IRS Officer Salary- Rank Wise Salary, Pay Grade, Benefits, Perks

The income of an Indian Revenue Service Officer, often known as an “IRS Officer,” is fantastic, and it comes with a slew of bonuses and advantages that make this career ideal. “The Indian Revenue Service, sometimes known as the Internal Revenue Service, is the government’s revenue arm. The CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Customs) and the CBDT (Central Board of Excise and Customs) are the two primary divisions of the Internal Revenue Service, which provide revenue services on behalf of the Indian government (Central Board of Direct Taxes). This chapter goes into further detail on IRS remuneration.”

The IRS exam is often regarded as one of India’s most difficult. The examination procedure lasts about a year. The test is divided into three sections, the same as the IAS exam. The preliminary round will take place first. This round consists of two papers, each worth 200 points. Getting 400 points in the preliminary round. The main’s round is the second stage. There are 9 papers and 7 papers of 250 marks each and 2 papers of 300 each.

If the candidate clears both rounds of examination, then the candidate will be called for a personal interview round. The personal interview will allow the examiner to understand if you are fit to be a civil servant or not. Now, let’s look into the IRS Officer Salary.

Indian Revenue Service Officer Salary

The IRS Officer Salary is determined by their positions within the Central and regime departments. The current 7th Pay Commission now determines the IRS Officer Salary. As an Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax, an IRS Officer’s initial salary ranges from Rs. 15,600 to Rs. 39,100, with grade pay of Rs. 5,400. They also receive various benefits and payments, but for now, let’s look at the IRS Officer’s salary by rank:

SI.NoRankPay BandGrade Pay
1Assistant Commissioner of Income TaxRs. 15,600-39,100Grade pay of Rs.5,400
2Deputy Commissioner of Income TaxRs. 15,600-39,100 Grade Pay of Rs. 6,600
3Joint Commissioner of Income TaxRs. 15,600-39,100 Grade Pay of Rs. 7,600
4Additional Commissioner of Income TaxRs. 37,400-67,000Grade Pay of Rs. 8,700
5Commissioner of Income TaxRs. 37,400-67,000Grade Pay of Rs. 10,000
6Principal Commissioner of Income TaxRs. 75,500-80,000
7Chief Commissioner of Income TaxRs. 75,500-80,000
8Principal Chief Commissioner of Income TaxRs. 80,000 (fixed)

Rank Wise IRS Officer Salary

  • After finishing the training, Indian Revenue Service officers are assigned to the position of Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax, with a pay range of Rs. 15,600-39,100 and a pay grade of Rs. 5,400.
  • At the next level, they work as Deputy Commissioners of Income Tax, earning Rs. 15,600-39,100 with a Rs. 6,600 as grade pay.
  • At Joint Commissioner of Income Tax, they are paid Rs. 15,600-39,100 with a grade of Rs 7,600 and are assigned to the job of Special Secretary/Head of Government Departments.
  • After several years as a Joint Commissioner of Income Tax, they are promoted to the status of Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, earning Rs. 37,400-67,000 with a Rs. 8,700 grade pay.
  • A Senior Administrative Grade in the Indian Civil Accounts Service pays Rs. 37,400-67,000 with a Rs 10,000 grade pay.
  • They work as a Principal Commissioner of Income Tax at the next level, earning between Rs. 75,500 and Rs. 80,000 per year.

Pay Grade Of IRS Officer

The pay grades of office officials deputed in various tax, customs, and excise departments are now set under the current 7th pay commission’s recommendations. The pay grades were altered when the government established the new 7th pay commission. Indian Revenue Service Officer salary rose with additional advantages and privileges after adjusting the 7th pay commission. Every month, officers receive a grade pay in addition to their base compensation. Grade pay is quite important in determining the salary of officials. Officers are paid a minimum of Rs. 1,400 per month as grade pay. In India, the highest grade for office officers is Rs. 10,000.

Benefits And Perks Of Indian Revenue Service Officer

Given the high income that Indian Revenue Service officers make, you may be curious about the advantages they receive. Let’s have a look at the benefits and perks that Indian Revenue Service Officers receive in addition to their salary:

The IRS Officers are provided with excellent accommodation by the federal government, and they may even be given bungalows to live in with their families.

  • Along with TA, Indian Revenue Service Officers receive government automobiles.
  • Officers with higher grades are also furnished with chauffeurs for the vehicles they are given.
  • DA and CCA are the two allowances available to IRS officers.
  • The benefit of being an IRS officer is that you may operate freely without being influenced by politics.

I hope you now know everything there is to know about IRS Officer Salary, Grade Pay, and their positions. We’ll see you soon, but in the meanwhile, stay tuned for more exciting news.


Do you want to work for the Internal Revenue Service? Understand the salaries and responsibilities of an IRS officer to determine if the position is right for you.

The pay and function of an IRS officer are discussed in this article. Candidates can choose whether or not they wish to pursue the renowned position of IRS officer. This exam will be difficult to study for, so make sure you are prepared. Best wishes!


What is the IRS officer pay scale like

The pay scales for IRS officials are determined by the rank they occupy. Each IRS officer has a beginning rank, and through departmental promotions, they are promoted to higher positions and their wage structures and pay scales.

In India, what is the minimum compensation for an IRS officer?

Office officers are paid a minimum of Rs. 1,400 per month as grade pay. In India, the highest grade for office officers is Rs. 10,000.

What are the types of allowances an IRS Officer gets?

IRS officials get a variety of perks in addition to their income, including Dearness Allowance, City Compensatory Allowance, Leave Travel Allowance, Medical, and Subsidized Housing.


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