example numbers: ABC, DEF)

  • Step 1: CF (Write only the unit’s digit and carry the rest)
  • Step 2: BF + CE + Carried Over (Write only the unit’s digit and carry the rest)
  • Step 3: AF + CD + BE + Carried Over (Write only the unit’s digit and carry the rest)
  • Step 4: AE + BD + Carried Over (Write only the unit’s digit and carry the rest)
  • Step 5: AD + Carried Over (Write the complete number)

Example: 123, 456

  • Step 1: 3×6=18 (Write 8 and 1 is carried over)
  • Step 2: 2×6+3×5+1 (carried over) =28 (Write 8 and 2 carried over)
  • Step 3: 1×6+3×4+2×5+2 (carried over) =30 (Write 0 and 3 is carried over)
  • Step 4: 1×5+2×4+3 (carried over) =16 (Write 6 and 1 is carried over)
  • Step 5: 1×4+1 (carried over) =5 (Write 5)

Answer: 56088

Square of numbers ending in 5 (Example numbers: 65 X 65)

  • Step 1: Multiply the first number with the next number (6×7 = 42) and this becomes the first part of the answer
  • Step 2: 25 (5×5) is the second part of the answer
  • Solution therefore is: 4225

IBPS Clerk 2017 Exam FAQs

Few Important Formulas:

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Geometry Theorems

  1. Pythagoras Theorem: AC2 = AB2 + BC2
  2. Apollonius Theorem: If AD is the median, AB2 + AC2 = 2 (AD2 + BD2)
  3. Angle Bisector Theorem: If AD is the angle bisector for angle A, AB/BD = AC/CD
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Area (2D Figures)

  1. Area of a Circle = πr2
  2. Diameter of a Circle = 2r
  3. Circumference of a Circle = 2πr
  4. Area of a Rectangle = lxb (l=length, b=breadth)
  5. Area of a Square = a2 (a=side)
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Try a free test now and improve your calculation speed. If you have any further question, participate in our discussion forum or mention in the comment section below.


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